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Gang Stalking – Sounds kooky, but it works…


Electricity (Photo credit: indipworks.)

Belly Ring - Square Button.

Belly Ring - Square Button. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

belly button
belly button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The property manager‘s grandchildren seem to be just like her.  They always seem to be looking for trouble.  The other day, I was walking to get my mail.  As I walked, a little person popped up.  From her look, I could tell it was one of the grandchildren of the property manager.  The girl made sure I saw her.  As I walked, she quickly caught up to me.  She had a dress on that was way too small for here.  She kept trying to pull down the too-tight dress.  And she  had a smirky smile on her face.  I turned around and paid her no attention.  As I went around the corner, the chubby, little girl went into the property manager’s apartment.  I was right, another family member of the manager.

The family lives on the S.E. corner of the complex, but somehow, the children always find themselves by where I live.  I live in the N.W. corner of the complex and there’s no reason for the little darlings to be anywhere near me.  I guess I’ve become a curiosity for all the awful family.  They’re beginning to remind me of those busy-bodies who are always looking to  gossip about somebody and trying to get them in trouble.

Some more advice I’ve forgotten to give you.  Your body has certain entryways:  the nose, ears, belly button, mouth, and some other entry points I don’t want to mention.  These entry points make it possible for someone to hurt you.    A gang stalker will use his phone to hit you with electricity.  He inputs a code into the phone and then turns the phone toward you.  The phone directs electricity toward you.  If you close off these entry points, the pain you feel will lessen by about 85%.  So always keep your ears covered.  Use something that will make it impossible for them to hurt you through your ears.  Use ear plugs, put some soft tissue paper into your ears.  The electricity can’t enter and will re-direct the electricity elsewhere.   Your bell button is also another entry point.  You might not think of your belly button as an entry point, but it is.  Cover your belly button and you won’t feel the electricity directed at you.  You’ll hear the sound banging around.  And if you do get hit, you’ll barely feel it.  Use a belly button cover, or put some soft tissue inside your belly button.  I know it sound crazy, but it works.  I always wear ear plugs and I hear the electricity bouncing all around me.  As long as the electricity doesn’t hit me, I don’t care where it goes. Same thing with the belly button, electricity is re-directed somewhere else, not toward you.  I know this sounds kooky, but it works.  Try it, and you’ll see that it works.