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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Make a prediction about life in 2021.

As I wrote in my last blog, I can’t predict what will be happening in the next minute, now they want me to predict what will happen in 10 years. I can predict one thing for sure. I will be ten years older. Ugh!

Now back to my Crystal Ball. This is the second time in a month I’ll be using my Crystal Ball. Now Crystal Ball what news have you for 2021?

In ten years, newspapers as they exist today are kaput. You will no longer be able to pick up a newspaper at your corner store. You will read your newspaper from your computer screen. Your computer screen will be like a t.v. screen. You’ll be able to turn your screen on, hit a few numbers and get in touch with whom you want. They’ll be able to see you and you them. Everyone will have one of these screens in their homes.

The computer as we know it will no long exist. You will be charged for uploading any information to your computer. No more free Google. No more free Skype. No more free anything. There’ll be a charge to upload information to your computers.

Children will no longer have to sit in classrooms. The teacher will be in a room with a big screen that shows all the children on-screen. The children will also have a screen which shows the teacher and all the other students. They’ll raise their hands if they have questions or need a bathroom break. Schools as we know them will not exist. Imagine the savings in not having to build new schools? The government will pay for the children’s computers. .

Prince Charles finally becomes a King.  Queen Elizabeth finally decided to give up her gig as “Queen Bee.”  I imagine it must be hard to give up having people serve  your every  whim.

The world becomes more racially diversed.  More multi-racial children are being born.  Multi-racial children now outnumber one race children.

Okay, enough predictions.  I never knew why I found this topic of predicting the future so annoying.  I guess it’s because I can’t think about a future.  With what’s happening to me, everything has to be in context of what’s happening at  the moment.   I can’t even think about tomorrow.  I always have to be thinking “What will they do to me next and how will I handle it?”  It takes a lot of my energy to just stay afloat .  So thinking about a future  is not now in my radar.  Hopefully, this gang stalking will stop some day and I can have a normal life

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