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Gang Stalking – Be careful when using public transit.


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Sometimes, I just want to do…well, I better not continue.

I got on the bus as usual, paid my fare and sat in the back of the bus.  I didn’t move from the spot once.  I got off the bus and headed for another bus.  I’d put my I.D. and bus pass into the deep pockets of my jeans. But my I.D. was missing again. This is the second time in less than two weeks that I’ve had my bus I.D. stolen.  I don’t know how they do it. My jeans’ pockets are very deep. And every time I lose my I.D., I have to pay the bus company $5.00 to replace it. It’s always some stupid thing with the perps. I swear I’ve never seen a bunch of men act like such babies.  I’m sure one of the babies took my I.D. There was a man sitting near me and he kept looking my way. I turned away and made sure I didn’t get to look at this face again. It’s like some sort of magnet’s used to draw out the I.D. I didn’t feel anything and I know that I put my I.D. in my pocket. I always double-check to make sure I have both my bus pass and my I.D. in the same pocket, so I don’t have a problem searching for it when the bus arrives. So in three months, I’ve had my I.D. stolen three times! And each time the same thing’s happened. It disappears from my pocket. It just makes me angry that I have to keep spending money to replace my I.D., plus I have to pay to get on the bus and pay full fare.

I hope the jerk who stole my I.D. loses his. Idiot!

Just a short rant today.

I don’t know if I’ll be typing my blog Saturday and Sunday. I don’t think I can take a whole week of the perps hacking my computer,  and acting like 2-year-olds.