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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you knew you were going to die in 20 days, what would you change?

If I knew for sure, sure I was  going to die in 20 days, I would totally go bananas with the things that I would do.

First of all, I’d take out a bunch of credit cards and use them. I’d use them to travel anywhere I want. I’d buy a car and drive on some empty highway at a high-speed. I’d buy fabulous clothes that I couldn’t afford to buy before I got all the credit cards. I’d have a big party going on for two or three days. As always, I’d invite everybody to the party.  Buy beautiful furniture for my apartment. I’d get in touch with the few people I still loved and say “good-bye” to them. I’d invite them to Vegas and pay their way here. We’d enjoy ourselves doing whatever we felt like doing.

 I’d arrange for my death by picking out my casket. I’d want to be buried in New York near my mother and father’s graves so I’d have company in my after life. 

I would definitely get even with all the lowlife who made my life so miserable while I was alive.  I would make sure I’d start rumors about all of them.  And the rumors would raise everybody’s hair.  I’d try to get them put on the government’s hit list.  Then they could experience what I was experiencing every day.  And if I coul do  something from the other side of life, I would definitely try to continue the rumors about them and make their lives even more miserable than they made mine. 

 And I think that’s it!

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