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Gang Stalking – The Zombie Parade.

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I went out to throw away my garbage and decided to stand in front of my apartment and just catch a little sun.  Of course, I began the countdown.  How long will it take before someone comes along and throws away his garbage?  It took exactly 3 minutes.  Then one after another the gang stalkers come. They come in five-minute intervals.  Then come the people in their cars, just sitting in their cars, beeping their horns, slamming their doors, making a lot of noise.  But, of course, I know how to get rid of them.  I do my thing.  None of them lasts more than 1 minute.   And then another group comes  slamming its doors, beeping its horns, and running its cars.  I do my thing again.  They don’t last too long.

They can beep their horns and slam their doors all they want.  When the door breaks, they have to pay to have the door replaced or repaired.  That’s money coming out of their pockets.  They can slam and keep running their cars all day.  It doesn’t bother me.  I know eventually they’ll run out of gas.  Then they have to go to the gas station and pay to have it refilled.  Do you think it bothers me that they slam their doors and keep running theirs cars?  Not one bit.  I like knowing that they’re going to have to pay for the gas or have the door replaced.  That’s when I have the last laugh.  So you gang stalkers, keep slamming your doors, keep running your cars, and keep beeping your horns.   And to those of you who blow your horn,  keeping blowing your horns.  Maybe some day when you really need that horn to work, it won’t work.

Oh, and I forgot about the Zombie Parade.  It’s their time, too.  The sidewalk suddenly comes alive.  It fills up with gang stalkers who parade by.  They have nowhere to go.  They just stand by waiting to be called to do their act.   The sidewalk becomes filled with zombie-like people.  They don’t look to their right, nor left.  They walk straight ahead as if in a trance.  They’ve been called to do their zombie thing.  If you’ve ever seen a zombie movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  So they all jam the sidewalk and just walk without any emotion and look zombie-like.  I love watching them.  I really enjoy when they do the Zombie Parade. I can’t help smiling.  It usually makes my day. Go Zombies, go.

This blog’s been erased about 25 times.  I guess they don’t want the gang stalkers thinking about things like having doors replaced, horns not working and running out of gas.  The gang stalkers don’t think about such things.  They just do what they’re told.  Imagine if they start thinking about replacing their doors and horns, they’d probably stop being so stupid.

I think I’ll  do my Zombie dance.  I do a very good Zombie dance. Do your Zombie dance.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Close your eyes and try thinking about nothing. What happens?

It’s counter-intuitive, but awake or asleep our brains are driven to be doing something. It’s a surprise to most people to realize how little control they have over their own minds, an observation which may explain why the behavior of people on this planet, and our own behavior, is so frustrating.

Meditation is one way to control one’s own mind better, a skill that would seem to be more important than most people consider it.  If  you can’t control your mind, you are lost.  Or perhaps you disagree?

I agree that a person has to have control over his own mind, or he’s lost.  If there’s no control, a person would be very disorganized and would have problems getting things done.  A mind in control is an organized mind.

With all the things that are going on in my life,  doing  meditation is very important.  Sometimes I’m being pulled many ways.    There’ll be days when my computer is hacked and I’ll have to stop and close my eyes  and do some meditation so I can continue what I’m doing.  Today happens to be one of those day where I have to control my mind so I can get some typing done.  My cursor is  moved around non-stop, my sentences erased,  and I have to  concentrate really hard  not to let them get the better of me.  The people upstairs are spraying pesticide on me and playing loud, loud music.  But once I go into what I call a “trance”, I don’t hear anything and I’m able to continue what I’m doing.  I’ll no longer hear the music or feel the spray.   They’ll still be doing it, but I’ve entered my zone.  That’s the only way I’ve been able to handle this gang stalking.   

And at nighttime,  that’s the only way I can get sleep, otherwise, I’d be up all night.  Before I began meditation,  I would be awaken every two hours by the gang stalkers surrounding me.  I used to fall  asleep everywhere I went.  I actually once felt asleep at a coffee shop drinking my coffee.  That’s when I decided I had to learn some meditation.  And it’s been a God sent.  Meditation is something I’ve become well acquainted with and it  has become sort of like a friend.  Meditation has become a saving grace.

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