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Gang Stalking – “Knockout Game” or “Random Street Attack”

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I want to warn you about a game that I heard about on National Public Radio.

This game is known by two names “Knockout Game” and “Random Street Attack”.  It’s been happening for a while, but I just heard about it. We targets have to be very careful, so I thought I’d warn you.

These games are  stupid, but dangerous.  A young person, teenager, or older, or a group, will come up to you, knock you in the face till you’re on the ground bleeding and then run away.  This game is usually directed at a white person, but people of color are also attacked, but mostly, it’s white  people attacks. The people who do the attacking are usually  black. I’m not being racist here, but these are the people who are committing these crimes. They’re happening mostly In cities. You can go to YouTube, type in “Knockout Game” and you’ll see what it looks like, or read the articles below to get more info on this sickening new “in” thing.

We Americans don’t have to worry about China, Russia, North Korea, or any other country destroying us. We are destroying ourselves within. We don’t need anyone else to destroy us. We’re doing a job of it.  Police are killing people almost every day now, and if not killing them, beating them up. And when citizens need help from police, we  put our lives in jeopardy because we don’t know how police will respond to our complaint.

So, targets, be forewarned. We don’t need anyone else beating us up. We have enough of that now. Be careful out there!

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