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Gang Stalking – Stay safe and sane, targets.

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico...

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Forest Track and Communications Mast ...

English: Forest Track and Communications Mast A recent installation of a presumably mobile phone mast/base station. There is no electricity up here, so it powered by a generator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to type my blog today.  They’re deleting things as I go.  So bear with me. I don’t know if your comments got through yesterday, but they were deleting “approve” as I hit them. Don’t give up. Keep writing to me and leaving comments. I love hearing from you.

I told you about my suspicions about the free furniture I’m  getting.  Well, I’m glad I wrote about it. I went into the office yesterday to pay my rent and the first thing the manage said is, “So, G., do you want to pay the $25.00 for the furniture?”  Do you think maybe she read my blog? Duh. Of course.  If I’d asked about the free furniture, she’d say, “Don’t worry about it.” It is so obvious why she asked me about the furniture. Duh. And double duh.

I know why they’re not charging me for the free furniture, or was free. What I found out is disgusting. You’ll be disgusted, too, when I tell you.  I have to get some things straighten out before I tell what they did. These people should be in jail. I’m  paying for some real crap. And I mean crap.

By the way, I have a hacker next to me making believe he’s playing chess.  He must think I’m stupid. They use games like this to hide what they’re doing. They do this game thing when I’m out and about and in a restaurant. So if you’re in a restaurant or book store, or wherever, and you see someone playing, he might be hacking your computer if you’re using one.

I want to explain a little more about the criminals using their phone to hit you (if you really want to annoy a perp, call him a criminal. It annoys them no end).  They get a code from their handler. This code lets them get access to electricity. This electricity goes into the phone, the perp aims it at you and the electricity they’re getting from the phone hits you. It can come from the socket you’re sitting next to, or if you’re walking, from a phone pole. That’s how these things work. That’s what happens when someone wants to blow up something from a distance. God forbid you should ever have something on you that the phone can set off.  If this is happening to you, don’t carry anything that can hurt you. And when the electricity from the phone hits you, you get blue and black marks, or  a red rash. I guess it depends on the person’s skin. I used to get black and blue marks and red rashes, but since I’ve learned to protect myself, all I get is a watery feeling.

You’re probably wondering how I know about the code. Well, I lived with my sister for six months and she used to do it to me. At first I didn’t know what she was up to, but I began watching her. Every morning I’d get up very early and then she’d get up.  The first thing she used to do is go to her window with her phone. And she’d stand by the window and play with her phone.  And she keep aiming the phone at me. After a while, I realized what she was doing. I’d move around and try to stay away from her and she’d follow me wherever I went until she’d get me on her phone. And then once she had me, she hit me.  And this went on all day. If I went outside to get away from her, she’d follow me outside. Believe me, living with her was worth all the torture I went through in those six months.  I learned everything I know from what she did to me. I speak from experience, otherwise, I wouldn’t know what’s going on, either. As you can imagine, I have no contact with her anymore. And I don’t think I ever will. I hope my explanation about the phone helped you understand how the phones work.

So, remember, try not to carry anything that might blow up on you. I’m being very serious here. Stay safe and sane, targets. But also don’t get paranoid about the phones. I don’t think anything will happen to you. I’m still around to tell you about the phones; proof positive.

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Gang Stalking – I will spit in every zombie’s face some day. Yes, I will.

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while e...

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while erecting the steel frame of a new building, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t going to blog today, but I just had.

That man that everyone is calling mentally ill is not. Not in any way, shape or form. He’s 100% one of us. He’s been one of the first to speak about what’s been happening to him. The other targets never spoke about what was happening to them, but this one did.

He told about how the construction workers made fun of him, and said nasty things to him. How the construction workers made it a point to park in front of where he lived. How he kept hearing voices. How he was hit with a electronic magnetic weapon. How he was followed everywhere. I hope those construction workers feel good about what they did to this man. I hope they do. I’m sure they feel no guilt about they did to this man. Nor does anyone else who harassed this man and drove him to do what he did. There’s just so much a human being can take.

The man is telling the truth about what was happening to him. I know about the construction workers. These low-lifes do the same things to me. Every time I pass by a construction site, I have to put up with extraordinary noise, dirt thrown in my direction, laughter. I also have to put up with being hit, but I know how it’s done. I don’t think this man knew how it was done. And the following…everywhere I go, followed.

Another death caused by the U.S. government and the zombies they hire to do their dirty work for them.

When, oh, when, are people going to start questioning what is happening? As I stated before, this will happen again. Why don’t the news people get off their doffs and really find out why there are so many shootings by supposedly sane people? And this man is sane. He was not crazy. If he was crazy, so is everybody else.

I had to come to the library today and exonerate this man. He was driven to the point to where he got. Driven to this point by hateful, zombies. Keep up the good work zombies. It seems you’re all winning. But your zombies’ day will come. And I can’t wait for that day. As I previously stated, I will spit in every one of your faces. Yes, I will.

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Gang Stalking – In a psychological war to stay sane.

good versus evil

good versus evil (Photo credit: miss_millions)

Laws of Psychological Warfare

Laws of Psychological Warfare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cordwainer Smith

Cordwainer Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All day long, some idiot has run back and forth in front of my apartment.  “It” sounds like a herd of elephants. I’m no longer going to call someone he/she.  I’m going to call them “it”.  No female or male i.d.  Most of these sub-humans don’t deserve to have anything identifying them as human, and to call someone he/she is to identify them as human.  So from now on, all perps will be known as “it.”

The “Its” are really acting up lately.  Last night one of them pounded on my door. Of course, I didn’t bother to answer. I wasn’t doing anything and whatever they had to say to me I had no desire to hear.

There are religious people who believe in devils.  I do believe in devils, but not in a religious way.  To me, all the devils are here on earth.  They’re walking around right next to you and me.  These devils are the people who make every day a miserable experience for us.  Don’t these people have a conscience?  Every day they get up and spend their day thinking how much more miserable they can make our existence.  They think that all of us are worthless human beings to be treated any way they feel like treating us.  I always wonder what kind of people these are?  What made them the way they are?  How can anyone treat someone else the way they treat us?

My conscience would not let me treat someone the way I’m treated.  I’ll admit I defend myself and find myself doing things that I would not have done in million years.  I find myself feeling  guilty for doing it. But I realize I’m fighting devils, so all’s fair in war, as the saying goes.  And believe me, we’re fighting a war.  A war to take our dignity from us.  A war to make us homeless.  A war to strip us of  everything we own.  A war to turn our families against us.  A war to make us into zombies by trying to make  us take pills forced on us by doctors.

We are in a psychological war to stay sane.

The devils will do everything in their power to win.  It’s good versus evil.  And evil they all are.  They have no souls.

In the end, good will win. I have to believe good will win, otherwise, there’s no hope for the world. Hopefully, we’ll have the last laugh.

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Gang Stalking – Grinding my teeth to stay sane.

English: Photo of mild dental fluorosis, or ev...

English: Photo of mild dental fluorosis, or evidence of trauma to deciduous teeth while permanent teeth were still forming. (Subject never had braces, which can be another cause for white dots or rings in the center of the teeth.) The condition appears here as white spots on both central incisors (front teeth) and upper left canine tooth, and less noticeably in the upper left lateral incisor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Piranha_3D_movie_image (Photo credit: Sweetie187)


Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I’m going to lose my teeth. I grind my teeth a lot.  I grind my teeth to stop myself from lashing out at the perps.  I grind my teeth to keep myself from saying something that will get me in trouble. I grind my teeth to keep myself quiet as I walk along the street surrounded by a group of perps. I grind my teeth to keep myself from turning around and slapping one of them.  Grinding my teeth keeps me from doing something I’ll regret.  Thank God for teeth. What would I do if I didn’t have teeth? There’s a reason why we were given such strong teeth. It’s to keep us sane.

Everywhere we go, we’re piranhas(fish who are very vicious). People to be dumped on.  To be dumped on by a group of  miserable individuals who  take out their anger on us.  People who have low self-worth and feel better dumping on others, especially targets.  They don’t worry about the consequences, because there are none. They can do to us whatever they will.  Police, government, ACLU, human rights organizations will not stand up for us targets. The perps will not be arrested or have anything done to them. They know they’re safe doing whatever they wish to us. These miserable people really enjoy their role of harassers.  It gives them power over others.  They can dump on someone who is on a higher level of hate than them.

How naïve these people are. They’re so full of their own importance. They attend meetings with others like themselves,  socialize and reinforce each other’s importance.  So they carry on full of their own importance and what great work they’re doing for the crooked U.S. government.   They never give  thought to what they’re doing.  No, thinking would get in the way of their importance. And they want to keep feeling importance.  There’s no way they’re going to give that up.  They’d have to go back to being regular people with no importance. It’s a fate worse than death for these miserable people.

So I guess I have to keep grinding my teeth to stay sane. I hope I don’t lose my teeth.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Explain your strategy for life.

Explain your strategy for life.  Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve?  What matters most to you at work, at play, or at home?  How did you come to develop your approach to living?  Which parents, friends, aliens or spirits influenced your choices about how to live?

My strategy for life at this point is to stay sane.  I really don’t have any freedom in my life.  My life is totally controlled by what the perps do to me.  Every day I get up and hope for the best.  I plan things, but usually I have to change my plans because of what is done to me.  I can think only in minutes.  I can’t think long-term about my life.  If I think long-term I know something will happen that will remind me no long-term thinking for me.  Live moment-to-moment.

I’ve developed this strategy of living moment-to-moment because it’s the only way it works for me.  I can’t think of living for tomorrow, or the next hour, or next year.  It’s the here and now that I have to work with.  I have no choice in the matter.  I am a prisoner.  It’s the only way I know how to survive.  I can’t waste my energy trying to convince myself my life is ordinary, because it’s not.  I only wish it were.

Countdown:  79 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking PostaDay 2011 If you could control weather, what would it be like outside today?

If I controlled the weather, it would be snow storm after snow storm. There would be very few days without a snow storm. And when it wasn’t snow, there would tons of rain storms. Sheets of rain almost every day. And lightning storms, when it wasn’t raining. And add in there, some hurricanes, too. You’re probably thinking: is she nuts? No, I’m very sane. You see, this kind of weather keeps people off the streets. The snow storms would clog up the streets, so it would be very difficult for people to drive around in their cars, and it would be difficult for people to walk around, too. There would be very few people out. When it snows a lot, or there’s a lot of rain, people hate going out. It’s too cold, or they’ll get soaking wet. This makes me very happy. Snow storms don’t bother me. I grew up with snow storms, and I’ve always liked the quiet that goes with snow storms. It’s as if the world has shut down. Tranquility. And even better than tranquility, all the gang stalkers would have to stay indoors. Imagine the peace I’d have. I could go out without worrying about a group of perps following me everywhere. It’d be heaven on earth. Bring on the snow and the rain! Lots of it. Tons of it. How’s that for getting even?

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Write a rant about the pointlessness of rants.

Are you at WordPress telling us you don’t want us to rant in our blogs?  Why?  Ranting is fun.  We let out our demons. But saying that, ranting could be annoying.  Rant and rant and readers will stay away in droves.  Not only will readers stay away, the writer can get mighty sick of ranting herself.  She wishes someone would put  a sock in her brain.  Stop me! Stop me! Don’t let me rant again!  I don’t want to turn off readers.  I need my readers.  What is the point of ranting if no one wants to read the blog?  A reader can say “I don’t want to read her blog, I’m in no mood to read her rantings.”   A turned off reader. So too much ranting is not a good thing.  I appreciate all the  people who take time out of their busy lives to read my blog  (Thank you).  But in my defense I have to say, ranting keeps me sane.  Can you imagine if I had to keep all I’m going through inside all to myself?  I have to get things off my chest and let the public know what the government is doing to its citizens.  It makes me feel better.  So all ranting blogs aren’t pointless.  They serve a purpose.

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