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Gang Stalking – Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s office today.

Patients and doctors using stairway, instead of elevator, to annoy me. They stomp their feet as they go up and down the stairs. They sound as if they weight 500 lbs. each. The sound system in the building is at a level to make anyone deaf. Elevator doors bang constantly. Loud radio playing. A lot of slamming doors.  People making sniveling noises through their noses. A lot of loud laughter.   Non-stop throat clearing. I’m getting hit electronically by the technicians. A lot of loud sighing by clerks. Telephone ringing non-stop.  Asked for my I.D. when no one else was, even though I’ve come  to this office for years. New doctors come out to look at me and laugh. Technicians giggling outside the doctor’s office. Air conditioner put on very cool while waiting for doctor to come into room, even though it’s very cold outside. Screeching cart wheels every time someone passes the doctor’s office. Cleaning people banging brooms around and talking loudly in Spanish. People from 3rd floor banging on the ceiling above my head. A lot of coughing (you know that stupid cough they do when we’re around). The doctor’s office sounds like a madhouse.

I complained to the doctor and he said that  it’s just the workmen doing their job. Yeah, sure they are. I know workmen make noise, but not as much as the workmen do when I’m around.

Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

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Gang Stalking: Technicians, doctors should be ashamed of themselves.

I haven’t been able to write my blog  because my computer was out of service due to hacking. The  hackers  disconnected the  network access to my computer. So I’m having a hard time writing my blog.

I had an appointment to have a  mammogram done. You would think people who are technicians, doctors, etc.; people who are in care of your health wouldn’t be into gang stalking, but they are.

I arrived at the diagnostic center and filled out all the information to have my mammogram done. And I sat down in a corner no one else was sitting in. As soon as I sat down, the space around me became very busy. I paid no attention and read my magazine. I looked up and there was someone sitting in every seat. It happens every time I go somewhere. People  sprayed me with pesticide, pinged  me with their phone. Some of them were looking at me as if I had committed some terrible crime and gave me dirty looks.

Finally, my name was called. I was told to go into the mammogram room, given a hospital gown and told to put it on.   All the while, I  could feel  pesticide  sprayed on me. I went into the mammogram room and the woman told me to take my gown off. When I took it off, I could feel pesticide  sprayed in the room. Can you believe it? I wasn’t even allowed to take a mammogram exam without being sprayed with pesticide. I also noticed that the technician doing the test was very interested in every little move I made. I finished with the mammogram and proceeded to get dressed. As I left the building, cars with headlights on joined me. One after another, hit me with pesticide. Can you imagine if I just had been given a diagnosis of cancer? To hear bad news and at the same time have people harass you? The people who do the screening, need to be fired. I can understand if you’re harassing someone on your time, but doing it while working?! They’re supposed to be caring people. I felt no empathy from any of them. All they cared about was getting me.

And I knew the technician was watching me for a reason. As soon as I began to walk, things I did while in the room were already out in the street. While in the mammogram room, I ran my fingers through my hair in a comb-like motion. Out on the street, people were doing the combing motion to their hair. While in the room, I embraced myself because it was cold in the room. As I walked, gang stalkers were embracing themselves. The gang stalkers are the lowest form of life. I don’t think that they are people with any sense of right and wrong. They want to hurt, hurt and hurt someone. They must be really miserable people to do what they do. How else do you explain such savagery?

I wrote this as quickly as I could before I lost my connection, so forgive me for any errors.

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