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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Describe a debt I have yet to repay

I find discussing a debt I owe someone embarrassing, but I do owe someone  money.   This person was nice enough to loan me some money when I was in dire need of some cash.

My doctor after taking some x-rays recommended I have an operation (not saying what it was for).  I had the operation and spent  4 days in the hospital.  After having the operation, the doctor gave me orders to spend six weeks recuperating.  Six weeks of rest and the operation put me into debt.  I couldn’t work and the debts piled up.  A friend of mine offered to help me out.  I took her up on her offer and borrowed the money.  She said to take my time paying back the debt, but she expected it back.  I paid her back some money, but I  haven’t  been able to pay back the full amount.  Some emergency always seems to pop up and I’m unable to pay.

I haven’t been in touch with her for a while; too embarrassed to tell her I still don’t have the money.  This blog is my coward’s way of letting her know I haven’t forgotten the debt and  have every intention of eventually paying back the full debt.  The debt will be  paid back and that’s a promise.

Now I’m really embarrassed letting everyone know I owe someone money!!

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