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Gang Stalking – The new normal — having your computer hacked.

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Today I knew it was Super Sunday, so I made sure I went out just before the game began. So if the perps thought they were going to have a day of watching football, too bad. They had to leave their homes and follow me around instead of watching the game. I do this every year when there’s a big football game. It’s my way of getting even with them.  It made my day.

Today I heard that the New York Times got hacked by Chinese hackers.  The times had to bring in experts to figure out how the hackers were getting in.  The experts discovered that they were getting in different ways, and when the experts closed one portal, the hackers kept getting in another way. Finally, the experts were able to close all the portals for getting into the Times computers.   But the experts kept a close watch to make sure the hackers were not getting in, but again, the hackers got in. And no one could figure out how the hackers were getting in. You’ll never guess how the Chinese hackers were getting into the Times computers?  They were getting in through one of the Staffer’s thermostat.  The thermostat was printing Chinese characters through the thermostat.  Can you believe it?  Today no computer is safe.  We mere mortals don’t have a chance in hell of not getting our computers hacked. If the Times can get hacked, so can everyone else.

The computer companies have to do a better job of safeguarding our computers. Right now, they’re all doing a terrible job. Our computers are so easily hacked.  Why can’t a virus be added to our computers to attach itself to the ones doing the hacking? It should open up their computers and it should open up for everyone to see. I bet they’d stop hacking other people’s computers! Or they’d think twice before criminally breaking into someone’s computer.  Because hacking is now a crime, so they’re committing a crime.

Well, I feel good today messing up the perps’ day.  I can’t wait till the next big “Super” something happens.

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