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Gang Stalking – It’s happening everywhere: France, England, Australia…

It’s amazing to me how wide-spread gang stalking is.  I read a lot of information on gang stalking and I’m always surprised at how far a reach gang stalking has.  Gang stalking doesn’t only happen in the United States.  It happens in almost every country.  How do I know this?  I get  information from  targeted people in other countries.  Gang stalking is happening in Japan, England, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, The Netherlands, Canada, India,  Austria, etc., etc.  How did this happen?  Did all the heads of state get together and plan it?  How else do you explain the things happening to me are  happening to people in other countries?  They’re being followed, have pesticide sprayed on them, harassed 24/7,  people break into their homes.  What is going on? 

Have any of you  heard of the Illuminati?  The Illuminati is  a group of  12 people who  will rule the world.  We don’t know who they are,  and we  will never  find out.  They will be the power behind the powerful and wealthy and will give the orders.  The Illuminati is a secret society began in Bavaria by Jesuit taught Adam Weishaupt.  It was began in 1776.    The Illuminati  is  a group composed of freethinkers.  The President is thought to be an Illuminati.   Not only this President, but all past presidents.  The Illuminati will control the world through government and corporations. 

If it’s not the Illuminati, who is there that has such power that the same thing that’s happening to me here in the U.S. can be happening to someone else in another country?  I find it all very strange.  How can this be happening everywhere and, it seems, no one has any knowledge of it?  Very, very strange.  I’m sure that this gang stalking is some sort of World Order.  I think even the Pope is involved.

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