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Gang Stalking- Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you could change how schools work…

what would you change?

What is wrong with how public education for kids is structured? What works well?  What specific things about school do you remember good or bad?

I went to Catholic school until 8th grade.  While in Catholic school, the nuns were very strict. It was either listen to them, or  get some sort of punishment: sit in the hallway; write 500 times of something I said; miss going on an outing; or spend months sitting in detention.  We all knew that it was better to go with the flow, or have to put up with some punishment from the nuns.  Mean, they were.  But you know what, I learned a lot.  And I wouldn’t trade what I learned from the nuns for all the gold in China.

Having so much discipline in grade school, made me not want to go to Catholic high school.  I didn’t even take the entrance exam to get into Catholic high school.  I knew I didn’t want to spend another four years with the nuns.  Eight years of being in their presence was enough for me.

So I decided when I became a Freshman, it was going to be in  public school.  Was I in for a shock!

In Catholic school, I wore a uniform and so did everybody else.  Wearing the uniform made me feel part of a group; like I belonged somewhere special.

When I entered public school, everybody wore what they felt like wearing.  There seemed to be no unity among the students.  There were so many cliques, it was hard to tell what was what.  The public school kids were meaner.  And there was no one in charge who seemed to know what was going on.

The subjects taught were things I’d learned in my classes in Catholic school.  In the four-years I spent in high school, there were very few things that hadn’t been taught to me by the nuns.  I got bored.  I thought high school was going to be more interesting, but  the teachers all seemed bored.  They were all there to get a paycheck and the  hell with the kids.  The only thing they would get upset about was if I  missed a day of school.  If I missed a day of school, that meant that the school wouldn’t get paid for me that day.  There were teachers who cared and it showed.  But most were there for the paycheck and nothing else.

The positive side of public education, is  diversity of the student body.  In Catholic school, all the girls were Catholic and believed in the same things I did.  In public school, there were people of all races and religions.  All, somehow, getting along. But, however, the discipline from Catholic school was non-existent.  Students answered  teachers back without any punishment.  The students seemed to controlled the teachers.  In Catholic school, we knew the nuns were not to be messed with.  And it made a difference in how we learned.  We knew we better get with the program, or we be out on our asses.

My experience in high school was a feeling of just there being too many students for too few teachers.  There were so many kids in every class that the teacher barely remembered the students’ names.

To change how schools are structured, I’d have fewer students in a class.  There be more discipline in the classroom.   And teachers would not have tenure.  If the teacher is not a good teacher, she’s fired.  I believe in unions, but not at the cost of the students.  Some people are not meant to be teachers.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – What is it about a man in uniform?

Just an observation.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, 2 police cars and 2 medic trucks were parked diagonally from my apartment.  I happened to be standing by my door and saw a really handsome officer get out of his car.  What is it about men in uniform that sends a woman’s blood rushing through her veins?  Why is it that it makes a woman’s knees turn into  jelly?  All the EMTs were in really good physical shape and   carried themselves as if they were the handsomest men on earth.  Some of them, as I took a closer look, were not really that good-looking, but it didn’t matter.  Their uniforms  made them a ten.

I remember as a little girl growing  up in New York, every time the firemen were called, I was always the first one outside.  I didn’t go to watch the fire, I went to watch the men I thought were so handsome in their firemen uniforms.   

When my sisters and I went out  and  saw a man in uniform, we all turned into blubbering idiots.  Lots of laughing and making stupid jokes to get the attention of the man in uniform. 

I think I finally figured out why men in uniform are so attractive to woman.  It is demeanor.  It is a demeanor which says, I am in control  and  I’ll handle whatever is wrong.  I’ll make everything all right.  You don’t have to worry.  They seem  authoritative.  Nothing can go wrong when they’re around.  And if something does go wrong, it will be taken care of by the man in uniform.

I’ve  always wondered if men feel the same way when they see a woman in uniform?

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