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Gang Stalking – No Springtime for us targets!

Okasy, Spring is around the corner. Can you believe it? Another Spring spent as a target? That makes 5 springs for me. I’m going on my 6th year in August. Six years of putting up with scumbags, zombies, sickos, drunks, homeless people, alcoholics, money hogs, etc. Spring is the time you should start getting ready for what they’re going to do to you during the summer.

If you’ve recently become a target, this is what they’re going to do to you. The areas where you live, apartment, or house, will become increasingly dirtier.  This is the time of year where they try to make your place a place for all kind of vermin – roaches, ants, spiders, etc.  They want your place to become a disgusting place to place. Once you get all the vermin  in  your  apartment/house, it’ll be hard to get rid of them during the summer.  If you are not careful, you’ll have so much vermin, you’ll have to find a different place to live, or hire an expensive exterminator.  If you live in an apartment, the  manager will not do much to send an exterminator to your apartment. And if she/he does, it’ll be some watered down stuff that will only kill you. So make sure you clean  any garbage they throw around where you live. You will see twice the garbage you used to see in winter.

And then  all the  “little darlings” will be home from school for the summer with nothing to do, but drive you crazy.    They will do a lot of screaming,  knock on your door for the hell of it, run by door yelling and spend all their time looking toward your house apartment so they can snitch on you. They will make summer a lot of fun for you!!!   All the little brats running around making your life even more miserable than in winter.  And if you thought winter was bad, you ain’t  seen nothing yet!!!

And if you’re a man, or woman, the women will come out wearing practically nothing.  They want to entice you to talk to them. Don’t fall for it! They’re lowlifes.  As a matter of fact, if a man finds a woman attractive, don’t let her know it, because they will use the woman to get you to give up information to her, so don’t go there no matter how lonely you are! And it’s the same with men, women don’t fall for the man who’s very sweet to you. It’s springtime and it’s the time for the hormones to rage.  Be very careful who you let into your life this time of year.

So I’m warning you ahead of time. I know someone who’s never experienced gang stalking in summer can be easy prey. Spring and summer should be a time for relaxation, but not if you’re a target! No springtime for any of us targets! Only more gang stalking.

Gang Stalking – Weak stomach? Don’t read this.



I went outside to get my mail, and I almost stepped on something that looked like vomit.  Someone left a pile of something that looks like vomit right in front of apartment 138.  No one lives in apartment 138, so, of course, it was left there for me to step over, and to attract ants and roaches.

Spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to leave all sorts of meats and foods in front of my apartment to attract vermin into my apartment.  I spent a lot of time this winter killing roaches in my apartment.  They were all over the place.  I never, ever leave garbage out or food.  These roaches get into my apartment via the maintenance man, just as most things do.  I put pesticide all over the floor  (as if I needed more pesticide in my life) and I think I have the roach situation under control. But I know the coming summer will test my ability to control the coaches.  The maintenance man will be putting them all over my apartment, so I constantly have to be on the lookout for all kinds of vermin.  But so far, I’ve managed to control the roach population.  I’m  not afraid of roaches anymore.  The other day, I actually hit one of them with my hand (I know, totally disgusting!).  I think I spent 20 minutes washing my hands. Ugh!!!!  If you find this gross, just think, I have to deal with stuff like this all the time.

It’ll be harder to control roaches this year because the maintenance man removed some drawers in the kitchen.  He also removed the sealant around  the bathroom and bathtub.  Plus there’s water dripping from all the faucets.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t get these things fixed.  Well, I complain about all the drips and nothing ever gets done about it.  The maintenance man purposely created the drips in the faucet to attract roaches.  Isn’t he just the man?  So do I drive myself crazy trying to get the maintenance man to control the roaches, or do something about the situation?  Well, I’m doing something about the situation.  I’m on guard for any little vermin I see crawling around my apartment, that’s all I can do.  I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to get the maintenance man to do his job.  He should be on the unemployment line along with his wife.

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