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Gang Stalking – I’m doing so much good for the world!

I’m doing so much good for the world.

I take a walk and everyone begins to walk. I’m keeping people healthy instead of having  them  sitting around eating chips. And they keep off  all that fat they would get.

I feed the pigeons and everyone suddenly feels the need to take care of the pigeons and feed them. It makes the pigeons happy and less annoying. So I’m good for animals and birds.

I get new shoes and everyone gets new shoes, even in the same color.  I’m keeping the economy healthy. If I didn’t buy new shoes, the businesses would not be making any money. So I’m good for business.

I get on the bus and everybody  suddenly needs to take a ride on the bus. I’m good for the bus company. I get people riding the bus more often, therefore, the bus company is making more money. I’m good for transportation.

I use the computers at the library and everybody shows up when I’m in the library, otherwise, the library would be quiet and have few customers. The library gets money from the government according to how many customers get library  cards. To use a computer, everyone has to have a library card. I’m good for the library because it gets more money from the government than if I weren’t around. So I’m good for the library.

I read a book on the bus and everyone starts to read. I’m raising the educational level of people in Las Vegas, which is very low.

I’m just so good at getting people to do things. Things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. They’d be sitting at home watching T.V. So I guess I’m bad for the television industry.

I’m so good!

(P.S. I hope you all know this is sarcasm.)

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Gang Stalking – I do unto others as they do unto me.

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most ...

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most of these photos are from around 2000-2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lasers (Photo credit: dmuth)

I have no water tonight. Every day it’s something else. Every week, they turn off my water almost all day, and then usually turn it on at 5 p.m. Today the water was on long enough for me to take a shower and then it went off.  But it didn’t go back on at  5 p.m.  So  I can’t use the toilet. No water, no toilet. This is always happening. I bet I’m the only one whose water is off. I bet everyone else’s water is on, unless they’re a target.

And my gang stalking has gotten worse. It used to be that I’d have groups of people follow me, but separately.  Now, they’re no longer alone.  I get groups of  5 – 10 people at a time now.  They surround me from every direction in such a way that it’s almost impossible for me to get out of their circle.  But as I’ve told you, I’m good at escaping.  I usually find an out and escape.  You should see their faces. Most of the time, they stand around not knowing what to do. But it’s getting sickening to have all the perps constantly around. Don’t they people have anything better to do with their lives?  What a bunch of losers!  That’s why they do the work they do.  They don’t know how to do anything else.

It looks like I have new neighbors in apartment 204.  The FBI wannabes are no longer. Well, that’s not exactly true.  The woman is still here, but the man who came with her is no longer around anymore. He wasn’t that bad.  But she’s a bitch.  Now, it seems, her mother’s moved in with her and also her brother.   I think it’s her brother.   I often see the brother watching t.v.  I look from my window and  can see the big television set.   I can see from my window that they’re watching targets. One time, as I I watched from my window, I caught the brother watching  targets on the street (that’s how big the t.v. is).  He didn’t see me, but when he did, he quickly got up and closed the blinds.  The brother was watching targets and  hitting them.

If you have a t.v., you can do the same thing.  You need VCR, or whatever it’s called now, put in a tape and record what’s going on. When you’re recording, you can use a laser to hit the perps.  You  watch the perps through the t.v., take  laser and aim.  You can then watch the perps  jump when you hit them.  And they’ll have no idea it’s coming from your home.

You can buy very inexpensive lasers at almost any store.  If you have a 99 cent store near you, you can buy a laser for 99 cents.  You can also use the laser to protect yourself when you’re out.  You have to be sneaky about it, just as they are. After the perps get hit a few times, they’ll think twice about hitting you back.  I do it when I’m on the bus all the time.  They hit me, I hit them right back.  The best spot I’ve found is their feet.  I aim at their foot and see them move their foot quickly out of the way.  I  believe in doing unto others as they do unto to me.  If someone’s nice, I’m nice.  If they’re nasty, I’m nasty.  It might not work for you, but it works for me.

I hope the tip above helps you in some way.  It’s really works. Try it.

That’s it for tonight.  Sleep tight.

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Gang Stalking – Senate Intelligence Committee stop taking up space on t.v.

Logo of the United States White House, especia...

Logo of the United States White House, especially in conjunction with offices like the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Targets"

Cover of Targets

John Brennan - Caricature

John Brennan – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Ron Wyden - Caricature

Ron Wyden – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I couldn’t write my blog yesterday.  My computer was not working, and spent all day fixing it.  The hackers are back to their old games.  Don’t these people have anything to do with their lives?  I sometimes don’t believe what I’m going through.  There must be a way for us to get information out to people. There has to be!

I did notice that “targets” were the topic of conversation.  Not us targets, of course.  The news  was full of reports of drones, and American citizens who were thought to be drone targets of U.S. government overseas.  But at least the term “targets” was out  there.

“Targets” is the term used by the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing held yesterday.  The Committee was questioning John Brennan, White House pick for C.I.A. Chief.  The Committee had questions about the drone program and its targeting of Americans overseas, and how a target is  thought to be guilty, even if  no proof exist that the target  is dangerous.  The target can be killed if  he appears to be of  “imminent” danger to Americans.

In my opinion, the  Senate Intelligence Committee is a joke. They really don’t want to find out what the truth is about Americans overseas becoming drone targets.  All they’re doing is trying to show Americans that they’re doing something to protect our rights. Yeah, they are.   Thanks for the laugh Senate Intelligence Committee.

But it would be nice if something came out of this committee.  Maybe some information would come out about what they’re doing to Americans here in the good old U.S. of A.

But I doubt the Senate Committee will find out anything.  All they are doing is wasting our money and nothing else.  And, of course, all the senators are getting free television time. The senators all love seeing themselves on television looking like they’re doing something.

What a joke the Senate Committee is.

Stop wasting our money, Senate Intelligence Committee. Go back to doing nothing, and stop taking up space on television.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2012 – The American media blackout on gang stalking?

It amazes me that the American media have not discovered gang stalking.  There are  people all over YouTube showing videos of gang stalking and the things they have to suffer on a day-to-day basis.  And there’s a group that I’ve joined on Facebook, where everybody is a targeted person.  And there are people writing blogs galore about gang stalking, but somehow, the media can’t find the information.  Or  the media knows about the gang stalking and is afraid to write about it?  Maybe the government told the media not to write about it.  Maybe the government  convinced the media that all targeted individuals are really crazy, and therefore nothing they say should be taken seriously.  I don’t know what the problem with the media is.  How can half a million people, or more, be gang stalked?   And no one know about it?  Nothing about gang stalking is ever mentioned on television, radio, newspapers, or anywhere else.  It must be a conspiracy, or how else can it be explained about the media blackout?  The media didn’t write about McCarthyism, either.  And the Holocaust was never mentioned, until the killing of  so many people could not be ignored.  The media are not doing their job.  We targets are here, and need someone who will stand up for what is right.  I guess the media is not the place to look for help.  They’re too busy ignoring things right under their noses.

Countdown:  95 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If I had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say?

Oh, I dream of this. Dream of having the entire world listening to me. Of course, I would address the world via television about the gang talking that is happening to me, and to people all over the world. I would tell the President of the U.S. and other governments about what is occurring to me day-to-day and  millions of others.  I would ask everyone who is a target to get in touch with me, so we can plan a world-wide meeting of people who are gang stalked. I would tell all TIs that we need to have a march on Washington. And if they couldn’t make it to Washington, I’d tell them to hold a March in whatever country or city they lived in. I’d  tell them that the march would be held on the same date  everywhere.  All TIs would send complaints to their respective governments.  Hopefully, there would be a big outcry and people would start paying attention to what I said.  Or they would  talk among themselves and tell each other I was totally nuts.

Countdown: 115 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – How would you compare the importance of electricity with the invention of the internet?

Or the cell phone? Can this kind of comparison be made? If you had to lose one of these inventions, which would you keep? And why?

The invention of the internet is important. Without the internet, we’d all be getting information from television and radio. The internet has opened a new way of getting information. And cell phones are great. But electricity is where it’s at. If there were no electricity, there would be no internet. Without electricity, we wouldn’t have television, radio, internet. We’d have no lights. We’d be living in darkness. Of course, there’s always candles for light, but they’re dangerous and can easily start a fire.

Living without electricity would make our lives a lot harder. We’d be limited in how many hours we could work. We’d all have to work by candle light if we had a night job, which wouldn’t be very safe. Electricity has made it possible for us to live 24 hour lives. Imagine life without electricity. We’d go to bed early and get up early to take advantage of the sun. We’d be beholden to the sun for everything, which used to be the case before electricity. So there’s no comparison. Electricity is more important than the internet and cell phone. We can do without the internet and cell phones, but we can never be without electricity.

There’s absolutely no comparison. Electricity trumps all.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.

I totally agree 100%.

People today are becoming less social. The computer, iPods, etc., are coming their best friends. We don’t even get enough sunshine anymore. We’re too busy socializing with our virtual friends, ignoring those breathing, flesh-like humans we know. 

Scientists are discovering that people are not getting enough Vitamin D into their bodies.  Vitamin D comes from being out in the sun. Most of us are not even getting the minimum dose of 15 minutes a day.  Why?  Because we’re becoming hermit-like and rarely venture out.   Even when  we venture out, we have an attachment on our bodies, iPad, iPhone, etc.

It used to be we watched television to keep abreast of what was going on in the world.  But all our gadgets have become our news, entertainment,  friend. 

And the children of today who have grown up with all the gadgets will be even more isolated than us.  They’ll want to spend all the time with their gadgets ignoring other humans.   Or  maybe, all the gadgets will have an opposite affect on them.  Maybe technology will become “old stuff” and going out to mingle  with friends will  become a new trend.

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