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Gang Stalking – Music soothes the savage beast.

If tomorrow you wake up and discover that gang stalking is no longer happening to you, what would your life be like?

I know what I’d do.

I’d get out my paint brushes and start painting. I’d try to sell the paintings so I can put a down payment on a cottage.  A cottage near the beach. I’d walk on the beach every day.  The cottage would be surrounded by trees. No one would live near me. I don’t want  any people near my property. I’d definitely have cameras and sensors all over my property.  I’d want to know if someone enters my property.

I’d have music playing all the time. Music has been my savior. Without music, I don’t think I’d  made it  this long –  Music soothes the savage beast (William Congreve).

And then I’d paint, paint, paint all day. This time not for profit, but to paint in colors what I can’t let go of  –  intrusion of government into my life. I have to let go all the bad stuff in my body.

And after I’ve gotten the big, bad government out of my body, I’d like to travel, maybe find love again, feel again, and not hate my fellowmen anymore.

I want to wash all the dirt I’ve accumulated from all my years of torture. I want to be totally free again. To fly again. To breathe fresh air again. To walk free again.

And I’d stop writing my blog, but  will never trust the government again. Never!

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