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Gang Stalking – Dictators get in when democracy sucks.

The Land Across(novel) – Gene Wolfe


“This is a lecture and you do not have to read it. I just want to say something about dictators and dictatorships.

Dictators get in when democracy sucks. The elected governments do a bad job, one after another, or they are so crooked the elections no longer matter and nobody cares. Are dictators bad? Sure. But some are worse than others. Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were about as bad they come, but there have been a whole bunch of others. They were bad, too, but look at the governments they replaced and the governments that replaced them.

If you do not want a dictatorship here, vote. But be careful who you vote for, and be careful about who gets on the ballot. Democracy means rule by the people, and if the people will not do the job – well, somebody is going to step in and do it for them.

Spreading democracy is a really good idea and I am all for it. Just keep in mind that ruling is work. It means staying informed and making the tough choices. And if the people do not want to do the work of ruling, democracy will not work. It is a lot easier to shoot a dictator then it is to replace one with something better.”



Gang Stalking – Get out and vote!

English: Cartogram of the Electoral Vote for U...

English: Cartogram of the Electoral Vote for US President in 2004, 2008 and the swing between the two. The 113 vote swing accounts for Kerry’s 251 votes plus the one rogue Minnesota vote for John Edwards. Each square represents one electoral vote. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Vote (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)


Voted (Photo credit: Daveblog)

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty I...

Today in the U.S.,  it’s Election Day.  A day where we vote for the new, or old, President.  I would like anyone in the U.S., who is reading my blog, to get out and vote.  Vote your conscience. I know a few people who feel that if we vote, it’s a wasted vote. These people feel that no matter for whom we vote, things in the U.S. will remain the same, that nothing will change.  But I still have hope and believe in the “American dream” for all Americans.  I know it gets harder and harder every year to believe in the American Dream.  We’ve all been, and are still going, through some tough times, but we’ve been through tough times before and survived.  And survive we will.  We Americans are a tough lot. Nothing will stop us from succeeding. We have to keep believing.  We have to keep believing in the American Dream.

An American Dream

So, if you’re reading this, go out and vote.  No matter who your candidate is, vote.  Don’t waste your vote by not voting.  Millions of people all over the world would love to be in your place today — to have the right to vote!

Vote!   Vote!   Vote!   Vote!

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