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Gang Stalking – Thankful for every one of my readers – Thanksgiving 2013

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Thanks ;)

Thanks 😉 (Photo credit: Lauren Manning)

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English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry,  I didn’t get to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I was in the library on Wednesday, but could not get into my WordPress account.  I got a new password and it was very long.  It was so  long, the feeble perps couldn’t handle typing in such a long password and did everything in their power to stop me from using it. I realize the only way I can back into my account is to reduce the password so the feeble-minded perps can handle it.

I want to thank all my readers for  commenting on my blog. You make my blog what it is.  Without  you taking part in my blog, there’d be no blog. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

A lot of us are alone, but guess what, we made it through another Thanksgiving! I’m sure there were times when some of us felt like giving up,  but we helped each other keep going. And I know we’ll all see another Thanksgiving. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have family who love you and been there for you, be sure you let them how grateful you are for them.

So I want to wish you all a belated Thanksgiving, and hope it was a good one. And we’ll all be around next Thanksgiving. Count on it.

Love to every one of my readers. I’m thankful for every one of you.

And to the WordPress staff, thanks for all your help throughout the year and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, World!

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