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Gang Stalking – More Americans are renouncing their citizenship.

Today the library is so noisy I can’t hear myself think. And someone messed with all the computers. I couldn’t even find the mouse. I had to look all over for it. It was hidden under the desk. I wonder if the librarians did it. They’re the last ones out of the building and they come in every night after everyone’s left and try to put things in place.

Well, enough about the librarians. I heard yesterday on the radio that a lot of Americans are renouncing their American citizenship. And I don’t blame them. But it’s not for the reason you think. A lot of the Americans who moved to Europe are renouncing their citizenship because of the IRS. Wherever we Americans live, we have to pay the U.S. government taxes. If someone from Spain moves out of Spain and goes to live in Canada, the Spanish government no longer collects taxes from the Spanish citizen. The U.S. is the only country which collects taxes when a citizen decides to live elsewhere.  If that citizen doesn’t pay his taxes, the IRS hounds him/her for the taxes.  A lot of banks in Europe cancelled bank accounts of Americans because the U.S. makes them give them information on the accounts of Americans. The European banks don’t want to be bothered with American accounts and all the problems they cause.  And that’s why Americans are renouncing their citizenships. They don’t want to be bothered with Uncle Sam’s Internal Revenue Service hounding them.  So rather than put up with Uncle Sam, they decided they rather give up their citizenship and be able to keep their bank accounts.

At one time, America used to be a place where people from other countries wanted to come. Now, Americans are running away.  In the years before 2013, about 500 Americans renounced their citizenship.  In the year 2013, 3000+ Americans renounced their citizenship for various reasons. And I think that number is going to skyrocket in the following  years. America is no longer the place it used to be.  It’s become rotten to the core. I know a lot of Americans still think America is the only country that’s free, but that’s not true. There are a lot of countries that are freer than the U.S. America has a long way to go before it can say it’s free.  If I had a place to go, I’d leave!!!

(By the way, I got the information National Public Radio)

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Gang Stalking – To my readers, tell me about your life.

Coat of arms of Turkey Français : Armoiries de...

Coat of arms of Turkey Français : Armoiries de la Turquie Slovenščina: državni grb Turčije Türkçe: T.C. Dışişleri bakanlığının kullandığı arma

Seal of the United States Department of State.

Egypt: Gizeh

Egypt: Gizeh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

Contact Sheet: Sri Lanka, July 2005

Contact Sheet: Sri Lanka, July 2005 (Photo credit: Lawrence Sinclair)

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Taken by...

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Taken by BroadArrow in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iran Elections

Iran Elections (Photo credit: bioxid)

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day (Photo credit: Anirudh Koul)

Belgium Rest Stop

Belgium Rest Stop (Photo credit: RobertCiavarro)

Singapore and surroundings

Singapore and surroundings (Photo credit: The Shifted Librarian)

thailand ko phi phi 02

thailand ko phi phi 02 (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

The former Neutral Zone between Iraq and Saudi...

The former Neutral Zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Young Saudi Arabian woman wearing Islamic clot...

Young Saudi Arabian woman wearing Islamic clothing, as required by Sharia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my surprise, people from diverse continents read my blog. I have people reading my blog from Canada, Egypt, Spain, France, Belgium, Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Maldives, Singapore, India, Thailand, Turkey, and, of course, the United States.  I’ve always been curious about the faceless people who read my blog.  I always wonder what you look like, how old you are, what kind of life you lead, single, married, do you have children, poor, rich?  I always wonder what a typical day is like for all of you. Is life hard, or easy? Do you have enough to eat, or too much to eat?  So if you’re one of those people reading my blog, I’d like to know about you.  I really would.  Write and tell me about yourselves. You don’t have to give me your name. I know some people can’t.  I just want to know about you.  You know a lot about me from my blog,  but you  don’t know what I look like. Maybe some day, I’ll publish my picture.   So write and let me know about your life, maybe include a photo? I really want to know what your life is like.  I’ve traveled a lot, so I’ve been to a few of the countries I mentioned. The closest I’ve been to the Middle East is Morocco. Europe I know better.

I hope to hear from a lot of you.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Gang Stalking – It’s happening everywhere: France, England, Australia…

It’s amazing to me how wide-spread gang stalking is.  I read a lot of information on gang stalking and I’m always surprised at how far a reach gang stalking has.  Gang stalking doesn’t only happen in the United States.  It happens in almost every country.  How do I know this?  I get  information from  targeted people in other countries.  Gang stalking is happening in Japan, England, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, The Netherlands, Canada, India,  Austria, etc., etc.  How did this happen?  Did all the heads of state get together and plan it?  How else do you explain the things happening to me are  happening to people in other countries?  They’re being followed, have pesticide sprayed on them, harassed 24/7,  people break into their homes.  What is going on? 

Have any of you  heard of the Illuminati?  The Illuminati is  a group of  12 people who  will rule the world.  We don’t know who they are,  and we  will never  find out.  They will be the power behind the powerful and wealthy and will give the orders.  The Illuminati is a secret society began in Bavaria by Jesuit taught Adam Weishaupt.  It was began in 1776.    The Illuminati  is  a group composed of freethinkers.  The President is thought to be an Illuminati.   Not only this President, but all past presidents.  The Illuminati will control the world through government and corporations. 

If it’s not the Illuminati, who is there that has such power that the same thing that’s happening to me here in the U.S. can be happening to someone else in another country?  I find it all very strange.  How can this be happening everywhere and, it seems, no one has any knowledge of it?  Very, very strange.  I’m sure that this gang stalking is some sort of World Order.  I think even the Pope is involved.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Have you ever considered writing a book?

If so, what would it be about?  Make a list of the ideas you want to cover, or themes it might have. If you’ve never considered writing a book, what other major works have you thought about (a movie? a symphony?). Write a paragraph or two about what you imagine it would be like  ( I feel as if I’ve written a paragraph already).

I’ve thought of doing all the above at one time or another.  If I’ve been at a symphony and the music just takes my breath away, I’ve felt that it would be wonderful to write beautiful music. If I’ve read a really good book, I envy the writer his power with words and dream of writing a great book some day.  Or if I’ve seen an excellent movie, I’ve thought of how fantastic it would be to make a great movie.  But I doubt I’ll ever write a great symphony or a great movie.  But, there’s still the option left to me to perhaps write a really interesting story. 

If I wrote  a  book, it would probably be a family history (ala Alex Haley).  It would include my family’s journey from Spain to Puerto Rico.  From Puerto Rico to New  York.  New York  and scattering of family throughout the U.S.  It’s a journey many Americans could write about from their ancestors’ starting point.  It would show a family’s journey through hardships,  triumphs,  losses, learning new languages as  newcomers, customs, etc.  The book would be historical.  The book would  be passed on to future generations of my family.  It would be like a  sort of  family bible.  All future generations would be given a gift of the  book when old enough to understand the family’s journey.  I’ve always thought you have to know where you come from to move  forward.  And someone is less likely to get in trouble if he/she is aware of all the family history he/she carries within them.

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