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Gang Stalking – Advise from an ex-burglar.

I don’t know about the rest of you targets, but I have break-ins to my apartment every day.  This is from an article I found in “The Sunday”,  a Vegas weekly. The article is by Joe Schoenmann, staff writer. And he interviewed an ex-burglar by the name of  Tom.

And this is  Tom’s advise:


The best deterrents are things that slow down a burglar. If Tom thought a job would take him more than two minutes, he wouldn’t do it. “It only takes a couple seconds to get into the yard, a few seconds  when nobody’s looking, a few seconds to get in the house.” Tom said. “Two minutes. Get what you want, and get out.”


If your fridge has beer in it, and a burglar with Tom’s sensibilities breaks in, kiss the beer goodbye. “I’d always take the beer,” he said. “Kind of my ‘eff-you’ calling card.”


1. Get a dog. A snatch-and-grab burglar isn’t going to take the time to see if he can put a watchdog to sleep by feeding it a hamburger full of sleeping pills. He’ll move on to the next house.

2. Lock everything. Lock your windows and doors. Lock your car. At night, lock your bike. Locks have existed for centuries for one reason: They deter criminals.

3. Put a wooden dowel in the track of a sliding glass door to stop the door from sliding. Otherwise, the doors can easily be pried open.

4. Invest in video cameras. Tom said a good four-camera system costs about $150. Smartphone apps can connect your home surveillance system to your phone and video can help police catch the criminal if your house is burglarized. “HD video is so clear, police who patrol the area can usually recognize who it is right away,” Tom said.

5. Get to know your neighbors. Post details about suspicious activity on neighborhood websites and social media.


Don’t hide cash in a freezer or refrigerator. Burglars know to look there. Closets and night stands also are common hiding places.

Alarm Systems are hit and miss. Tom said they never scared him much. He’d be gone long before private security company employees arrived.

And by the way, Tom, who lives in Las Vegas, was never caught. He’s now a good family man and doesn’t steal anymore.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me a nutcase.

Yesterday, I came home to find someone had smeared feces on my door and on outside air conditioning unit. At first, I thought it was chocolate. It had that chocolatey color, but on closer inspection, it was definitely feces. I think someone who walks his dog in front of my apartment did it. It’s supposed to be a lawn, not a place where dogs urinate and relief themselves. People don’t have to worry about where they let their dogs go, management allows it to be done to me with its approval. If what is happening to me happened to someone else, there’d be a big outcry; but it’s just me, so it’s allowed. The management people do it themselves. They let their dog relief himself in front of my apartment.

I ran to the manager and told her what happened. She came to look and left. I also called the police department. They wouldn’t come to take a look because I did not see who did it. But I asked them if I could have a report written up about the incident. They agreed to do that. And the manager returned with a mop and scrubber to clean my door. I was going to leave it on the door for everyone to see. The manager removed the feces because she said it did not look good.

I always find it strange to Google something and that something turns out to be something I’ve written. It’s kind of flattering. It’s another thing, though, to have someone take what I’ve written and make it sound like I belong in a loony bin. When I go to my site, I usually check out who is reading my blog. This time when I checked it out, a site by the name of http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread729366/pg1 appeared. I went into the site and discovered my blog being discussed by a group of people. They think there are three reasons I’m writing this blog: 1) I’m off my meds; 2)for comedic entertainment 3)plea for attention. If there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s attention. I have it non-stop, 24/7, from the gang stalkers. So, believe me, abovetopsecret, I don’t need any more attention. I have a lot more than I want or need. Your remark that “I’m off my meds”…I don’t take any meds. Also, from reading your site, it sounds to me as if you people might need some meds. You seem overly hyper and make silly remarks throughout sounding like people who need meds. And as to writing this blog for comedic entertainment, I only wish I was writing this blog for comedic entertainment. What’s happening to me is not funny, nor made up.

I guess you can sit at your computer and make fun of me. Unless you actually experience what I’m going through, don’t knock it. It’s a gang stalking and psychological harassment game played by a bunch of nitwits hired by the U.S. government. Things done to me seem very normal to someone looking on, but are not. That’s why this gang stalking works. The things gang stalkers do to targets are very subtle … one of the reasons I don’t show videos. If I were to shoot a video, it would look very ordinary to you, but I’d know what is going on. I noticed you had a lot of fun making snide remarks about a woman who shot a video showing what was happening to her. So until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me a nutcase. And be glad it’s not happening to you, because it’s a hellish experience. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. Now, abovetopsecret, start with the laughter!

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