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Gang Stalking- Be careful when entering any store, it’s recording everything you say.

The other day I had to go into CVS pharmacy. I hate that store as much as I hate every store I go into. The woman is a real “B”.  I’ve had it out with her a few times. And I make a point of avoiding the pharmacy when she’s in the store.  But on Wednesday, I ran out of medicine and had to go into the store.  I  passed by the pharmacy  and remembered I’d run out of medicine and didn’t feel like coming back into the area. So I went in. Of course, the woman was there, as always. I made a point of asking about her family. She acted very friendly (phony friendly). She had a  smock on and kept opening it to show me her breast area. I ignored her. And I changed the subject to the pharmacy tech. I asked her what his race is.  She said she didn’t know. She went into the back to ask him his race. She came back and told me he’s Chinese and Phillipino. I told her that it was a good combination. Again, she opened her smock to show me her breast area. I ignored the “B”. And I told her she could tell the man I thought him  good-looking. She said, “I don’t have to tell him. He’s hearing everything you say.”  They not only have a video camera watching everything (video camera put there after I told her off one day)., but they are also recording everything I say. I don’t know if they’re recording everyone else, or if it’s just me they’re recording. So I want to warn all you targets, be careful what you say anywhere you go.  And I wonder if there’s a law against recording customers’ voices when they go into a store. Do any of you know what the law is?

I bet the woman was not supposed to let me know that I’m being recorded. The woman was being a “B”, of course. She thought she was being smart, but she let out the secret that I’m being recorded. So targets, be careful out there when you enter any store, it might be recording everything you say. I wonder how many others stores are doing this?

I hope the “B” is kicking herself.

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