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Gang Stalking – In the end, we targets will win!

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was half-way decent. I know the lives we lead are not easy. Not for one day, not for one week, never! The fact that we survive day-to-day is a testament to our strength as targets.

I cooked myself a Thanksgiving dinner and pigged out. I could barely moved from my table. Now, I’m going to have to do a lot walking to make up for all I ate. I didn’t cook a turkey. I bought deli-turkey, a box of stuffing, made mashed potatoes from scratch and got a jar of brown gravy and heated it up. It wasn’t too bad. The stuffing was really good. And I still have leftovers. It’s too bad that most of us spent Thanksgiving alone instead of being with our families, but that’s the cards we’ve been dealt and we have to make the best of the worse.

I’m   sure  that your Thanksgiving Day was no better than mine; the same old s–t as all the other days. The perps played loud music all day, cars honked outside my window, got hit electronically from all directions, people walked outside my apartment like 500 ton elephants. Just an ordinary day for me.

And today when I left my apartment, they were out in full force. The library closed for 2 days, so they weren’t able to get to me for two days. They made up for it on my walk to the library.  And now I’m sitting in the library and it’s full of  cretins. You should see these people. Most of them look like they never take a shower, or bath. I think most of them sleep in their clothes. I wonder what they do when I’m not around to harass? Do they go out rape and pillage? That’s the sort of thing these creatures do. I’m not calling them human beings, or maybe I should. I think human beings are the most vicious of all creatures. We think we’re so smart. That we’re smarter than all other creatures, but from what I’ve seen of human viciousness we humans have a long way to being humane. Humans seem to take pleasure in torturing other humans.  Maybe we should change the name of human to something that describes us in a better way.

Well, I’m hoping for better tomorrows for all  targets.  We will outlast the bastards who make our lives miserable. We’ll outlive them too. And we will stick around to get our stories out to a world that won’t listen. In the end, we will win!

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Gang Stalking – Needed a break from all the perp stupidity.

Hi, targets. I know I’ve been M.I.A. the last two days. I had to take a break from the freaks. Coming into the library to type my blog is a horrendous experience. I wish all of you could spend a day experiencing what I experience every day.  It’s tiresome. I have to put with up people who aren’t civilized. They’re  all animals! People who’ve never had any contols placed on them.    People who grew up doing whatever they felt like doing to someone and not giving a s–t if they hurt that person. I don’t think any of them know what the right thing to do is. They can do whatever they want to me at the library. If I complain, the librarians tell me that the perps are not doing anything to me and that it’s my imagination. Yeah, I’m imagining that they’re hacking my computer, hitting me with electricity from their computer, that they’e snorting and grunting like pigs, that theyre imitating everything I do in my apartment. Yeah, it’s all my imagination!

Like the freak who is next to me. First, he began by hacking my computer. He couldn’t prevent me from answering your comments, so now he’s hitting me with electricity. He’s a very fat guy, either Indian or Mexican. He’s wearing jeans, and looks as if he hasn’t taken a bath or shower in a long time. I guess he’s too busy being a jerk to take a shower or bath. Now, he’s  moving his  foot up and down, that sends the electrcitiy my way when they do that. The thing is, he’s not hitting me. You see, I wear a hat, always. It’s cotton. The electricity goes to the top of my hat and I feel it hitting the hat. He can think he’s hitting me all the wants, but he ain’t doing s–t to me. And there’s a black woman behind me coughing as if she has a very serious disease.  Now, she’s awwwwwing, awwwwwing, and making all sorts of animal sounds. Also, she’s fake sneezing. And her child is making noise. Oh, A Mexican couple  just came in and they took a wooden chair and dragged  it  across the floor making a lot of  noise. It’s bad  enough I can hear them a mile away  when they’re talking, they have to make more noise by dragging the chair around the floor.

These are just some of the animals I have to deal with on a continual basis.

I needed a break from their stupidity.

Taking two days off wasn’t enough. I need a lifetime away from these creeps!

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Gang Stalking – The world is full of angelic beings.

Garden Angelic Beings

Garden Angelic Beings (Photo credit: nme421)

I’m supposed to be at a doctor’s appointment now.  When I arrived at the office, I was told I had no appointment. I gave them the slip given to me when I made  appointment. The clerk told me that they tried, and tried over and over  to contact me, but couldn’t.  So I asked, “Why didn’t someone get in touch by email?”  The clerk said, “We don’t do email.  I replied, “Then why do you ask for my email address if you’re not going to contact me by email?” Clerk said, I don’t know.”  I replied, “Why didn’t you send me a letter?  Clerk said, “We don’t send out letters.   I replied, “I’ve been sent letters notifying me that the appointment date had been cancelled and given a new date for the appointment.” He stopped chewing gum.  He knew that he was telling me nothing, but lies.  They like to do this to me. I show up, no appointment. I remember the last time they did this to me, they cancelled appointments three times in a row. By the time I got to see the doctor, it was ten months later. I always keep the receipt they give me  on what date my appointment is so they can’t say I showed up on the wrong day, as they’ve done to me.

It’s not going well with things in my apartment.  Every time I take a shower, there’s a puddle of water on the floor when I get out of the bathtub.  I have a shower curtain, but it doesn’t matter if I keep the curtain in or out of the bathtub, the floor gets wet.  I’ve gone to the office four times already to complain about it, but nothing’s been done.  The first four days that I used the shower, no problem. The fifth day, the floor got soaking wet and has been ever since. But I decided I’m just going to keep taking my shower and if the tub goes through the floor, they’re going to be held responsible. I know they did something to the shower. I don’t know what. And they’ve shot bolts of electricity to my hands. Last night, a bolt hit my hand so hard, I couldn’t move my hand for about five minutes.

And they’ve stolen my food.  I couldn’t find four items I had in the refrigerator.  The things just disappeared into the great unknown. And, of course, what would my life be like if I didn’t have someone break into my apartment every day. I’d just be so unhappy that I had no visitors while I was out. I’d probably cry.  Boo-hoo.

I’m back at the library again.  Wednesday was a real quiet day. That’s the day the perps go to their meeting and tell all the horrible things we’ve done. Like gave them the finger, or called the sweet things bastards. They’re such delicate creatures, we can’t mistreat them too much.  Of course, they’d go running to the cops, or librarians, or whomever is in charge to report us and them it’s them against our truth.  And we’d lose because we’re such liars, when we’re not drinking or being violent, or other such bad things we targets do.  You know, the rest of the world is full of angelic beings. Yeah, sure. And if you believe anything I wrote, I have a bridge I can sell you in Brooklyn.

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Gang Stalking – Ten ways to tell if gang stalkers live next door.

Takoyaki cooking

A plastic yellow bucket.

A plastic yellow bucket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to tell if gang stalkers live next door:

1.   You never hear the water running in their apartment.

2.    No one ever uses the bathroom.

3.    No one ever takes a shower.

4.   They never use toilet or flash.  They wait until you go out to do what they have to do.

5.    You never hear anyone talking, nor t.v. on.

6.     You never hear anyone cooking.

7.     A sound is never heard from their apartment, but you will always hear a cough.

8.      You never see anyone coming in and out of the apartment, even though you can feel them.

9.       They never turn on the water.  If they do turn on the water, do you  hear a bucket being filled with water?  They mix the  water in the bucket with  pesticide and then spray mixture on you.  They make the  bucket into a sprayer.  I don’t how they do it,  but when I lived with my sister, I always heard the bucket every night and then she would try to spray me.

10.    When you put  your ear to the wall, do you hear a machine on all the time?  There’s a  black machine that they also use to spray you with  pesticide.  It looks like a stubby, small juke box, but shorter.

So if someone next to you never makes any noise, you can be 100%  sure they’re gang stalkers  .  They’re quiet so they can hear and record every phone call you make, what you say, what you do.   And it won’t be  just one gang stalker, many surround you, and they also will not make any noise.  And if you do run into the gang stalkers who live next  to you, they’ll be very friendly.  They’ll “hello”  you and ask you how you’re doing.  They’ll look you up and down to notice what you’re wearing, so they can let  monitors know what you’re wearing, and everyone can  pick you out as a target.  They’ll also ask you “Where are you going or doing?”  If someone lives near you and their  first question is always “Where are you going?”, a gang stalker, for sure.  Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, not even your family (they’re usually involved).

See “About us” below.  It’s dated 2008, but it’s still very up-to-date.

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  • About Us (gangstalkingworld.wordpress.com)

Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

As a targeted person being chased around by a bunch of no good creeps, I definitely would try to drive them crazy. Wherever they were, I’d appear and do something.

 If  a gang stalker were in a restaurant eating a sandwich, I would tap him on the shoulder and he’d  have to turn around. Gone would be his sandwich!  He  would turn around and not see  it. He would  wonder to himself, am I crazy? I don’t remember eating my sandwich. 

Another  gang stalker would be in the store, wallet in her hand, I’d take the wallet right out of her hand and throw it in the garbage.  Now, she would think there were ghosts or spirits around. 

Another is in his home taking a shower, I’d turn the hot, hot water on (this is something they’ve done to me several times) and they’d have to move out-of-the-way very quickly or else they’d get a burn.  

A  gang stalker is talking with someone else, I’d  make him hear voices while he ‘s talking with  the another person.  He’d begin to wonder if perhaps he was losing it. 

If one of them were wearing a wig, I’d pull it off in front of other people.  My, how embarrassing! 

 A gang stalker on a date, I’d paint her face to look like a clown.  She’d have the date looking at her strangely and she would wonder what was up.  She would go into the ladies’ room  and scream.  Lipstick would be  all over her face and white, round spots would  be on her forehead.  She would have really big, red lips.  

All day  I’d do this  and try to do to them what they like to do to me.  I’d make sure  to leave a message in their head about doing evil to others.

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