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Gang Stalking – A basket of rotten apples to Judge William Pauley III.

American Civil Liberties Union

American Civil Liberties Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rotten apples in the gutter

Well, the government can continue its spying on American citizens.  Aren’t we targets all so lucky?!!! Not!

A suit brought by American Civil Liberties Union to stop the spying by the American government was overturned by District Court Judge  William  Pauley  III.  He  ruled against the ACLU. The judge ruled that what the government is doing  is  legal and it can continue to keep millions of phone and email records it now has in it warehouses. It can continue to spy on us because it keeps the country safe from terrorists.

The first time, the U.S. government lost. Judge Leon ruled that the N.S.A.’s spying on Americans was illegal and it violated the U.S. ban on unreasonable search.

And now, here we are again, Judge William Pauley overturned the ruling made by Judge Leon. I hope Judge William Pauley’s phone records and emails get a lot of scrutiny.

So, targets, don’t dream about what they’re doing to us stopping anytime soon. Judge William Pauley has given permission to the N.S.A. to continue the spying.

I’ hope the ACLU continues to sue the U.S. government and its creepy surveillance program on citizens.  The ACLU should definitely go to the Supreme Court and fight this one till the end.

I agree with the  writer below who thinks Judge William Pauley III is an ASSHOLE!  And I’m sure the Obama Administration is very happy with this ruling!

I feel like sending Judge William Pauley III a basket  of rotten apples.

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