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Gang Stalking – Street Theater, and dumb-ass gang stalkers.

Two people in a heated argument about religion...

Two people in a heated argument about religion when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University. Click the audio button found above and to the left to listen to them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modern chain gang

Modern chain gang (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is what gang stalkers deserve

Angry Penguin

Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I ended my blog by saying I would write about “street theater.”

Street theater is what you think it is.  The gang stalkers want to get you in trouble, so they create street theater.  Let’s say you’re  outside and they want to get you in trouble, they’ll try to get you involved in an argument.  A group of gang stalkers will make remarks to  make you angry.  You open your mouth, and before you know, there’s an argument going on.  What the gang stalkers will do is call the police.  The police arrive and  all the gang stalkers will turn against you.  They’ll say that you began the fight; that you hurt someone.  And other gang stalkers will agree with the story. The police already know about you and will blame everything on you.

Or let’s say you’re taking a walk, you see a man who looks very intoxicated.  He heads straight for you and purposely bumps into you.  You say something to the man, and before you know, there’s a group surrounding you.  All of them blame you for whatever happened.  They’ll  be gang stalkers who were waiting by the side.  So they’re creating street theater.

Street theater doesn’t only happen on the street, theater also happens in stores.  Someone will make store theater occur by getting in front of you in line.   Or if you’re in the library, theater occurs  by someone taking a seat you were seating in.  You get up from your seat, your things are still where you were sitting, and some gang stalker will sit in your seat.   You return to your seat and say something to the gang stalker.  He’ll say that you left and he didn’t think you were coming back.  He will not move.   You typically, of course, get angry.  It’s  a normal reaction.

I was thrown out of the library about a year ago.  A woman next to me at a computer kept harassing me.  I tried to ignore her, but she wouldn’t stop.  I was not having a good day and called her a “bitch” under my breath.  The bitch heard me and went running to get a librarian.  I was thrown out of the library.

This is exactly the reaction they want from you.  To make you angry and get you in trouble.   So your reaction should be not to react to any of the above situations. You will not win if you argue back.  All the gang stalkers will stick together and make up lies about you.  They will make you look like a troublemaker.  I know it’s hard not to react.  I’m sure you’d like to smack them.  But if you do, the police will come and arrest you.  And they’ll just sit there looking like little angels.  So don’t react to any street theater.  If an argument begins anywhere around you, get away.  Don’t say anything; don’t get involved.  Because your chances of ending up in jail are very high.  Let them have the seat, ignore the bum who bumps into you, and don’t argue with anyone.  I know you’re thinking this is very unfair. And it is unfair, but do you want to end up in jail?  Better just to let it go.

I was almost arrested one time when I made a remark to a store clerk. She was following me around hitting me with her weapon. She lied; said I threatened her. The store manager called the police.   Three officers  found me on my way to the bus stop, had me sit on the sidewalk and put my hands on top of my head like a criminal.   The officers went through my handbag looking for a weapon I was supposed to have. So keep you mouth shut.  You  can go home and throw something around to let go of your anger.   Remember, street  theater  happens to you all the time.  Learn from me and keep your mouth shut!

As I wrote yesterday, the gang stalkers are spawns of the devil.  They’re very evil people and dumb as hell.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 5: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Continuing my blog from yesterday.

Street Theater.  I mentioned “street theater” yesterday. I want to say something else about street theater. Street theater doesn’t always involve  a group. Sometimes one person can create street theater. I remember a few times, men who seemed to be drunk came toward. I’ve run  into a few drunks in my life and I know how they act. So when these drunk men came toward me, I could tell they weren’t drunk. They had a very steady walk and headed for me.  I sidestepped them and  quickly moved out of their way. When I got very close to them, I could smell no alcoholic. They were trying to create street theater. They would bump into me and the expectation would be that I’d start arguing with them. They would somber up very quickly,  call the police on  me and make up a story about me being very violent toward them. It didn’t work, though. I know when I’m being had. Don’t fall for drunk men street theater.

Friends.  It’s hard to have friends when you’re a target.  A few gang stalkers  will try to become your friend.  It happened to me a few times, but I could tell they were  more interested in getting  information  about me than in being  a friend.  Sometimes I let them become my friend, because I was curious about  testing my instincts.  My instincts were always right on.  You can tell when someone who is a gang stalker wants  to be your friend.  Right away they start referring to you as a best friend.  When they see you, they  act as if you are the most fabulous person in all creation. Right away, they plan things to do with you.  They don’t ask “how are you doing?”  It’s   always “where are you going?”   They always want to know where you’re going so they can relate information to the Monitor.  It makes  life easier for the  Monitor  when he  has  a stool pigeon  in someone’s life.   Don’t fall for their act.  Let your instincts take over.   Your instincts will let you know who is a phony friend.  If someone is “too nice”, he’s probably a gang stalker.  Also, if you do find a real friend, the gang stalkers will usually turn him/her into a gang stalker against you.

Love.  Forget about love.  It will be very difficult for you to form  a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.  Usually,  if a man/woman wants  to start a relationship with you, it’s usually not for a good reason.  They want to get to know you so they can spy on you.  If you already have a relationship with a man/woman, it probably won’t last.   Your partner will hear a lot of lies and innuendos about you.   He/she will usually believe all the lies told about you.  He will  believe that everything happening to you is not happening.  He  will believe that you are  crazy, though.   So a love life?  Forget about it.  You’re doomed to a life of loneliness.  I know it sounds awful, but I feel I have to tell you the truth.

Driving a car.   I don’t have a car, so I don’t have to worry about what’s done to me.   But I’ve heard a lot of stories from targets who drive cars.  I’ve been told stories about gang stalkers trying to run targets into the ground.  Targets being followed in their cars everywhere they go.  Targets who had their cars stolen.  Targets who had their cars destroyed by gang stalkers.   Targets who had parts removed from their cars.  Targets who had their car moved from one spot to another one.    So if you have  a  car, be careful when you drive.  Don’t let the gang stalkers drive you crazy.  And  tell someone you  trust where you’re going.

When I began this blog, I thought it would a three-part series.  But the more I write, the more I want to prepare you for what gang stalking is really about, especially if you’re a newbie.  So I’ll continue with this topic tomorrow.

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