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Gang Stalking – The perverts at it again!

Well, the morning started off right. I went into the  store to get something and after getting what I wanted, I went to the cashier to pay. There were 3 people waiting in line. Two men were buying a lot things and were speaking in some sort of German-like accent. I think they were Brazilians tourists.  How do these people know about me?!  I  looked toward my left. The man on the left side stepped back. He had on bright orange shorts, perp color. He turned himself toward me and began playing with himself. He stood behind the man he was with so the cashier wouldn’t see him. I did not turn away. I kept looking at his face. And I blurted out, “You pig!”  I wanted to make sure he heard me, so I again  said, “You pig!” He turned away from me and turned toward his friend. The cashier had to ring up about 20 items. When she finally finished, they paid. As they were walking out, I made sure that I was eye to eye with pervert and  said, “You pig” again. He turned toward me and gave me a surprise look. The typical look the perverts give me when they’ve done something and want to look as if they’re innocent as new-born babies.

And while I stand in line, a woman gets right in front of me.  She begins to look at nail polish and acts as if I’m not standing behind her. I get fed up and tell her to get behind me. She whines, “I want to look at the nail polish.” I say, “Well, you can do it standing behind me.” I get in front of her.She has no interest in looking at nail polish. She’s just looking at the polish to annoy me. Typical perp behavior.

When things like this happen to me, it’s like having my morning coffee, so expected.

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Gang Stalking – Las Vegas losing its freewheeling vibe to “Big Brother” cameras.

Big Brother 2003 (UK)

CCTV cameras

Street musicians and their dogs on Roncesvalle...
Street musicians and their dogs on Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People come to Las Vegas to do what they can’t do at home. To be as silly and feel as free as possible.  Well, Las Vegas is becoming just as restrictive as everywhere else.  The Clark County Commission and some casino owners want to make Las Vegas “safer”  for all  you visitors.  And you know when they start talking “safety” that is usually means taking away some rights.  Usually First Amendment rights.

The Clark County Commission recently banned dogs from the strip.  The dogs banned are dogs who work with the performers on the strip.

The Clark County Commission is thinking of passing a law to ban people from handing out handbills  and escort cards to tourists.  Street performers, such as street musicians, people in superhero outfits, vendors selling water on the bridges will also be banned from the strip.  The strip will become an uninteresting place to visit.  I don’t particularly like the escort cards or handbills handed to me, but it’s part of our First Amendment rights.  We don’t need the Clark County Commission legislating everything we do.  There are enough laws in Vegas to do this.

Not only will the laws passed  mess with our First Amendment Rights, but take jobs away from people who really need these jobs.  With the economy the way it is, we don’t need any more unemployed people in Las Vegas.

All these laws are in the “talking stage” and have not yet been put into place, but just that they’re thinking about outlawing anything and interfering with our basic First Amendment rights worries me.

Oh, I forgot, they’re also planning to put surveillance cameras everywhere on the strip and adding more police officers.  One of my favorite things about the strip is that there are so few police officers, but I guess that will change, too.  Welcome to the world of 1984; 28 years late.  The casino owners say it’s not about “watching people,”  but what else would you call it?

–  Big Brother!

And if Las Vegas does pass the above laws, it cannot no longer use the logo “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  It’ll have to change its logo to “What happens in Vegas might show up on your Facebook page.”  Or it will have to change the welcome sign from “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”  to Welcome to Las Vegas.  It has to leave out the “fabulous” word, because Las Vegas will not longer be a fabulous place to visit.

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