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Gang Stalking – Trying to find my place in this hideous new world.

English: Pants and legs.

English: Pants and legs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Legs (Photo credit: Renato @ Mainland China)


Legs (Photo credit: Renato @ Mainland China)

leggy legs

leggy legs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Physically, I’m just worn out. How much abuse can a body take? At all times of the day, I’m assaulted by electricity. Mentally, I’m all right, but my body’s taken a beating.  My knees, back, bottom of my  feet are a mess.  I have veins running down my legs; veins I never had before. I used to wear shorts, but I no longer do.  I don’t  want anyone to see the awful looking veins.  I used to love my legs.  I thought my legs were one of my better physical features. But if you  were to see me in my shorts, you’d turn away in disgust.  And I wouldn’t blame you.

It makes me sad to see myself slowly falling apart. I do my best to keep myself in top physical shape, but the electricity is winning. It is stronger than me.

It’s amazing the changes I’ve gone through in the last four years. I’m no longer the person I used to be. I walk around trying to figure out who this new person is. Trying to find my place in this hideous new world I haven’t invited in.

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