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Gang Stalking – The psychopaths will get their day in hell.

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Annotated View of Abell 383 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I have some really good video of the perps who harass me.  I have them yelling at me. I have video of all the garbage they‘ve thrown in front of my apartment.  I have the guy who  breaks into my apartment on video.  Yesterday, I had a good day getting  some evidence and what the creepy perps look like.  They’re a weird-looking bunch.  But I have a problem, I can’t upload to my blog.  When I try to upload anything to my WordPress site, I don’t know where it disappears to.  It disappears into dark matter, maybe it becomes part of the universe.  But I have them on video, that’s all that matters.  I wonder how long I’ll be able to hold on my dvd video.  I’m sure it’ll be stolen.

I don’t understand, why is it that anything that happens to us targets never gets any attention, but as soon as anything happens to any other group, headlines all over the place.  tea-party gets targeted, headlines.  Journalists get targeted, headlines. Someone in China gets targeted, headlines.  Someone in the Middle East gets targeted, headlines. Headlines for everyone else, but we can’t even get anyone to come to our aid. Not the police,  ACLU, government, lawyer, family, religious leader.  No one believes we’re victims of government harassment.  We’re just terrible people who deserve punishment.

And what have any of us done?  I would say the majority of us have done absolutely nothing.  We’re people who are honest, paid our taxes on time, tried to do harm to no one, don’t steal, aren’t drug addicts, aren’t violent, etc.  On the whole, we’re decent, caring people.  We’re not saints, but we’re not devils, either.

Why is that we can’t get anyone’s attention? I guess we’re not low enough on the poverty level. We’re not rich enough. We’re not vicious enough.  We don’t have enough influence with those who count.  We’re just very ordinary people who stepped on poo. And it seems we stepped on a lot of poo because of the way we’re treated.  You would think we committed the most hideous crimes. People who’ve committed the worse crimes, molested children, been violent don’t get treated like us.  Everything bad that happens seems to be our fault.  If the world were to come to an end tomorrow, we’d be blame for it.

The people  who abuse us targets are the worse of the worse.  I could never do to anyone what these heartless people do to us.  These people are lacking compassion.  They’re all psychopaths.  Every single one of them.  They should all be in some mental health facility.   Anyone who can act like they do really needs help.

We targets sure don’t need to be in a health facility.  Most of us are normal people, although no one would believe it from all the lies told about us.

All the psychopaths will get their day in hell.  And I hope it happens soon.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Do you believe in UFOs?

If yes, why do you think others don’t? If no, why do you think others do?

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are something I’ve never seen.  I’m not a believer or a disbeliever.  I have an open mind about the whole  thing.  Who knows what really goes on in the universe?  There are  all sorts of things we don’t know anything about.  Or the things we think are UFOs are things put out by the U.S. government.  The government could be experimenting with secret projects and when people see weird things in the sky, the government doesn’t tell the truth.  The government is always so hush-hush with everything it  does.  Maybe there are aliens walking among us.  It would really be exciting if there were really aliens walking among us.  It means that there is life out there in the solar galaxy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have another  planet  where we can live in peace and harmony?  The  planet we’re living in is all worn out.  It’s seen better days and  it’s tired.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay – If I could pilot any vehicle…

real, or fictitious, what would it be? Why?  Where would I go?  What would I do?

I’d want to pilot a time machine. Imagine the possibilities. I could go in and out of time. If I didn’t like a place, or things were not going well, I’d take off.

A time machine would be great for someone like me who is being gang stalked.  The gang stalkers wouldn’t be able to  get a shot at me. If they wanted to get me, they’d need a time machine.  As soon  as any stupid nonsense  began, I’d be off.  Why put up with a bunch of idiots when I don’t have?   I would finally have the last laugh. And if the same gang stalkers existed in another universe  I  happened to visit,  and they didn’t know who I was, boy, would I get even!  Sorry,  but I’m not one of those who thinks you should forgive and forget.  After the hell I’ve been  through in the last three years, there be hell to pay.  Believe me, if you were in my shoes, you’d feel the same way.    So don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my  shoes.    You can’t imagine how I wish I had a real time machine.  I could finally live a normal life.  No one spraying pesticide on me.  No one hitting me with lasers or pinging me with a machine or phone.  No one imitating me and making fun of every little thing I did.  If only wishes could come true.

If I had a time machine, I’d like to visit Mars.  For some reason, Mars (the Red Planet) has always fascinated me.  Somehow, I think life does exist on Mars.  I guess I’ll never find out if it does.  By the time Mars is explored by humans, I’ll be long gone.  Some lucky  humans might get to see what’s really up there.   

 I’d like to go back in time and visit the Old West.  The Old West had a certain flair. I’d be a hotel and saloon owner.  Of course, it’s my story,  and I’m not going to make myself the town hag.  The town Sheriff would, of course, be my husband (or boyfriend).  And everybody would know not to mess with me.  The Old West was full of manly men  and women were treated with respect.  Not like today, where I think women are treated worse than any time in history.  Is this what’s Women’s Lib has gotten us?

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