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Gang Stalking – I will survive you f—–g bastards!

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ac...

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff accepting the credentials of Jamal Khokhar, the ambassador to Brazil from Canada, in Brasilia, Brazil. Português: Brasília, DF, 09/02/2011. Presidenta Dilma Rousseff e o embaixador do Canadá, Jamal Khokhar, durante apresentação de credenciais de novos embaixadores no Brasil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m beginning to like the President from Brazil Dilma Rousseff.  She’s angry at the NSA  for spying on her and Brazilian citizens. The NSA is also spying on Brazilian citizens as they are on us targets.  She’s filed  petition with the U.N. to force  the U.S. to stop the spying on other countries and Brazilian citizens.  Maybe, just maybe, the U.N. will investigate what’s going on with the U.S. spying on other countries.  Maybe an investigation by the U.N. will bring out information that the U.S. is not only spying on American citizens, but torturing them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I wait for the day we targets will finally be free.  And I wish President Dilma Rousseff all the luck in the world in her complaint to the U.N.

I went apartment hunting yesterday.  What a drag it is.  Everywhere I went, I saw signs of  other people getting targeted. The dog poop all over the grass, the blinds missing pieces, holes in windows, broken windows, garbage strewn in front of someone’s door.  Of course, everywhere I went the perps followed me.  I went in and out of complexes, but didn’t stop to talk with any rental people. I didn’t want to lose  time talking to people who I’m  are perps.

As I’ve previously written, I have very little furniture, so moving will be no problem.  The new furniture I bought when I moved into this apartment the perps ruined.  They broke every chair, shortened the legs of the chairs and the legs go every which way.  They  broke all the handles to my pots.  Or maybe I’ll just take the furniture as it is.  If I get any new furniture, they’ll just destroy it again.  Why waste my money?  Who knows?  Maybe the next place will be worse.  I never think the new place will be better, because it never is.  And my bed?  It’s going to be hard to carry a mattress to wherever I end up.

I can understand why targets kill themselves.  We keep moving thinking that maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a safe place to live. A place where we won’t be harassed by  perps.  But, of course, deep down, we know that won’t happen.  We know the perps will appear as soon as we move into our new place and start making our lives a miserable existence.

Yesterday, I was on my Facebook page and one of the targets wrote about how they killed all four of her kittens.  She found the last one barely breathing and it died.  What kind of people are these perps that they would do this to innocent animals?  They’re sick, sick people.  They call us nuts?!!!  Believe me, we’re sane compare to these savages.

Targets keep getting killed, or kill someone, or just plain kill themselves.  And the harassment continues by the government flunkies. They think nothing of driving someone insane.  They just pick themselves up and do it to other targets.  How do these savages live with themselves?

Of course, the harassment is not happening to any of us.  It’s our imagination.  We’re all crazy.

But I believe with all my heart, this will come out eventually.  And let me tell you, I intend to sue the f——g government for every penny I can get.  It made my life a living hell and it’s going to pay for it.  And I intend to stick it out to see it come to pass. The government will not stifle me.  I will survive and outlive every bastard no matter what they do to me.  I will survive.

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Gang Stalking – Never, never, never give up. Never!

Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Helmand Province, Afghanistan (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)


Flickr - DFID - UK Department for Internationa...

Flickr - DFID - UK Department for International Development - Children pictured at a UNCHR food distribution point in Liberia (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What these children have to put up with every day! Survivors all!

Survive (Photo credit: andreco)
Looking east at ABC News headquarters at 77 We...

Looking east at ABC News headquarters at 77 West 66th Street (Manhattan) on a cloudy afternoon. ZIP 10023. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taking on the narcotics trade in Helmand

Taking on the narcotics trade in Helmand (Photo credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development)

Sometimes it seems to me gang stalking is never going to end.  There are days that I’m sure you just want to give up:  Why fight, you say to yourself?  I can’t take this anymore, you’ll think.  This hurts too much, I can’t go on.

But you can survive this horrible thing happening to you.  When I get to asking myself these questions, I think of other people who survived horrific things and lived to tell about it.  These people survived because they wouldn’t give up in spite of the evil things done to them.

I think of all those men who fought in the wars and imprisoned.  These men beaten, starved, and sometimes, even raped,   never gave up.  They believed that  what was happening to them would end some day, and eventually it did.  These men give me courage when I need it. When I need strength, I think of them.

I was watching a story one day about a Mexican man who was kidnapped by a group of drug dealers.  They sent a message to his wife that if she didn’t send them a million dollars for his release, they would kill him.  The wife tried with all her might to find the money to have him released, but she wasn’t able to raise the money.  The man was put in a small enclosed hole, where the only time he saw daylight was when he was taken out to be beaten.  One time they shot him.  He laid for months with the wound.  He had hallucinations.  He at times thought he’d died.  He went from a man with a  normal weight to someone who looked like a skeleton.  He went through this ordeal for almost  two years.  One day, the drug dealers decided they didn’t want to deal with him anymore and let him go.  When his wife saw her husband, she couldn’t believe he was the same man she’d married.  That’s how different he looked. He spent months in the  hospital until all his wounds healed.

I point out this story, because every time I think of this man, I get strength from him.  If he could survive the horrific things done to him, why can’t I?

A few years after the man healed, he told the story to ABC News.  The man took the reporter to the spot where he  spent almost two years.  The small hole  was about half his size.  So he spent the two years scrunched up in one place.  He couldn’t move.  It’s a miracle the man is still alive.

So every time I think I can’t take it anymore, I think of this man.  He doesn’t know I exist, but he gives me courage when I need it.  And if he can survive the horrific things that happened to him, so can I.  And so can you!  Don’t let them beat you down.  You can survive anything they throw at you.  You’re strong.  You’re stronger than the little wimps who are doing this to you. They couldn’t handle the hell you have to live every day.  You haven’t survived as long as you have because you’re a quitter.  You have strength.  That’s how you’ve survived.  So don’t give in to them.   Never, never, never give up.  Never!

Gang stalking will not last forever.  Nothing ever does.  Eventually everything ends,  and so will gang stalking.  Stick around so you can see your tormentors punished.  They will all be punished, and  I’m sure you want to see that happen.  So stick around to see it happen.  I hope someday we can stand together to see the tormentors get their due. Take care of yourself as best you can.  Love you all.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Explain your strategy for life.

Explain your strategy for life.  Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve?  What matters most to you at work, at play, or at home?  How did you come to develop your approach to living?  Which parents, friends, aliens or spirits influenced your choices about how to live?

My strategy for life at this point is to stay sane.  I really don’t have any freedom in my life.  My life is totally controlled by what the perps do to me.  Every day I get up and hope for the best.  I plan things, but usually I have to change my plans because of what is done to me.  I can think only in minutes.  I can’t think long-term about my life.  If I think long-term I know something will happen that will remind me no long-term thinking for me.  Live moment-to-moment.

I’ve developed this strategy of living moment-to-moment because it’s the only way it works for me.  I can’t think of living for tomorrow, or the next hour, or next year.  It’s the here and now that I have to work with.  I have no choice in the matter.  I am a prisoner.  It’s the only way I know how to survive.  I can’t waste my energy trying to convince myself my life is ordinary, because it’s not.  I only wish it were.

Countdown:  79 blogs to write.

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