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Gang Stalking – If your apartment is hot, it’s not your imagination.

It was a very cold winter for me. Every night, the perps did everything in their power to make my apartment a freeze zone. It was so cold, I had to wear a lot of clothes, but still, I was cold. And now, of course, it’s summer and they’re doing the opposite of what they did to me in winter. Now, they’ve turned my apartment into a sauna. My apartment is so hot, the walls are breathing hot air, if you can imagine it. The people upstairs are using a hot hair dryer to hit me from above. It’s a very large hair dryer and very quiet. When I was staying with my sister, she used to do it to me, that’s how I know what they use. The hair dryer is very large and has a very long nozzle, and makes no noise. And then outside my apartment, they’ve turned the lights outside my window sideways so that it hits my window and heat from the bulb hits the walls. They also did this to my other wall on the other side. They turned the light sideways  to hit my wall so that the heat from the bulb gets into my apartment. Plus the man next door, blows hot air into my apartment. I have a fan I sleep next to, but it doesn’t do much good in keeping me cold. I need about 6 fans running at one time to keep me cool. My air conditioner, as always, is a piece of crap. If I put it on, it never goes off. It just stays on all the time. Any target who lives in an apartment knows that this what they do with air conditioners, that it never turns off. And you know how expensive having an air conditioner can be.

This is what they used to  do to  Bradley Manning.  freeze him out and heat him up in the summer. I still think of him and  what he had to go through. Poor soul!

So if you’re a target and think that you’re experiencing very, very hot weather, it’s not your imagination. They’re heating your apartment purposely. It’s not your imagination. They’re making sure you don’t get any sleep. Cold weather is bad, but at least, you can do something about it. But hot, hot weather, there’s not much you can do about it.  Get yourself a few fans and put them around the area where you sleep. I live in a studio and there’s not much I can do to get away from the heat. Just think, it’s not even summer yet, can you imagine what’s it going to be like when summer does arrive? I don’t even want to imagine it. I’m taking one day at a time and try to outlast the summer doldrums.   You do the same.

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