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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard this week:

Maybe online, or at work, or from friends or family members?

The stupidest thing I heard this week was from representative Anthony Weiner. A young woman in Seattle, Washington,  had received a shot of a man wearing underwear with a big bulge. It was twitted to the woman. The twitt  showed that it was from Anthony Weiner,  a congressman from New York.  He denied that he had sent the shot to the woman. He said his twitter account had been hacked and he knew nothing about the photo. And  five days later, he was still  denying he’d sent the photo.  Then someone from a conservative group,  Breitbart , researched  Weiner and came up with a shot of Weiner’s penis (you can find it on Gawk).    Weiner had sent the shot to a porn star.  It was  also discovered  Weiner had contact with six other woman and he sent them photos of himself.

I mean, how stupid can you get?  You have to be mentally sick to do such a stupid thing.   Again, how stupid can you get?  Everybody can see what you post on twitter.  He must have rocks in his head.   And then to deny he did anything.   Everybody knew he had to do it.  He probably has such a big ego that he thought he could get away with it.  Worse of all, he held a press conference (of course!!) and admitted he did the deed and cried!  Up there he was on the podium with his crocodile tears,   apologized to his wife (who he has been married to less than a year and is having his baby).  My suggestion to her is run, run as fast as you can from this weirdo.  It’s not going to get any better.  It’ll only get worse.

This Weiner has been a Congressman for a Brooklyn district in New York City for the  past ten years.  His plan was to run for Mayor of  New York City. Now that everything has come out (and I think there’s a lot that hasn’t been found out), he said he’s not resigning his post.  If I lived in his district I’d be out protesting for him to quit.  I wouldn’t want such a weirdo representing my district.  There’s a poll daddy poll that has about 100,000+ people voting for him to quit.  And about 12,000+ who think he should not quit.  I think the people who want him to continue  representing them also have rocks in their heads.

Weiner it’s time for you to give it up!  You’re a mess.  And STUPID!