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Gang Stalking – What fucking right do they have to torture us?

Maybe some people are beginning to question things that they’re doing to targets. I was in the CVS pharmacy getting my prescription for blood pressure medication and I heard a Philippino woman speaking to the pharmacist. She spoke in Tagalog, but I understood what she said.  She asked the pharmacist what my medication (which is one of her business and the pharmacist should’ve told her so) is for. I heard blood pressure. I’m sure she’s heard that  I’m on psychiatric medication  (they tried to change this to “4  psychiatric medications”). That’s  the rumor that’s been spread about me and my medication.  Maybe this woman will wake up and wonder if  I’m on  blood pressure medication,  why  was she told I’m on psychiatric drugs? But I have a feeling she won’t question it at all.

There are people who question things. I know this for a fact. I was standing in the parking lot, why, I don’t remember (probably trying to get away from the perps), and I heard a man say, “I thought she had no hair. Look at her! That’s her real hair.” He talked to a woman who responded, “I don’t know.”  She didn’t look my way at all. He kept shouting, “That’s her real hair! They told us she had no hair.”  The woman again said, in a zombie way, “I don’t know.”  And the man seemed to be upset that they’d lied to him  and kept looking at me. At least this man questions things. I wish there were more people like. If I hadn’t heard this man yelling, I never would’ve found out that I have no hair.  I have lots of hair!

These are the kinds of lies told about us.  That we’re drunks, crazy, thieves, like men/women, are anti-American, violent,  druggies, sex-addicts, terrorists,  etc. Just name any bad thing, and we do it. We targets are the worse of the worse. There is no one in the U.S. that’s badder than we are. We are sicko crazies.

Most targets are really decent people.  They believe in living their lives as they see fit and letting others lives their lives as they see fit. We don’t shove our beliefs down anyone’s throats.  Others can believe whatever they want to believe. We don’t care what anyone’s belief is.  They have a right to their beliefs as targets have a right to theirs.

Who knows, maybe that’s why we’re targets? We don’t try to convince anyone that our way of thinking is necessarily the right or wrong way.  Maybe the U.S. wants zombies who will try to shove their ideas down everyone’s throats, maybe make the U.S. like the zombies they hire to harass us.

And even if we’re crazy, what f—–g right do they have to torture us?

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Gang Stalking – A baaddd night.

That remaining optimistic will result in good ...

That remaining optimistic will result in good things (Photo credit: Kate Cooper)

Optimistic Leaves (winter edition)

Optimistic Leaves (winter edition) (Photo credit: christwisen)

English: optimistic logo

English: optimistic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Can BEE Optimistic

Oh, last night was a bummer.  I didn’t get any sleep all night.  The perps hit me with electricity non-stop. They hit my feet, my back, and the back of my head.  Every time I was about to fall asleep, they’d wake me up.  I tried to protect myself by putting up cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and plastic wrapping. Nothing worked.  I think  I got about an hour of sleep, or less.

I’m walking around like a zombie; half awake, half asleep.

I tried washing my dishes, but I kept notting off.  I bumped my head into the kitchen cabinet doors several times.  Had to use the bathroom and almost fell asleep on the seat.

So today a short blog. I don’t have the energy to put up with the  idiots who hack me all the time.

So just a few words of optimistism. I can’t even spell today.

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Gang Stalking – Get off your ass and do something!

Washington DC

Washington DC (Photo credit: ktylerconk)

In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington...

In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington, l to r, Bayard Rustin, Deputy Director, and Cleveland Robinson, Chairman of Administrative Committee / World Telegram & Sun photo by O. Fernandez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a while, we targets become a little traumatized.  We don’t realize this for a while.  We become used to living the life of a target. We’re always on edge waiting for the next insult to come, or the next hit.  We get so used to it, we become paralyze and afraid of freedom.  We’ve become accustomed to watching our backs.  To expect the worse every day.  That’s why gang stalking is still happening.  After so many years of  gang stalking, we become used to not living a free life.  It’s torture we’ve become used to.  It’s like we’ve been kept in a small, dark cell without sunshine.  We become afraid of freedom.  Gang stalking has become our life. And we don’t realize how it’s taken  over our life.  That’s how traumatized we become.

Now, targets, you can’t let this happen to you.   You have to get off your zombie state and your asses and do something about what’s happening to you.  You cannot expect anyone to save us.  We can’t expect to sit on our asses and expect the world to save us.  We have to save ourselves because no one is willing to hear what we have to say, nor do anything to help us.  We have to fight back.  I don’t care how you do, but you can’t stay in your zombie state.  That’s not a good state to be in.

I know your life has been hell, but no one has gotten anywhere by sitting on their asses. They fought back.  The U.S. didn’t become a free(?) country by people who sat around and felt sorry for themselves.  The people who fought for this country to be free were very ordinary people who accomplished great things by fighting back.  If you read the history of some of the first freedom fighters, you will find out that a lot of them had problems – alcoholism, were very poor, had not mother and father, etc.  They were very, very ordinary, but one thing they had in common was a belief in freedom.  They were willing to die to live free.  So we can’t sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.  We have to get out and fight in any way we can. Write blogs, tell  people what’s happening, get in touch with politicians, write letters to newspapers, take part in a protest,  march on Washington. Just do something!   We can’t let this continue happening to us.  We have to stop the madness.

Stop being a zombie and get involved.  Get off your asses and do something, or else we’ll never free of this horror we’re experiencing.

Now, get going and do something! Get off your asses!

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Pick a topic from yesterday, and write about it.

Pick a topic from yesterday, and write about it.

If you chicken out, write about why you’re afraid to write about one topic from your list.

As I stated, I’m not afraid to write about anything, but there are certain subjects that make me very emotional.

One of those topics is writing about gang stalkers and the things they do to me. I don’t like to write about this subject because whatever I complain about becomes the thing to use against me.  If I complain, let’s  say, about being sprayed when I’m taking a walk, I can assure you, they will up the ante.  More gang stalkers will come out of the woodwork ready  to spray me. Or if I complain about my clothes being torn, more of my  clothes will get holes in them.  If I complain about clothes  stolen, more clothes get  stolen from my closet. If I complain about a color I’ve worn and they’re all wearing it, I’ll see even more of the color I complained about.  If I complain about food stolen out of my refrigerator,  I’ll find that my food is disappearing very quickly. 

The  gang stalkers will read my blog and learn what I get emotional about.  The gang stalkers will then begin mentioning my family, mother, loneliness, etc.  The women/men will put on an act  of being very much in  love to  make fun of me being alone.  They’ll mention something about family, or mother, and really dig it into me.

But I know how they work, so I’ll be ready for them.  I’ll have to be a real zombie for the next few days.  If I don’t show any emotion to the things they mention,, they’ll begin doing else to me.   But they’ll keep at it for a while,  just to annoy me.

To all the gang stalkers I say:  What goes around, comes around.  And gang stalking will not last forever.  It will eventually come out about what all of you are doing.  And I’m so looking forward to that day!  I’ll have my camera ready to take your pictures,  and I will put them on YouTube so all the targets can see what you look like.  You’re all a sorry mess.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When was the last time I was scared? What happened? What did I learn? Am I still afraid of the situation?

The last time I was scared was a year ago in Mesa, Arizona. I wrote about it in my blog “The Day I was almost Arrested.” To be pulled over by a police officer, told to sit on the ground and put my hands on top of my head was absolutely the scariest day of my life. I didn’t know what was up. I was actually shaking, although I covered it up pretty well. No day has ever filled me with so much fear. I absolutely thought I was going to be taken to jail. As I wrote, if you want to know the whole story go to the above-mentioned blog.

I learned that keeping “your cool” is the best weapon. I did not lose my cool that day. I remained absolutely calm (although I in no way felt calm) and in control of my emotions. I did exactly everything the police officers told me to do. I did not argue. I listened very carefully to everything that was said to me and responded only when a response was needed. Cool is the only way to be when confronted with police officers. No answering back, nothing! Act like a zombie if you have to.

Yes, I’m afraid the situation might arise again. It almost has several times. Again, it will behoove me to remain as calm as possible and not make a scene. It would only make matters worse. And I sure don’t want to end up in a jail cell.

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