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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Is all fair in love and war?

Fight for Your Life

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Love of My Life (Queen song)

Yes, it certainly is.  If I were fighting in a war, I’m not going to stand around and let someone kill me.  If someone is coming at me with a gun, I’ll do everything I have to do to save my life.  I only have one life, and I’m not going to let someone shoot me.  Even if I have to do sneaky things to the other opponent, I’ll do it.  The person on the other end of the gun is going to do the same thing.  So it’s the one that can outwit the other that will win the war.

And it is the same with love.  A person, if he/she really cares about someone and wants him in her life, it’s fair to fight the good fight.  If someone doesn’t put up a good fight to keep a lover, then he’ll lose that person.  A person has to know that someone is willing to fight for him/her to keep him in her life.  And, again, if it’s doing something that’s not so nice, it’s fair.

So all is fair in love in war.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When do the ends justify the means?

It depends on the situation.  If someone is aiming a gun at me ready to shoot, I have a right to shoot him.  So shooting that person justifies the means. I stay alive.

If I’m married to someone and he has an affair, divorcing him justifies the means.  Or anyway, it does to me.  Once a cheater, always a cheater.  Divorcing the cheater justifies the means.

I don’t think most wars justify the means.  A lot of innocent people end up dead.  And most times, all the killing doesn’t end up justifying the means.  All most wars do is fill up cemeteries with innocent victims.  And those in power usually escape to another country where they live a life of ease.  So most wars don’t justify the means.

So do the ends justify the means?  It all depends on the situation, and what someone wants the outcome to be.

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