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Gang Stalking – The U.S. is a Nazi state.

Go to these two sites and read about what border patrol, run by Department of Homeland Security, did to An American citizen crossing  from Juarez to El Paso.  It’s disgusting what they did to the woman. She’s been so traumatized, she never leaves home anymore, afraid of what the government will do to her.  After reading it , you might never want to leave the country.  Coming back into the U.S. seems to be very dangerous.    The Department of Homeland Security has border guards who are criminals.

Go to http://www.on the media.org/people/bob Garfield/ and http://www.on the media.org/story/invasive-cavity-search-border/

The U.S. is really becoming a Nazi state. I shouldn’t say “is becoming”. I should say “is.

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