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Gang Stalking – Verizon customers, do you know U.S. government is tracking you?

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English: , member of the United States Senate from Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, the hackers got into my computer and removed everything, but I was able to get myself  back on. It  took a while, but I did it.  I’m getting really good at fixing my computer. At one time if the same thing happened I’d have to take it to a repair shop.  But I’ve come a long way.  Every time I took my computer to a repair shop, they didn’t fix it.  I paid money for nothing. Now, I can save all that money I would have thrown away.

Well, what good news!  Did you targets hear about Verizon?  Verizon is keeping records of all calls, emails, Facebook photos, etc.  What they’re doing is legal.  They’re required to keep records of all calls, etc. that customers use.

It’s getting crowded with all the new targets. First, it was Associated Press journalists, then the internal revenue harassment of Americans, and now people who use Verizon phones are targets of U.S. government.

The new group is targeted under the Patriot Act. Oh, we targets know about that  Patriot Act.  They’re being targeted under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. It gives the government the right to keep track of  whomever they feel might be a danger to America.  I guess the U.S. government must feel  all the people who use Verizon are terrorists, since every customer’s being tracked. Can you believe?

My question is:  What about all those other phone companies, like Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and all the others.  I know they’re also keeping track of Americas.  I used to have Virgin Mobile and stopped using it because of all the hacking. Now, I have T-Mobile.  I’ve used this  phone so few times, it’s been a waste of money.   It’s even worse than Virgin Mobile when it comes to tracking.

So, we targets are getting more and more friends as times goes on.  Can you imagine how angry the Verizon targets must be?  I’m angry when I know they’re hacking my phone.  I’ve actually heard people say that government  tracking their phones is no problem, since they haven’t done anything.  People don’t understand that it has nothing to do with anyone doing something, it’s about the fact that our freedoms are slowly slipping away.  Now, the phones.  What’s next?

What’s next is what’s happening to us targets.  We’re the ones on the bottom of the spying.  We’re the ones no one knows about.

I would like to suggest to anyone who didn’t fill out the form to  Ron Wyden, Senator, Oregon, to please fill in the form and fax it to Senator Wyden.  He’s a good guy.  Now, I know why I haven’t heard from him.  Senator Wyden knows what’s going on, but is not allowed by law to say anything.  He has to keep his mouth shut.  But he’s in there working.  And I thank him a million times over.   Those of  you who didn’t fill out the form, please fill it out.  Let’s overwhelm his office with the forms, then maybe he’ll be forced to do something.  He’ll get that power from all the forms you fill out and send him. So, please, pretty please, fill out the form.  It’s for your own good, or do you all want to spend the rest  of  your life going through hell?  It’s up to all of  you to get those forms to Senator Wyden.

And I want to thank  the Guardian, U.K., for putting out the story about Verizon targets.  If it hadn’t been for the Guardian no one would even know it was happening.  The U.S. press certainly wouldn’t report this happening. Good job, Guardian, U.K.  Keep up the good work.  And Guardian, U.K., if you’re interested in really getting to the bottom of all the spying, get in touch with me.  Thanks, Guardian.

Now, targets, get with it and send out your form.  Thanks.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are all filthy dogs.

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone

English: Pacific Time Zone and Northwest Zone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt...

English: A large chess game inside Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idiots lately have made a game of changing  all my clocks.  They change a clock I have just for waking myself up. My clock  is set to wake me up by 6:30 a.m. Every night, they change the clock to 1 a.m.  They set my computer to GMT. I’m on Pacific time, but I cannot reset it to Pacific time. My phone time is constantly changed, and it’s also set to GMT. I cannot reset to Pacific time.    But that’s the least of my harassment.

I told you about the garbage the perps leave in front of their doors.  I went to the office and complained to them about the garbage left out in  front of  the doors,  and how we were going to get  vermin and pigeons.  The office people told me they’d check into it. I really didn’t think they’d do anything about it.  To my surprise, I came home one day and all the garbage in front of the apartments was nowhere in sight.  So I’d thought I’d go into the office and thank them for taking care of the problem.

I walked into the office and the girl I’d spoken with was not in the front.  The person sitting at her desk was the maintenance man.  He was using the computer, and another woman was standing next to him.  Both of them were laughing.  I asked the girl where the other girl was.  She told me she was in the manager’s office. So I walked toward the manager’s office and thanked the girl for taking care of the problem. As I was walking away from the girl, I could hear the manager and the girl laughing hysterically.  The manager was using the computer and  looking at something.  I overheard the girl said, “Oh, good, she’s in the kitchen.  Yea, we got her.  Look at her!  She’s looking around.”  And I came out to the front again, and the two in the front were also looking at someone  through their computer. Both also laughing hysterically.   The computers in the office are set up so the people in the office can hit the targets through the wiring.   And they were having a lot of fun playing games with the targets’ lives.

These people are beyond evil.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  I don’t ever want to hear  that these perps don’t  know what’s going on. They know what they do and enjoy it.  They’re playing target practice with us.  All of them.  That’s not the first time I’ve seen this done.  We’re like a chess game to them. Get the target instead of the pawn.

In one apartment I went to, when I was apartment hunting, I saw the same thing happen.  There was a man sitting in a dark office setting up the targets’ apartments to connect to the computer. I also recognized the man.  I’ve seen him at several places I’ve been, and he was setting up computers there, too.  This was at a T-Mobile store.  The man is of  Jewish descent, has very close crop hair, very nerdy looking and has the look of a rat.

They’re not only getting targets though the phone, but also through the computer. But I’ve known this for a while. This was done to me on a Greyhound bus I was on.  A man got on the bus, he had his computer with him and I thought nothing of it.  But I did notice that he kept turning around to look at me.  And I began to wonder why.  So I watched him. After watching him a while,  I figured out what he was doing.

He had a pre-printed text and each line on the text equaled distance.  He was turning around to get  distance of where I was.  And when he got it, he began zapping me with his computer.  That was the first time I experienced hits by a computer.  After that, I noticed computers used to zap me in restaurants, trains, buses, etc.

There’s a code they use that draws electricity from the wires.  I wish I knew it.  I’d zap them all to hell!

So if you’re getting zapped in your apartment or house, it might be by computer, or phone.  When you’re away, they get into your place and mess with the wiring.  They’re all  filthy dogs!

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