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Gang Stalking – At the library? It’s more like a zoo.

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English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rathmines Library

I’m typing my blog from the library (zoo) computer.  My computer totally crashed.  Whatever can be done to a computer to mess it up was done to my computer.  Nothing’s working on it. Nothing.  I wasted 25 minutes trying to get into my WordPress account at the library.  I only have 60  minutes, so I don’t have too  much time to write my blog.  I won’t write a blog tomorrow.  It’s Memorial Day and the library is not opened.  I don’t have my computer so I can’t write my blog, but when my computer’s fixed, I’ll start writing again.

I hate coming into this library.  All the bullshit I have to put up with is unbelievable.  A bunch of lowlifes trying to get at me from every direction.  They use the computer to hit me.  I told you about that there’s a code they use to draw electricity  to you. That’s what they do, they get on and try to hit me.  Well, I have a surprise for me, I have my way of hitting them.  They’ll be very surprised when they start getting hit, hit back.  I don’t see them as human so it doesn’t bother me to hit them.  They’re all animals.  Horrible, total waste of humanity.

I know no one believes me, but I don’t believe that Directed energy weapons (DEWs) and satellites are surrounding at us.  I’ve become my own detectives, and I find that it points to something else: electricity.  Those marks you get on you body, pure electricity directed at you.  They fix everything so that you attract electricity to you. They fix the refrigerator, stove, bathroom, the area outside your home, the grass, the lights outside, under the concrete, the water valves, power lines to re-direct electricity to you. So all the electricity that escapes is re-directed to you; that’s how you get those pulsating feelings, that’s how you get those red marks, that’s why you feel so tired.  All that electricity going throughout your body all the time.  That’s why you attract electricity when you go out.  And that’s why they use their phone on you. But if you don’t  believe me, it’s all right.  I can understand it.  You’ve been told so many lies and lied to so much that  I can understand why you wouldn’t believe me. But check things out for yourself.  That’s the only you’ll discover the truth.

Sitting at the computer in the library is absolutely no fun.  I’d rather eat dirt.  I have a bunch of animals surrounding me, all trying to do something to me. And that awful smirk they alway have.  I’d like to wipe it off their face. They all think they’re  so funny.  I don’t know what it is with these people.  Are they all mentally ill to do what they’re doing?  I really think they all need to go see their psychiatrist.

That’s it for this blog.  I don’t think my patience will last if I sit here surrounded by a bunch of lowlifes.  I know I’ll open up my big mouth.  So it’s better if I leave.  I don’t want to be thrown out of the library for another year.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 6: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Continuing from Part 5.

Food. What can I say? Don’t eat  out anywhere.  Going out to eat is not a safe activity.   I went  out to eat in places I previously ate in before I became a target.  The service given to me changed.  I used to go to  a very good Chinese restaurant here in Las Vegas.  After becoming a target, I went back to eat in the restaurant.  The atmosphere changed.  A lot of yelling in the kitchen, a lot of slamming pans, music at a deafening level.   The food served me was horrible.   The vegetables  were very old tasting.  The vegetables tasted as if they  been taken out of the garbage and given to me.   The food was just awful.    I didn’t say anything; which was a mistake,  now that I think about it.  I left the food on the table and walked out.  I didn’t want to get myself upset.  This has happened to me  in several places I’ve eaten in. My advice is, don’t eat out.  Also, the food in your refrigerator is not safe, either.  The gang stalkers will mess with your food.  They will steal some of the food.  The gang stalkers will put things in your food; pesticide, for instance.  Check any  jars in your refrigerator, or in your cabinets, to make sure  they’ve haven’t been opened.  They’ll loosen the jar tops, so air gets in and spoils  the food.  They’ll squeeze the juice out of your lemons.  They’ll put pesticide in your water.  They will  do  everything  that they can to ruin your food.  Make sure you check anything before you eat it.  Don’t assume any of your food is safe.

Clothes.   The gang stalkers will be just as vicious with your clothes as with everything else.  They will steal your clothes. They’ll rip your clothes. Dirty your clothes. Again, everything  that they can do to your clothes, they will do.

Apartment/house.  They will break into  your apartment/house almost every day.  The gang stalkers will move your  furniture  around (to make you think you’re crazy).  They’ll rip arms off  chairs, scratch your table, break your  bed, make holes in your walls, ceilings, break parts off your refrigerator and  oven, make holes in your carpet, leave lots of footprints on your carpet, make marks on your walls, break off pieces from cabinets.  They’ll  mess with your air conditioning system by changing the settings on it.  My air conditioner  never, ever goes off.   They changed the cool setting to heat.  The heat changed to cool.  So in summertime, the cooling system is hot.  In winter, the heat is cold.  They changed the temperature gauge.  So I’ve learned just to adjust the settings according to season.  In winter, I  put  on cool air conditioning setting.  In summer, put on the heat.  You’re probably wondering why didn’t I complain to the maintenance man.  He’s the one who is doing it.  I just try not to get myself upset, so I work with whatever pops up.  I have an air bed now, or I used to have an air bed.  They made a slit in the bed and now I have to sleep on the floor.  I know if I get  another bed, it would be a waste of money.  They’ll just make a slit in the bed again.  So when you come home, don’t get upset.  It’s exactly what they want.  Just go with the flow.  You’ll live longer.

DEWS, satellites.  What I was typing was just  erased.  Hackers don’t want you to know the truth.  So I’ll just rewrite it.  And if they erase it again, I will type it  again.  As I was writing,  I don’t agree with other targets about DEWs (direct energy weapons).  They’ve also raised the pitch in my ear.  This way I’ll be distracted and forget what I’m writing.  But have no fear,  I’ll keep writing.  As I was writing (erased again), do you think they would need all  those gang stalkers if they had DEWs and satellites aimed at you?   No.  Everything done to you is  by gang stalkers living near you.   Those pulsating feelings you get, done by  water valves near your home or apartment.    So when it passes by  you, you get those pulsating feelings.  The  gang stalkers will spray pesticide on you (I think people mistake it for DEWs).  The spray is very strong and mimics a weapon.  But it’s nothing but pesticide.   A black machine sprays  the  pesticide and the spray is very strong.  Or if it’s not done by the black machine, it’s done by a bucket made  into a sprayer.   Do you hear a bucket sound all the time?  That’s pesticide being sprayed on you.   Electricity  gets directed at you from every direction.  With electricity  directed  at you, you might mistake it  for DEWs.  But everything done to you is magicians tricks; smoke and mirrors.  The heat that you get.  It is a  dryer that’s directed at you.  It looks like a hair dryer, but it’s three times as large and has a long, long nozzle.  That what heats you up. They’ll also spray heat granules.  They’re tiny, little pieces that  heat you up.  They look like dry detergent and about the same size.  They’ll spray the granules on your bed.  It will make you feel very hot.  Feel your bed for granules.  And if you feel the granules, shake the granules off.  Just make sure you don’t shake them into your bed.  Shake the sheets off outside.

I know about all this because I lived with my sister from December, 2009 until May, 2010.  I never asked “why is she doing this to me?”   It was always “how is she doing this to me?”  I stayed with her longer than I needed,  because I had lessons to  learn .  And I watched and learned.  Everything that’s happening to me now, my sister did to me.  So I know what she did and how she did it.  So you can keep believing in DEWs and satellites.  It’s your life, and if it makes you feel better to believe in DEWs, I’m not going to judge you.  I don’t know the answers to everything, but I saw what  my sister did to me.

I’ll continue with Part 7 tomorrow.

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