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Gang Stalking – A threat to harm me, or just another bluff?

I’m reading “Girl With  The  Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.  As you probably know,  it’s been made into a movie. The book is very good by the way, so far, anyway.

I read the book while  eating breakfast and then put  the book in my drawer. Today, I got  the book to read and  noticed someone had added a paper clip to a page.  Right away, Knowing the lowlifes, I guessed that there must be a message for me. So I turned to the page where the paper clip is and this is what it says “…This girl was killed in the most brutal way. The killer tied her up and stuck her head into the smouldering  embers of a fireplace. One can only guess how long it took for the poor girl to die, or what torment she must have endured.” This is on page 195 of the book.

Are they sending me a message that they’ll torture and kill me?   Well, they can  go right ahead and torture and kill me. If they do, I won’t have to put  up  with the bull shit anymore.

I want to tell the idiot, or idiots, who clipped the page, that you don’t scare me. Do you think when I looked at the passage  I got scared? No, I didn’t. After what I’ve gone through in the last 5  years, nothing can scare me. I’m beyond scaring. You people don’t scare me one bit. To be scare of people like you is to be a loser like all of you.

I’ve gotten your stupid message and I’ll continue to live my life the same way I’ve lived it. None of you have balls. You do things that no one can see. You all think you’re so brave. You’re nothing but cowards. Why don’t you tell me face-to-face that you’re going to harm me?

And to my readers, if anything happens to me, know that someone has done something to me. I didn’t kill myself, end up in a mental ward, give up  writing my blog, or any such silly nonsense.  Someone did something to me.

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Gang Stalking – Chased by white cars.

White Ferrari 458 Spider

White Ferrari 458 Spider (Photo credit: Axion23)

English: Back Alley This is the rear of 498775...

English: Back Alley This is the rear of 498775 Back to back rows of terraced houses like these in the picture are a common feature around the Rossendale valley. The top of 498747 can be seen just above the tree line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broad Avenue, Mid-City New Orleans

Broad Avenue, Mid-City New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White Ferrari 458

White Ferrari 458 (Photo credit: DryHeatPanzer)

Blaze White Bird of Prey, New York, NY

Blaze White Bird of Prey, New York, NY (Photo credit: Grufnik)

Official Hindustan Ambassador cars waiting in ...

Official Hindustan Ambassador cars waiting in line outside North Block, Secretariat Building, New Delhi They seemed to have a thing about white old Ambassador cars here.. This part of New Delhi that was built by the british is filled with parliament buildings and wide avenues. The Rajpath is similar to the Champs Elysse in Paris as it’s a wide avenue ending with a Arc de Triump at the end. My french spelling is not what it used to be.. Check out my travelblog at http://www.175days.no (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s white car day today.  People have been showing up in white cars every day, but today it felt as if I was living  a movie. When I walked into  the parking lot of the library, I counted 35 white cars. And I didn’t count them all. I went into the library, took the elevator down, of course,  perps were all over the place. So, I left. I figure if I left some of them  would think I was leaving and leave.  I walked around for a while and went into back alleys.  A person in a white truck followed me into the back alley. As I was coming out  the front of the alley, a white truck showed up, it  was looking for me. So I went around and came around again, and there was the truck again trying to find me.  I went to the front again and there was another white car coming toward me. And as I made a right turn, another white car. There were so many white cars, I felt as if I was dreaming. I tried to escape from all the white cars, and all I did was run into more white cars coming from every direction.  So I decided to come back to the library. And, again of course, more white cars in my way. As I crossed the street to go into the library white  cars all over the place. As I said, white car day.

I saw one white car that said U.S. Government on it.  And, of course, the person made sure I saw the government car. Was he trying to scare me? Ha!  I don’t live in fear and no flunky is going to scare me, especially no government flunky.

I wonder how much the government pays to get all these cars out on the road?  And then people wonder why there’s a shortage in the budget?  Just go outside, people, and look at the white cars on the road. That’s where your money is going.  And don’t try  renting a white  car now. The government’s rented them all. And the others it hasn’t rented, will cost you an arm and a leg.  White cars are in style now. In Vegas, anyway.

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