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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Describe the perfect sandwich.

You have up to $5,000 to spend.  Be creative.

$5,000 for a sandwich.  I can’t imagine any sandwich costing  $5,000.  I would never spend $5,000 for a sandwich.  But it’s imaginary, so I’m going for it.

First, I’d buy myself some Kobe beef rib eye roast.  Kobe beef  is from Japan and is the best beef you can buy anywhere.  The cows that the Kobe beef come from are a pure breed.   They date back to 1830.  The beef is known for its marbling quality, which gives the beef its tenderness and juiciness.  It’s  super prime grade.  So I would have delivered to me  9 lb . rib eye roast from Japan. It would cost  $479.00;  plus delivery and  taxes  over $600.

I would make a roast beef sandwich.  The slices would be very thin.  I’d have someone bake delicious  rye bread.  I’d buy the best mustard.  I’d have someone who makes very good potato salad, make some.  I’d have someone make some dill pickles. The pickles and the potato salad would be sides.   I’d buy a dry wine, with a hint of sweetness, from Chile.  Wines from Chile are really good.  

Then I would sit down with my rib eye roast beef, my potato salad, dill pickles, mustard and good wine, and enjoy the taste of a Kobe beef sandwich.

With the money left over, I’d take a vacation. 

Or forget about the beef being delivered to me, I’d just take a trip to Japan and have a Kobe roast beef sandwich in Japan.

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