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Gang Stalking – Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Mermaids Casino on Fremont Street, Downtown La...

Mermaids Casino on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA, 2000

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA, 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)-The Venetian Hotel

A ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ) at a garbage du...

FBI agents from the Washington Field Office wi...

FBI agents from the Washington Field Office with one of the tactical vehicles they had standing by for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)- this looks like a garbage truck, doesn't it?

I”m feeling so much more positive about my life lately.  I’ve fought back, and I’ve turned the corner on protecting myself.  I always feel guilty when I try to get back at the gang stalkers. I’ve never been a “mean” person, so it’s hard for me to hit back.  But what I’m going through is like a war.  And when you’re at war, you hit back.

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada and Red Rock Canyon...

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada and Red Rock Canyon behind, seen from Frenchman Mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About your garbage – When you throw away your garbage, as soon as you dump that garbage, someone is there to take the garbage out.  I remember the first time I noticed it.  As I turned around, someone would head for the garbage dumpster. And I began noticing they were taking out my garbage.  So for a few days I thought “what am I going to do about that?”  The next time I dumped my garbage, I opened the bag and threw it into the dumpster.  I watch as I walked away.  They walked away with nothing.  And then I went one step further, when I dump my garbage, I open other garbage bags and dump them over my garbage and then mix the other garbage with mine. This way they can’t tell whose garbage is whose.

They go through your garbage to get evidence, or “gaslight” you. “Gaslighting”  is when they try to convince you you’re crazy (There’s a movie by this name. I guess that’s where they got the name.  If you get a chance, watch the movie and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.). After they get your garbage, they’ll put it back in your apartment.  You get home and the things you threw away are back in your apartment.  They do this to make you doubt your sanity.  Well, you’re not crazy.  When you throw things out, especially if it’s private things, shred, shred them.  If you don’t have a shredder, take a pair of scissors and cut whatever it is into very small pieces. And then dump your garbage.

I don’t know if this is true, but I heard it the other day.  I don’t have a reliable source, but supposedly FBI agents get on garbage trucks and play make-believe garbage men.  After the FBI  finish collecting garbage, they take the garbage and go through it to get evidence.  They actually go through the garbage piece by piece. So I’m just letting you know.

Do you take the bus (there’s nothing they don’t mess with in your life)?  The bus drivers in Las Vegas turn on the lights as soon as I get on the bus.  Even on the brightest, sunniest day, they turn on the lights.  If you haven’t noticed, they do. The bus companies  also put a lot of vents in the buses. When you get on the bus, the bus drivers turn on vents and you’re sprayed with pesticide. If you feel as if you’re getting wet on the bus, it’s pesticide you’re getting sprayed with.   Don’t sit in the same spot when you get on the bus.   If you sit in the same spot, the gang stalkers will know where you sit and surround you before you get on the bus.  So sit in a different spot each time you get on. This also applies to you if you drive.  If you can vary your route, do it.  Always take a different route and keep them guessing. Drive them crazy!  And they like to use the word crazy, so throw the word right back at them. They don’t like it! Oh, the lights, they attract pesticide to you.

That’s it for today.  There’s so much that happens to us that it’s hard to remember everything I have to tell you.