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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – To President Obama: I am disappointed in you.

When I returned home yesterday, I looked for my phone. I had it in my handbag when I left home. I emptied out the bag, nothing. It was gone. Stolen! This is about the fourth phone that’s been stolen out of my bag.  Stolen in Best Buy, I’m sure; when I was busy with the computer geek. This  phone I carried everywhere with me. All the evidence I’ve collected was in it. I didn’t import it to my computer because I knew the information would be erased. So I kept this phone close to me. Never let it out of my sight. Now, I have no evidence of what’s been happening to me. But the dogs haven’t worn me down yet. I still have a lot of spirit in me. I’ll just start anew again. Get new evidence again. Start all over again as if it’s a new day. It makes me stronger every time they do something to me.

I’m on Facebook with people who are going through the same thing I am. And all of them have the same stories to tell. Their houses/apartments broken into; money stolen; cameras stolen; furniture ruined; food stolen or has something done to it; doors taken off hinges; cars destroyed; holes made in walls; clothing torn or stolen; carpets are dirtied; footprints made on carpets; footprints in bathtubs; mirrors destroyed; door locks taken apart; fans destroyed, and I could go on and on with the things done to targets.

I just typed something about the United States and it was erased. But I’m going to have another go at it.

The people who do this to us are evil.  And the most evil of all is the United States government.  It is as evil as China, Russia. Libya, Saudi Arabia.  It’s just better at hiding what it is doing to its citizens.  It preaches to China and other countries about human rights abuses, but it is doing the same thing to its citizens.  When the President of the United States comes on television and tells the other countries that they better top abusing its citizens, it makes me laugh.  How dare he!  I thought President Obama was going to be different.  A President who believed in basic human rights, would stand up for his people.  But he’s turning out to be another Bush in a suit.  He passed the Patriot Act.  An act which allows citizens of the United States to be tormented.  Any citizen who is consider a danger, for whatever reason, is allow to be abused for any stupid reason. And believe me when I tell you that most of the people who are being gang stalked are very decent people.  People who lead ordinary lives and never been in trouble.  Most of them go about their day trying to live their life in peace and  let everybody else live their life as they see fit.  I guess that’s the kind of people that they don’t want around…people who live and let live.

So I say to President Obama:  I am disappointed in you.  Disappointed that you would let a bill like the Patriot Act be re-enacted again.  I thought you were going to be a good president, but you’re not.

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