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Gang Stalking – Shh, the U.S. government is listening to everything you say!

Intersection of SR 140 and SR 68 in Bluffdale.

Intersection of SR 140 and SR 68 in Bluffdale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Utah Road Trip

James Bamford, author of: The Puzzle Palace (1...

James Bamford, author of: The Puzzle Palace (1982) ISBN 0-14-006748-5 Body of Secrets (2001) ISBN 0-385-49908-6 A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies (2004) Depicted here signing books at the annual meeting of the ACLU of Washington State (ACLU-W) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


District) Orrin Hatch, senator from Utah during ceremony for ground breaking ceremony for Data Center.

Camp Williams Rd (SR-68) southbound at 14400 S...

Camp Williams Rd (SR-68) southbound at 14400 South (SR-140) in Bluffdale. SR-68 seems to lose its Redwood Rd moniker only slightly from the Riverton/Bluffdale border to the Salt Lake/Utah County border, while passing through Camp Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Español: Sello de la NSA English: The seal of ...

Español: Sello de la NSA English: The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of USA with Utah highlighted

Map of USA with Utah highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was just reading an article by James Bamford, who is a writer for Wired.com.  The article he wrote is about a Data Center the U.S. government is building in Bluffdale, Utah.  Bluffdate, Utah, is a mountainous area near Camp Williams, a national guard base.  It is a very deserted area and only Mormons live there.  Mormons who are just as secretive as the U.S. government.

The center the government is building will be the biggest eavesdropping computer center ever built.  The center will have servers, computers, intelligence experts, and armed guards.  The center will be 5 times the size of the U.S. Capitol.

The center will be used to store information on Americans and from people all over the world.  It will look through private emails, listen to all phone calls, Google searches and personal data, such as parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and any information it can gather.  All information the center gathers will look for patterns and unscramble codes.  All this will be done in secret and no one is allowed in the data center.  This center will look for people who might be thinking of committing terrorists’ acts.

The Utah Data Center is part of  the  intelligence gathering information center under the National Security Act (NSA).

James  Bamford states that the U.S. government does not have search warrants to spy on U.S. citizens.  So basically, the NSA is gathering all the information illegally.  This is all done with the Obama administration approval. Surprise!  Surprise!

The Utah Data Center will open in September, 2013.

So here we go again, more spying on Americans.

When is all the spying going to stop?  The government already listens to everything we say, write, and probably what we think.

With the new center, no one will have any privacy.  So be careful what you say and write.  You don’t want the government making you a target.  You don’t want my life!

Better yet!  Learn sign language if you want to communicate with others.

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Gang Stalking – Live your life without fear.

Photograph of a young girl listening to the ra...

Image via Wikipedia - girl listening to radio.official logo of the American Cancer Society R...

The Human Body -- Cancer

The Human Body -- Cancer (Photo credit: n0cturbulous)

I was listening to a woman on the radio who’s had cancer for 23 years.  For 23 years she’s been having chemotherapy treatments. The doctors try different chemotherapy  every year.  So far, she’s had no luck with any of the treatments.  She said that she’s learned to live with the cancer.  She said, “Really, what choice do I have?”  She has a very slow-moving type of cancer.  She stated that she has to go on with her life and live the best life she can.  She said she’s learned to live a life without fear.  She’s not afraid to try anything. The cancer has given her courage.

I’m writing about this woman because it’s the way I feel.  I’m not afraid to live without fear. Sometimes life throws some horrible things at us, but it also gives us something else in return.  It frees us from conventional norms. We begin to live our lives without concern with what others think of us. We take a lot more chances.  Chances we at one time would not have taken. Like me, for instance,  if the gang stalking was not happening to me, I doubt very much that I would have become a writer. Never in my wildest dreams. And I have no fear about what I write. I don’t censor myself. So the gang stalking has made me live life without fear.  What choice do I really have?

To those targets out there who live in fear, take chances.  Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t let the gang stalkers ruin your life.  Go back to school, take a trip, start writing.  Do something!  Don’t let them beat you into the ground.  Take back your life.  Don’t let them victimize you; because if you do, they win.  We can’t let the sub-humans win. What  choice do you really have? Life? Victimization?

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Does technology help or not help you in the writing process?

One comical thing about writers and writing is they often ask each other if there is a secret tool, or software, they use that makes writing easier.  Some writers swear by a particular tool, or keyboard, or special software (or WordPress plug-in), while others see tools as ways to help with scheduling, or writing related tasks, but see the process of writing simply about putting the butt in the chair.

Now that you’ve written for a while, does technology help or not help you in the writing process?  What do you wish a tool like WordPress  could do to help?

Yes, technology helps me to write.  1) It tells me when a word makes no sense in a sentence; 2) It checks my spelling; 3) It lets me know when I’m not being PC (politically correct); 4) It tells me when I have no errors (which is not always true).

But..at the same time, it does not tell me what to write about (but I’m part of  PostaDay, WordPress, so it does).  But when I don’t like the subject, that part falls to me. While technology makes me technically a better writer, it doesn’t write for me.  And writing is the most important part.  When I write, technology does not help me get my emotions across to readers.  I, as a writer,  have to find the right words to get my emotions across (I don’t consider myself a writer).  All the technology in the world cannot do that for me.  Computers are static things.  So far, we haven’t been able to give computers emotion.  Maybe, eventually it will.  But it’s a long way off.  Until then, I’ll keep writing till a computer can do it for me. 

To me, it’s not about technology.  It is about putting the butt in the chair.

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