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Gang Stalking – Don’t come home with corn nuts!!

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Toothpaste and toothbrush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toilet paper holder in a New Zealand shop

Toilet paper holder in a New Zealand shop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A toilet paper roll

A toilet paper roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

crunchy toasted corn

crunchy toasted corn (Photo credit: velkr0)

Cavendish bananas are the main commercial bana...

Cavendish bananas are the main commercial banana cultivars sold in the world market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Toothpaste (Photo credit: Fuzzy Gerdes)

I was just  thinking that if someone tries to hack someone else’s computer that there should be a virus  that  attaches itself to the hacker’s computer and opens it up for everyone to see.  I would love to see their faces  when they’re  hacked back!

Well, anyway, that’s not what I’m going to write about  today.  Just a thought.  I wish I was a computer  expert.

Today, I’m going to write about stealing.  All the stealing the perps do to you wherever you are.

Do you go to the grocery store and return with things you didn’t buy?  Or do you buy something and get home and it’s not in your bag?

You know you put the item in your cart and now you get home and it’s nowhere to be seen.  You’re not crazy.  You did put that certain  item into your cart.  This is what happened.  While you’re walking  around with your cart, I’m sure you get distracted   looking at things on the  shelves. This happens to all of  us, including me.  And while  you’re distracted, some creäture (perp)  just happens to be following you around the store acting as  if he’s shopping, too.  But  he’s  not there to shop, he’s there to make sure  that  he takes out  things you’ve put in your cart, or put  things in you didn’t put in.  I’ve come home with bags of corn nuts, I don’t know how many times (I’ll probably  find them in my cart forever after).  These things are awful and I would never, ever buy them.  But there they are in my bag when I get home.  Or I’ll buy bananas, get home, no bananas.  While I was busy looking at the things on the shelves, they’ve swiped my bananas.  Or taken out my eggs.  Or chips.  It can be anything, they’ll just take it out and put it in their cart and walk away as if  they’ve done nothing.

This is not the only time, they steal from you.

Lately, I’ve had to replace my toilet paper almost every other day.  I put in a roll of toilet paper, go out and come home to find the roll only has a few pieces of toilet paper left.

If this happens to you,  you’re not nuts, the perps have been in your home and stolen most of the toilet paper. I no longer even put a roll of  toilet out. I hide my toilet paper.  I can’t afford to  buy a roll of toilet every other day.

Also, the perps seem to like my eggs a lot.  In the last two weeks, I’ve bought over two dozen eggs, and today I have two eggs left in my refrigerator.  They also take your eggs.  I always keep count of how many eggs I have before I leave home, so I always  know how many eggs I have left.

And my toothpaste.  They don’t steal my toothpaste, they just empty the tube, so when I go to brush my teeth, no toothpaste.  This has happened a lot lately.  I’ve  bought a tube of toothpaste almost every other week.

Don’t think because you have toothpaste that it’s safe for you to use. It’s not.  Let me tell me what they did to my toothpaste about three days ago.  Lately, I’ve not been feeling well. My stomach has me running to the bathroom constantly.  Each night before I go to bed, I brush my teeth.  One night while brushing my teeth, the strong odor of vapor rub hit me.  I wondered where the smell was coming from.  I smelled my toothpaste.  Sure enough, the toothpaste smelled like vapor rub.  I looked at my vapor rub and it was empty.  They put vapor rub into my toothpaste.  No wonder my stomach was so upset. I was ingesting vapor rub.

These criminals will do everything and anything they can to you.

Always be on guard when you go out shopping; pay attention to who is around you.  That innocent looking woman in a wheelchair is probably a perp.  Just because she’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean she’s not a perp.  Also a lot of times, the store security is a woman or a man  in a wheelchair, so be careful.

So you’re not crazy if something from your shopping cart is missing, or something’s in it you didn’t buy.  And watch the cashier, she might add something, too.  I’ve seen it happen. Of course, she’ll say, she thought it was yours. Hogwash!

Just be aware of your surroundings.  You really can’t let down your guard, because some perp is probably around the corner, or next to you.

P.S. I don’t know if you’ll get to see my blog today. I hit published, went back to my blog and it wasn’t published. I always make sure I double check to see if it’s been published. Another blog of mine, they don’t want you to read.

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