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Gang Stalking – It’s all about gun control.

Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)

Hi, everybody. I guess I’ve been M.I.A.  I think you can understand why. Coming to the library to type my blog is nothing but a horrific experience.  It’s pure hell.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. It is very hard to do so, but I’ve managed so far to do it. I don’t know I can keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I’ve had no luck finding an apartment. I’ve never realized how many bad neighborhoods in Las Vegas. There seems to be very little in way of middle-of-the road apartments. Either overly expensive, or real dumps.  I went to look at an apartment yesterday and seedy is not the world I would to describe the area.  It is below seedy.  But saying that, I felt safer in the apartment I looked at than I’ve felt anywhere else.  The apartment complex‘s  gated, has cameras everywhere and when I entered the complex, very few people showed up to do their perp duties.  There was one woman with a dog who immediately headed for me when I entered. She said “hello”. I didn’t bother responding because I could tell she’s a perp.  But, otherwise, no one came out and just stood around like an idiot.  It’s a studio apartment, top floor. and has wooden floors.  And the rent is to die for. Very low and it includes electricity. But the idea of coming out at night in the neighborhood  if I needed something from the store is a scary thought.  But, oddly, I felt very safe in the complex. I felt safer in the complex than I did in other places that were well-to-do. In most of those places, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out.!

Today, I went to look at another place, after a very long walk, and it lasted about two minutes before I walked out.  Perps everywhere I looked. And the thing that really made me walk out of the place without saying a word is the manager. I walked into the complex office and she had on a very low-cut sweater and made a point of puffing up her chest so that I’d notice. Let me tell you, I wanted to throw up. That’s what happens to me every time I go into the current office.  I just took one look and disappeared without saying a word. I don’t want to put up with that s–t again. I don’t know if Las Vegas creates these horrible people, or if they’re born that way. Either way, why don’t they get some class and act in a professional way. They’re at work and should act so,. They’re not working in a night club, after all.

I heard something about another woman being killed, or something like that. I don’t have a t.v.., but I heard a few minutes of it on the radio. I don’t know what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another target. I have to read up on it. It’s hard without a computer.

I mentioned this woman because of the guns laws. Maybe all this has to do with gun laws. I made  connection yesterday when I heard about her.  What I think is, that the American public will demand that government put into law gun control.  Once the government and law enforcement  control all the guns, guess what, no guns, and the government can swoop in and control us even more.  And what we will have is totalitarianism.  Maybe that’s the kind of government we deserve. The American public doesn’t seem to be too concern about losing a lot of its rights.  All they want to be is safe.  Yeah, they can be safe and slaves  I guess Americans have to go through a period of  enslavement  to understand what freedom really is..They sure as hell don’t know what it is now!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping your spirits up.  The only thing  we targets can really do is hope for the best and  that this hell ends for all of us. And soon.

Gang Stalking – We targets are alone.

Seven Ways Apple Is Fleecing The American Sheeple

Seven Ways Apple Is Fleecing The American Sheeple (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Sheople Man

Sheople Man (Photo credit: AZRainman)


Sheeple (Photo credit: nofrendo)

Amerika, The Fourth Reich: Here's Your SAR Lis...

Amerika, The Fourth Reich: Here’s Your SAR List, Sheeple! (g1a2d0080c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day my life gets more and  more miserable.  I’m prevented from doing anything.  I can’t stand outside my apartment and enjoy some fresh air. I can’t really take a walk. They won’t let me get any sleep. They steal my food. Fill my apartment with pesticide.  Call me disgusting names.  Whenever I buy new shoes, they take them apart.  They rip my clothes. Fill my apartment with vermin.  All day and night, I’m hit with electricity.  They make fun of everything I say and do.  Tell me I’m ugly. There isn’t a minute of my day that someone isn’t abusing me in some way or another.

I can go on and on with the things they do to me, but the part that really bugs me, the perps make it seem that everything that happens to me I deserve.  Not only do I deserve what is happening to me, but they act as if  everything that they’re doing to me  is because I caused them to do it to me.  In other word, I’m being a bad human being and it’s all right for them to abuse me and make my life miserable.

What kind of dumbass people are these?  Can’t they think for themselves?  Can’t they see what they’re doing is wrong?  Can’t they see that what the government is telling them to do is not what a free government does do its people?   Only a totalitarian government abuses its people. A free government would never do what is being done to us targets. What do we  have to do to awaken the sheeple?

We targets live the most miserable of lives.  I don’t think there’s a target out there who’s living a happy life. No matter how hard we try to make our lives better, the perps are right there to make sure we don’t have any moments of happiness.  Whatever happiness we had in our lives is gone.  We really have nothing to look forward to from day-to-day.  Just more misery every day.

We can’t celebrate holidays, take a vacation, work at a decent job, have privacy, friends, family, enjoy a day at the park, take a decent shower, just sit and think.  No, this is denied to us.  All we ever get to feel is misery.  From the minute we get up, we’re abused.  That’s all we targets have to look forward to every day  is abuse and more abuse.  The world is not aware of what’s happening, and, frankly, I don’t think it cares.  Just as people didn’t care about the Holocaust,  no one  cares about  what we’re going through. No one paid attention then, and no one will pay attention now.

We targets are alone.  No one is going to help us.  I know it’s depressing to read what I wrote, but it’s the truth. We targets don’t have a lot of good options.

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Gang Stalking – What sheep we Americans are!

Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad  Syrian's ...


clark_county_regional_justice_center_1 (Photo credit: time_anchor)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

If you read my blog, you know the other day I wrote about having a problem videotaping the people who harass me.  The complex manager said she had a few complaints from tenants about me videotaping them.

I went to the police department to find out what my rights are re videotaping my harassers.  The person I spoke with told me a lot of  nonsense,  but  he did tell me, I could go downtown to the Constable‘s office to find out more information about it.

So today, I went down to the Constable’s office.  The woman at the desk told me she could not help me and said the Constable’s office only handles evictions, and re-directed me to Justice Court.

The Justice Court is only a few blocks away, so I decided to walk over.  When I got to the Justice Court, there were a lot of people.  We all had to go through metal detectors, plus have everything we had with us checked.  I had to put everything in a plastic container and pass through the metal detector.

While I was waiting to go through the line, I mentioned to a woman near me that this was Communism. She replied, “They’re just trying to keep us safe.”   I replied, “No, they’re not. This is Communism.”  She quickly moved away from me.

I was told by one of the police officers that I had to take my belt off, too.

I had to remove my sweater, my shoes, my belt, and give my  handbag to the police officer.  He dumped everything out of my bag.  He said I had a lot of things in my bag and it felt heavy. I told him  I had to carry everything that’s important with me because of all the break-ins I have.

I had a nail file, Swiss type manicure set, scissors, and some other things in my bag  that were considered weapons.  The police officer told me that I could not enter the Justice Court with any of these things.   He would have to throw them out.  I asked him, “Can’t you just save them and when I come out  I can pick them up?”  He pointed to sign that said everything gets thrown out and nothing’s saved.

The police officer held the items in his hand while I decided what to do.  If I decided to keep the items,  I could not enter Justice Court.  I said to the officer, “This is getting more and more like a Totalitarian state.  Everywhere we go, we’re checked and not allowed to take our things with us.”  I told him I wanted all my things back.  I was  not about to go out and spend more money buying things that were not weapons.  The officer gave me back my things and I left.

I remember I’d been at Justice Court about a year before and  had to go through a metal detector.  I had to pay $190.00 fine because I’d jaywalked.  Someone I worked with had gotten a jaywalking ticket and didn’t  bother  to pay after getting a few notices.  One Friday night, two police officers showed up at his door and arrested him for not paying the ticket.  He spent the whole weekend in jail.  There are no judges in court on weekend, so he couldn’t see one. So to jail he went.  I remembered this and did not want to end up in jail, so I paid my ticket right away.

Anyway, I got distracted. There were only metal detectors then.  I did not have to take off my shoes, belt, etc.  It’s amazing how things changed in less than a year.

The U.S. is certainly headed toward  totalitarianism.  If what I went through can take less than a year to happen, what will the U.S. be like ten years from now?  The U.S. will definitely be a place where no one will want to live.  It will be worse than China or Russia.

What amazed me about going through the line is how everybody just accepted what was happening.  No one complained, no one said anything, they just accepted things as they were happening.  No questions, nothing.  Just a bunch of sheep doing what they were told.

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