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Gang Stalking – Fathers, grab your daughters and sons and get the hell out of Las Vegas.

What an awakening I had this morning.

On my daily walk,  a Mexican man came up to me and started coughing. You know the cough they do every time they see us. I gave him a dirty look and crossed the street. He followed. We were standing waiting for the light to turn green and he coughed again. I gave him another dirty look. While I stood there looking at him, he unzipped himself, opened his jeans and began playing, with what looked to me, a very small Vienna sausage. I looked directly into his face and said, “You’re a pig, pig, pig.” He laughed and kept it up.  I turned around again and said, “You’re a pig, pig, pig. You’re a disgusting pig.”  I told him, “If I were in New York, I’d call the cops on you. They arrest people like you in New York , but here the cops are as perverted as you and won’t do a thing. They’ll just laugh at me.” He said,   “I no pig.” I laughed. I laughed because I wanted to kick him where it really hurts, but I knew, I’d be the one that would get blamed for the incident.

This is what Las Vegas is all about, disgusting men and women acting like uncivilized human beings.

I  read an article yesterday and it was a man worrying about letting his daughter grow up in Las Vegas.  He was afraid if he let her grow up in Las Vegas, she become a pole dancer and wondered if he should leave. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up seeing half-naked women acting like sluts everywhere she went.

I know this man doesn’t read my blog, but I want to say to those fathers who live in Las Vegas and have daughters and sons, run, run, run like hell out of Las Vegas unless you want them to grow up to  act and dress like sluts and become pole dancers. Las Vegas is really a horrible place for a woman to be. I know, you’re probably wondering why I stay here.  It’s because it’s very inexpensive to live, but I’ve come to a point in my life, where more and more, I’m becoming disgusted with men playing with themselves and women who have no dignity,  don’t even know what the word means. Women who think it’s sexy to wear such low-cut blouses that nothing is hidden from someone’s view. This is sexy to these women.  They don’t know any better. And that’s what will happen to girls who grow up in Las Vegas.

So, fathers, grab your daughters and run for their lives.

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