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Gang Stalking – Oh, how did we targets ever get so lucky?

I have to start my blog again. They moved my blog to a second page which I do not use.

For a long time, I’ve had something in my ear that hisses. I had an operation and came out with a hissing sound in my ear. Till this day, the hissing continues. Sometimes very loud, sometimes not. But the hissing is a constant. Never stops. Imagine dealing with hissing in your ear 24/7?  But as bad as it is,  I’ve dealt with it. And if one ear hissing isn’t bad enough, now they’ve began working on my right ear. Before they couldn’t do anything to my right, but about a week ago, I woke up to feeling something like a needle going up and down in my left ear.  It’s not  a real needle, of course, it’s probably something electrical that feels like a needle. They also began to mess with my right ear. Now imagine two ears hissing non-stop. They’ve haven’t gotten into my right ear yet, but every night, I feel them in there trying to break through. Of course, I’ve done everything to cover my ear, but they cut right through anything I use. I’ve always kept my ears covered with something and that’s why they haven’t gotten through yet. But eventually, they’ll break through on some night when I feel too tired and feel nothing in my ear.  Trying to get into my right  ear recently began, before that it was left alone. I guess everything they’ve done to me hasn’t worked, so now, it’s get me through my ears. Both my ears now pulsate and they’re twisted all night.  This is plus the electricity they’ve sent into my ears for years. Before that, I had no problem with my right ear.  I’m afraid if they keep messing with my ears, something is going to burst and I’ll have hearing problems for the rest of my life.  If one hissing ear wasn’t bad enough, now they’re trying to make it two hissing ears.

Oh, what fun life is for us targets, isn’t it? How did we ever get so lucky?


Gang Stalking – Go to hell you perps!

The bitch next to  me  deleted my blog. At one time, WordPress.com  used  to save my drafts, I guess now they don’t do it anymore. I guess the government has gotten to WordPress.com. Well, it was good while it lasted. I have nothing against WordPress.com; they’ve been good to me.

Ever since I told targets about the plastic bottles, Am/FM radio, the mirrors, my life has become progressively worse.

It is now a death hell instead of a living hell.  I feel as if I’ve really entered hell and will never be let out of it.

I knew when I told you about mirrors, AM/FM radio, plastic bottles that my life would become a death hell, but I went with it, anyway.  What is life for unless it is to take chances?  So now I’m feeling the aftereffects(?). And I have no regret.

This morning, e.g., as I walked to the library, there was no absence of noise. It was a cacophony of sound.

The car repair shop, which rarely makes noise, tooted all its horns as I walked by it.  Next Target. There were some men repairing the roof, when they saw me, they turned on every machine they had. These machines were not in use. The men turned them on when they saw me coming . Cars were honking their horns non-stop. And, of course,  bastion of learning, the library  joined in the game.   As soon s I walked in, the phones began ringing non-stop.  I think they can be heard miles away. It’s a new thing they started. Their phones barely made noise before. But now, non-stop ringing phones.  And how can I forget how much noise the perps make?  The foot stomping began, the constant coughing, the clearing of their throats, the loud talking, and all those good things they do.  They act like zoo animals (I apologize to the animals at the zoo). And at night-time, my targeting has become almost unbearable. But with each thing they do to me, I become stronger. And I will outlast them all.

So I’m not complaining about what’s come about. I did it willingly. As I said, “No regrets.” Just writing about it so it stays in my memory bank for when I need it.

Go to hell you perps!

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Gang Stalking – Apology to my readers.

If you’ve noticed when you read my blog, there are no photos. The hackers removed Zemanta, that’s the free photos provided by WordPress.com. I usually can get into the settings and re-set, but I can’t do it anymore. They’ve also removed photos from readers who make comments on my blog. All that shows is a grey picture. Some readers also complained to me that they can’t get into my blog.

Well, since I use the computer at the library, I’m not allowed to do anything about it. I’m allowed to use the computer, but I can’t make changes to it. I’m lucky I’m able to type my blog. Believe me, typing my blog is a miserable experience. I swear you’d quit if you had to put up with what I have to deal with every day.

As soon as I come into the library, all the perps are waiting for me to get on the computer, so some of them can hit me with electricity, others can hack my computer, make coughing noises, clear their throats non-stop, and a lot of them imitate every little thing  I do. A lot of noise and talking goes on. They’re allowed to make as much noise as they like. The librarians will not tell them to keep quiet. The librarians help them by giving them numbers on stick-it grey notes. I can tell someone is new by the grey sticker they’re using. I see the same perps show up almost every day. Some come once in a while, but I know what all of them look like. And there are idiots, who when they sit next to me, do a lot of laughing, or imitate my strokes when I type, or make a guttural sound, like cavemen.  The men are in different stages of disrepair, and think everything they do is funny!   Most  perps at the library are men.   They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages.  Women also show up to hack the computer, but  the same ones don’t show up all the time, but they’re just as bad as the men, if not more annoying.  With a few exceptions, most of the women take care of how they look. They look as if they take a bath. I can’t say the same thing about the men. A lot of them look like hobos.

I’m writing about this because I have no control over the library computers. I can’t change a thing on them, or it’s  good-bye  for me.  So I hope you can understand why I can’t make changes when readers tell me something’s wrong. I apologize.  I hope you’ll keep reading my blog.

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Gang Stalking – Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smoking cigar. Español: Sigmund Freud, fundador del psicoanálisis, fumando. Česky: Zakladatel psychoanalýzy Sigmund Freud kouří doutník. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire alarm - St Athan's hotel

Fire alarm – St Athan’s hotel (Photo credit: markhillary)

heavy sound bag

heavy sound bag (Photo credit: earsaregood)

Lately, I’ve heard a really high pitch sound in my apartment.  It just goes on and on.  And I thought to myself  “where is it coming from?”  So  turned I off the circuit board.  It didn’t involve the circuit board because the sound was still in my apartment.  So I thought and thought “what does it sound most like?  The sound was very similar to a  fire alarm.  Sure enough, it was the alarm from where the sound came.  It is not an ordinary fire alarm sound.  When your battery gets low, there’s a beep, beep kind of sound to warn you that the battery is low. This has nothing to do with an alarm.  It’s a sound made to drive you crazy.  I took out the battery, the sound stopped.  So if you’re  getting a high pitch in your apartment, turn off the circuit board first and see if it stops.  If it doesn’t stop, take the battery out of your fire alarm.  If it goes off, it’s the fire alarm.  If it doesn’t go off, it might be coming from above you, next door, refrigerator, walls, sockets, your lights.  It could be coming from anywhere.  Turn the circuit board off, and turn each circuit on one by one and see what happens.  Just keep trying.  Don’t give up.

This morning I also discovered the light in my kitchen is a mess.  They took the part where I put the bulb out.  They connected the bulb directly to electrical wires, red and green. The maintenance man probably did it while I was out. They can do these things because they always know where I am and when I’ll be coming home.  So there’s no longer a place where I can put a bulb.  Something told me to look into my light.  My instincts kicking in.  It’s amazing to me that when they mess with something in my apartment, something tells me that I need to check things out.  It’s just an example of the things they’ll do to things in your apartment.  Make sure you always check your lights, refrigerator, oven, etc.  Believe me, they’re always trying to make your life more miserable than it is  already.  The words I want to use to call the maintenance man and his wife are not printable. Oh, for the day to see both of them in handcuffs!  I dream of the day!

From what I’ve read of gang stalking, nothing seems to be changing.  No one believes that what is happening to us is happening.  Everybody still thinks we’re all crazy.  And so many articles written by psychiatrists  say that we’ve all convinced ourselves that we’re experiencing these things because we’ve gotten a mob mentality.  We’ve convinced ourselves that they’re really happening and they’re not.  I’m sure these articles have been put out there by the U.S. government.  So I don’t see  much help in the future;  only more torture and control of us. Bastards!

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