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Gang Stalking – Turning little children into hooligans.

Traffic slows to a crawl on the Monash Freeway...

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Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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Today I went  to the grocery store.  On the way to the store, the streets were empty.  I was one of two people walking.  And there was no traffic. Maybe one or two cars.  I went into the grocery store.  No one in the store.  I had the store to myself, but within about ten minutes there were from 30-35 people just walking around the store.  They weren’t there to shop.  As always, the gang stalkers were in attendance.  The store became very noisy, as usual.  On my way back home, traffic and gang stalkers were falling over themselves trying to make me aware of their existence;  as if I had to be told. The sidewalk became so crowded, I had to sit down and let them all pass.  Of course, none of them was going anywhere, just there to annoy me. It’s Superbowl Day for God’s sake!  Everybody is home watching football, but not the gang stalkers.  They must do their duty!

I also got a new neighbor.  A man.  A  man who looks like he’s part of the FBI, or some sort of government worker.  He’s not the usual looking gang stalker.  He has a SUV.  I would say the car  cost  is in the neighborhood of $38,000+.  Not my typical gang stalker.  Plus he’s wearing a real leather coat.  And  has written all over him, married family man.  He has those pine smelling looking things attached to his mirror.  He’s next door to record anything I say, and to watch me.  (The other man who usually watches me and hacks my computer seems to be on vacation.)  He has no furniture whatsoever, just a comforter and a pillow on the floor.  No dishes.  Nothing else.  Very temporary.  He’ll disappear soon, and go back to where he came from. I won’t miss him.  Good riddance!

I’ve become so good at judging people.  Not in the judgmental way, but what they’re all about.  I can tell if someone is married, or single.  I don’t even have to look at his hand.  I can tell if they’re part of law enforcement, or not.  There’s a certain way law enforcement people have about them that just gives them away,  even when they try to pretend they’re regular people.

The apartment manager and her husband have their grandchildren running all over the complex.  And I have no complaint with this.  I do have a complaint when they bring them into my apartment.  How do I know they were in my apartment?  There are small footprints all over my kitchen floor.  Small children’s footprints that were put on my kitchen floor with latex paint.  It’s bad enough that he puts footprints all over my carpet, but then to have his grandchildren do the same thing is something else.  I guess he’s training them to become hooligans when they grow older.  And when they get into trouble, they’ll wonder how their grandchildren can be so bad.  They can blame themselves for introducing them into “hooliganism”.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011- New game gang stalkers are playing on me – run me over.

There’s always something up with the gang stalkers. About two weeks ago, I was standing at a traffic signal waiting for the light to turn green. When the light turned green, I was about to put my foot on the street when a car came very close to hitting me. The woman next to me screamed really loud and held her hand around her mouth. She seemed to be in shock about how close I came to being hit. She walked next to me in a stupor. I, on the other hand, being used to such things wasn’t bothered at all. And I just went on my way. Well, here it is two weeks later. The new thing with the gang stalkers is trying to run me over. Every time I put my foot on the sidewalk to start walking, they come really close to almost hitting me. They purposely do it. It’s a new game they’re playing with me…try to run me over.  And it’s done to me now every time I’m standing at a crossing light. They really don’t care if they hit me. Maybe it’ll  earn them  “brownie points”.  I don’t know.  My brain is not as small as theirs.   Only a really small brain would continue with a game of trying to run someone over.

Today I also discovered that my spyware is not working.   Since the spyware showed on my front page, I thought it was working. I discovered it wasn’t working when my internet access would not work. The internet access shows five lines when it’s on. When it’s not on, it shows no lines. I noticed no lines. I still don’t have any lines. The lines are missing. And all kinds of strange programs have been added to my computer.   Every day when I turn on my computer, the computer says it has to be rebooted. One time I turned on my computer and discovered some  numbers  added  to my system. The computer is a worthless mess. They’ve messed with my computer so much that it’s a worthless piece of s–t.  I’m surprise I can still type my blog.

That’s why they mess with my computer.  They don’t want me to write this blog and put the truth of what’s  being done to me and thousands of others out there.  They want to keep it quiet.  Well, this is one woman who is not going to QUIT!  Even if they break my computer, I’ll find another way of getting the message out.  So no matter  what you walking devils do to me, you’re not going to SHUT ME UP!  You encourage me every time you mess with my computer.  You make me want to get the word out more than ever.   You will never, never, never shut me up!   That is, unless you kill me.

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