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Gang Stalking – PostaDay2011 – Monkeys used as ginny pigs to test toxins.

I listen to the radio a lot. I find a lot more interesting things on the radio than I do on t.v. or the internet.

For instance, this morning I heard on the radio about monkeys that are used as test subjects for biological weapons.   Dr. John P. Pippin, Director of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), stated that monkeys from the Island of St. Kitts-Nevis are brought to the United States and  used  as test subjects to test toxin materials.  Once brought into the United States the   monkeys are then injected with toxins  and  watched.  They can be seen on camera having spasms, muscles jerking and others things that the toxins  cause.  Isn’t this horrible?  They sound like a bunch of Nazis.  Only thing, they’re testing monkeys, not people.

The program was recently stopped by the U.S.  after getting a lot of complaints from protesters (thank God for protestors).  So the monkeys are no longer test subjects.  Who, then, do they test these toxins on?  The doctor stated that actors are brought into the lab, filmed to mimic spasms, muscles jerking, so U.S. soldiers can identify what a biological attack  might look like when someone is suffering from a toxin attack.

Well, I’m sprayed with pesticide all the time, or it smells like pesticide.  Maybe I’m being sprayed with something worse.  Anyway, am I part of that monkey group?  Am I being a test subject for the U.S. government?  It would not surprise me if I were part of their experiment.  I’ve complained about being sprayed with pesticide to anyone who will listen, but no one will.  It just shows that animals get more sympathy than human beings.   I think they’re using all us targets as experiments.  People worry about monkeys being used unethically, but no one seems to worry about other human beings  used as targets.  I guess we targets replaced the monkeys. 

If you want to know more about the toxin experiments, go to google and you can find more info.

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