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Gang Stalking – To those T.I. bloggers who came before me: thank you.

Issues in Mental Health Nursing

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Update:  The guy next door is not gone.  He’s back.  It’s unusual for them not to be glued to me 24/7.  I guess I made myself believe he was gone because  of all the s–t I have to deal with every day.
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The creep in apartment 111 erased my blog three times already.  He’s trying to make me angry.  He has nothing better to do with his creepy self.  Let me start again. The creep is not going to stop me from typing.

The man next door is gone.  He was here for about 6 days.  The apartment is empty.  His comforter, sheets and pillow are no longer on the floor. The apartment has nothing in it.

I don’t know what he was doing in the apartment.  Maybe he came to check out the gang stalkers.  He came to make sure that they were doing their job of harassing me.  Maybe he came to report back to his office on how best to handle me.  So far they haven’t been able to do their job of getting me into a hospital.  That’s their aim.  Once they get me into a hospital they can say that whatever I say or write cannot be believed because, of course, what I say is crazy.

But a lot of targets don’t know what’s was going on.  Their family, friends, co-workers feed them lies.  Lies that tell them that they should get a mental health check.  And, of course, not being aware that their friends are feeding them a lie, check themselves into hospitals.  And once they are in the hospital, the hospital staff also feeds them more lies.  And it’s only later when they discover the truth that they find out what the family, friends, co-workers did to them.  And that’s the point where most targets stop believing what’s  told to them. They discover that if their family, friends and co-workers lied, how can they believe anything anyone says to them.

Some people go years and years without knowing what’s going on.  And they keep checking themselves into hospitals to stop what’s happening.  A lot of them are given tranquilizers to take.  And that completes the game the government is playing.  They can say that the person is on tranquilizers and cannot be believed.  And that’s why the government gets away with what it’s doing to its citizens.

I was lucky.  I was able to find out almost immediately about what was occurring.  I immediately went to different web sites and found out the truth.  And one of the reasons I write my blog today.  It is through those bloggers that I was able to find out the truth.  If no one had blogged about their experiences, I don’t know where I’d be today; maybe in some mental ward.That’s the reason I keeping writing my blog.  I write my blog to help others who might end up in the situation I’m in.  And I thank those bloggers who came before and were brave enough to let me know of the hell they were going through. It is through their bravery I’m still surviving.  And believe me, it takes courage to write a blog.  The government doesn’t like it when targets write blogs.  They let out the secret of what’s being done to citizens.   If I can help one target not end up in some institution, I’m doing my job.  And I thank all those bloggers who came before me, because of them I’m a functioning woman.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Make an argument for why weekends should be longer.

Different cultures expect a different amount of working hours from working people. Make a serious argument for why either you, or your entire society,  should have more time away from work.

I used to have a job where I worked four days a week, ten hours a day. It was great having three days off. The three days enabled  me to get a lot of things done.  I knew I had a day to do errands and the other two days I could do whatever I wanted without worrying about not having enough time to relax.  By the third day, I could feel all the stress leave me.  I was ready to run three miles. 

As the working situation is now, we get eight hours to work, eight to sleep and eight hours to do whatever we want.  But we don’t really get any time to really relax.  When you take into account the eight hours we get to do whatever we want, it’s  not really true.  In those eight hours, we have to  cook, run  errands, spend time  traveling to work,  visit a doctor, handle any emergencies that might arise, clean up, etc.   So those eight hours  we have to “do nothing” are full of things we must  do to keep life running smoothly.  That leaves us with little “downtime”.  We’re perpetually running to and from some place.  We rarely have  time to  sit and chat with someone, or just relax.  That’s why there are  so many people on tranquilizers.  It’s  the only way they can relax.

So four days of work sounds  a great way to solve the problem of stress.   The three days off from work will give people time to de-stress.  They’ll  go back to work relaxed  and ready to give their best to work.  And just knowing that it’s only four days of work really helps to put a smile on someone’s face.

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