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Gang Stalking – A class in how to drive targets crazy.

I was just thinking what it must be like to sign up to become a gang stalker.

First, they have to fill out a form, be accepted into the program and then go for training for five straight days. But before all that, the have to sign a waiver that they will not divulge any information about what they’re doing.  And then, they’re told that if they divulge any information, they will face a prison sentence. That’s written in the waiver to scare them. So I let my imagination go to work. I’m interested in the job and this is how it goes.

Me: Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the government program my friend told me about.

Interviewer:  Well, you first have to fill out an application. After you finish the application, we have to do a background check.

Me: Oh, okay.

A few days later:

Me: Oh, I’m so happy to be working for the government.

Monitor: Well, welcome to this new class.  You’ve all been accepted into the program run by the U.S. government. You’re a very special group of people (all the perps look at each smiling).  Let’s begin the training. Now, as we’ve told you, the people you will come into contact with are very violent people.  We have to keep a watch on them 24/7 because of their violent behavior.  Whenever you see one of the targets, you have to let us know what they’re doing. If they’re taking a walk, eating in a café’, reading a book, sitting in the library, driving a car,  you have to report  their whereabouts. We need you to keep track of everything they do.  Without your help, we could not carry out this program.  The U.S. government is grateful for your help.

We’re going to teach you how to use your phone to draw electricity to your target.  We use phones to keep them in line.  Listen carefully and write this code 12378930302. Did everyone get that code? I’ll repeat it: 12378930302. Now this is a secret code and you are not allowed to give this code to anyone. If you give this code to anyone, you are  violating the waiver you signed. Now, lets practice putting the code into the phone. Okay, begin.  Everyone puts code into phone.  Okay, now that’s you’ve input the code into your phone, hit the lower right hand button of your phone. Now the phone  should turn red.  Okay, does everybody have the red part?  Good! You all got it.  Very, very good.

Okay, now that we’re finished with the phone, we’re going to put their pictures on the screen. Use your phone to make a copy of the photos.  When you’re walking around and see someone who looks like one of the photos, look at your phone screen to double-check and make sure they’re a target. And when you walk around, do this continually. We don’t want you to miss hitting one of them.

Now, that’s it for  today.  You’re a very intelligent group. One of the smartest.

We have refreshments in the back of the room.  Get to know each other. One thing, when you see each other outside, you can’t acknowledge his presence. You have to make-believe you don’t know each other. This is a very secret program and the less people who know about it the better.

And tomorrow, we’ll be learning how to make them think they’re crazy.  This training will go on for five days. In those five days, you will learn everything about becoming the eyes for the U.S. government. You’re real patriots and the U.S. government will never forget what you’ve done to keep our country safe.

Now, class dismiss. And we’ll see each other tomorrow morning. And don’t forget, you’re very, very special people. You’re the cream of the crop.

All the perps go to the back of the room and laugh, smile and think they’re very, very special people. After all, the government told them so.

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Gang Stalking – Crazy Woman.

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the way  the library computer system works here at the library.

There are 3 or 9 chairs put out by  the library.  We computer users use them to wait for a computer.  When our turn comes, we have 1 hour to use the computer.  After one hour, the computer automatically goes off.  And someone who is waiting gets to use the computer.  We can use the computer for 3 hours, but we have to get off every hour and give someone else a chance to use the computer. If no one is waiting for the computer when the hour is up, we can  stay on the computer for another hour. But, of course, there are people who think they‘re special and think they have  the right to use the computer for 3 hours straight.

I’m only telling you about this because of what happened to me today. I sat next to a woman who’d been on the computer  longer than  her allowed time. I was on the computer for 1 hour and had to get off, but she never got off her computer. She’s that special person I’m writing about.  When she didn’t get off, I told her that she’s supposed to give someone else a chance to use the computer. She said to me, “Who are you to talk to me that way?!!”  I really don’t care how long she stays on the computer, but I’m not going to sit in this awful library waiting for people like her to keep me in this place  any longer than I have to be.

Well, she finally got off the computer, and as she was leaving, she got really close into my face and told me never to talk to her like that  again, or else she’d do something  She didn’t say what the “something” was.  She looked really angry, and I think if she could have, she would have beaten me up. She walked away in a huff.

You see these perps are special people. As I’ve said before, they can do and say anything they want to us, but don’t we dare, dare say anything to them, because, of course, they’re so special. Any little thing sets them off. And they call us crazy.  These people are really crazy. I don’t trust any of them. Now I have to watch my back every time I see the woman. She really looked crazy.

Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but I’m sick of what they all get away with.

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Gang Stalking – Another “black stain” on America’s history.

ordinary people

ordinary people (Photo credit: wader)


Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chaos - From The Charminar

Chaos – From The Charminar (Photo credit: Lovell D’souza)

Every time I stop and think about what is happening to me, I get angry. Whatever did I do to deserve this?

I know the answer is nothing.  I haven’t done a f—–g thing, and neither have other targets.  We, targets, were randomly selected to suffer this fate. We haven’t done a darn thing.  It is the government who should ask itself  this question “Why is it harassing good people who’ve done nothing to deserve this fate?”  Why doesn’t the government pick on people who’ve done nothing, but wasted their lives living off the government and creating havoc? But people like that wouldn’t be good test subjects.  They’re not normal people and experiments would tell the government nothing about the public and how it would behave in times of chaos.  So they need every day people to test.  People who really, in a sense, have very little power and no one will listen to.

We’re ordinary people who pay our bills on time, don’t borrow money, live off what we earn, aren’t criminals, and are good people.   We’re people who don’t shove our opinions down anyone’s throat.   We live our lives as we want to and let others do the same.  We don’t like the government  intrusion in our lives.

And there’s the paradox, we now have government watching everything we say and do.  There’s no place we can go and not have someone pursue us.  They come after us everywhere.  Cameras are put in our homes, apartments, cars, etc.  There’s never a moment when some perpetrator is not doing something to us  make our lives miserable.

We’re treated like stepchildren no one likes or cares about.  We’re subjected to everyday indignities that other Americans don’t suffer. We’re maligned  by other ordinary Americans who are sadists.  These ordinary people have been given power by the government to make our lives as miserable as possible. And these ordinary people lap up all the power the government has given them and act like spoiled brats.  They don’t care about the person they’re treating like an unwanted dog.  They enjoy the power in knowing that they can do whatever they want to us targets.  No one is going to reprimand them for being bad children.  The praise they get from the government is worth any prize. They see themselves as “special people” picked by the government to help.

But, as has happened in other places, lots of other places, this targeting of ordinary Americans will eventually open up a  “Pandora’s box” of  the evil perpetrated on innocent Americans who’ve done nothing.  Who’ve done nothing, but live their lives in a way that made America proud.

And now the so-call “freedom” America speaks about when it refers to itself  as “free”, is nothing but another black stain on its history.

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