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Gang Stalking – Women of Las Vegas, not interested in seeing your underwear!

I sometimes feel as if I’m living in a time warp. Las Vegas seems to have gone backwards instead of forward. It’s like the 30s, 40s, 50s used to be. Men act macho and the women hanger’s on. The women don’t want to work and are willing to be hangers’ on. They dress as if they’re going to  a brothel rather than work. I don’t know if they’re told to dress this way to attract men to where they are, or if it’s of their own making. Either way, don’t they have any respect for themselves? Why do they sell themselves so short? They are more than the way they dress; but if you visit Las Vegas, you would not think so. You would think that women in Las Vegas are not very educated, smart, hard-working, have children, married, etc. The impression they put out there is none of the things I mentioned.

These women go out of their way to show me how short their skirt is, how low their blouse or t-shirt can show their breasts. Some of them wear their skirts so high, I can see their underwear.

And the men, what can I say about the men? I don’t even know where to start? Most of them look as if they never shower, or take a bath. They also wear short-shorts. What a sight to see! It’s supposed to turn me  men wearing short-shorts and women wearing low-cut blouses. and shaking their booties.

To me, Las Vegas is a lost cause. It has had its day in the sun and needs to change. People are not gambling as much anymore. What they are doing is drinking a lot and going to prostitutes. That’s Las Vegas’ main two attractions. And these two attractions can be found in a  lot of other cities. Cities where there is more than drinking and prostitutes.

Anyway, It’s just a rant for today. I’m getting sick of walking behind women who show me their cheeks. I’m not interested. What I’d like to do to the bitches I can’t say here.

What I’d like to say to them – Stop acting like hookers! Grow up! Go home, clean your homes, take care of your children, make sure they don’t follow your lead in life and  become hookers!

Now, I feel a lot better getting if off my chest. But I’m sure they are not going to stop! They like doing what they’re doing. They think they look sexy.  Oh, pleaseee!!!!!!!

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Gang Stalking – I used to think FBI men equals sexy.

Today, as I was taking my walk, I saw a FBI tank-like vehicle.  It stopped by an office building.  The men got out, dressed in caps and Army-like uniforms. I’ve  seen FBI men in suits.  Now they look  like soldiers ready for battle.  Anyway, They spread out in different directions, one got on top of a rock so he could get a better view of the area.  They had walkie-talkies and were in constant contact with each other.  I wonder what’s up? The FBI appearing out of nowhere to do what???  Now I’m very curious. I’m going to make a point of  walking by the building and see what offices are in building. The FBI men used to fascinate me, now they just creep me out.  I used to think FBI men are sexy.   Now very time I see them, I get a bad feeling.  I know they’re not there to do good. They’re probably  after someone or maybe set-up an office. I can’t believe that at one time I used to trust the FBI. I thought they were the cream of the crop, but no longer. I now see them as bullies. I no longer trust any of them. If they were to come and question me, I wouldn’t respond to any questions they ask me. I’d immediately say, “I want a lawyer and take the fifth.” I don’t even know if we’re allowed to take the fifth anymore. With all the laws constantly changing to suit the government’s wishes, I don’t know if that’s allowed anymore. Almost all our constitutional rights are  in  question now. With the judges we have always favoring government, we, the public, have practically no rights. The constitution seems to have  been thrown in the dumpster, replaced by judges who seem more interested in pleasing the 1% instead of keeping our constitution in place. This is the way it’s been everywhere else where a totalitarian government got its  foot in the door.  People end up losing their freedom and leading to a dictatorship. I hope it doesn’t happen here.

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Gang Stalking – Off topic – PostaDay 2011 – Are there any reality TV shows you’d try out for?

The reality tv show that interest me is “Dancing with the Stars”.  I could kill some stones with one show, or whatever the saying is.

The professional dancers would teach me how to dance. I’ve always liked dancing, and having professional dancers teach me would make me look professional when I dance.

I would be able to wear gorgeous gowns I would not have to pay for.  Some of the gowns the stars wear are beautiful.  I would feel very glamorous and sexy.

I’d get a chance to dance with a very handsome dancer. He would pick me up and swing me around the room.  I’d see stars.

The best thing about appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” is that all the stars who appear on the show lose tons of weight.  After all the dancing, I’d be in absolutely fabulous shape without going on a diet.  And I would able to eat anything I want without worrying about gaining weight.  What’s to complain about?

Hey, I might even win!  I can dream, can’t I?

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