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Gang Stalking – Shoes, blouses torn?

How many shoes does one girl need?

How many shoes does one girl need? (Photo credit: Terriko)

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)
Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Every time I step out of my apartment, the man in the apartment to my left comes out.  He sits in his chair and looks me up and down.  He’s looking at me to see what I’m wearing, then he can report back to the monitor what I’m wearing and the monitor can pass it on to the gang stalkers.  The gang stalkers can then find me by what I’m wearing.

The man next door doesn’t have to look too hard to figure out what I’m wearing. I’m down to one pair of  jeans. The perps ripped all my clothes, or stole it.  My blouses have big holes and I can’t use them anymore.  I need  to buy new pants and blouses, but why buy new pants and blouses when I know they’re just going to be torn?  I don’t know how much money I’ve spent trying to stay looking half presentable.  But it hasn’t paid off.  I go out and they get to work tearing my pants and blouses as soon as I walk out my door.  Maybe the government is trying to get the economy going by having the perps rip our clothes. It figures we’ll have to go out and buy new clothes and push the economy forward. But I know that’s not the reason perps rip our clothes. It does it to make us poor and upset us.  The government spends its time trying to figure what will make us crack.  And, women, especially, like to look good, and if our clothes get  torn, it figures we’ll get so upset we’ll need medication.

By the way, the perps also like going into your house/apartment and destroying your shoes. They’ve done it to me countless times. I try to get into my shoes and discover someone’s removed the heel, or taken it apart. I’ve had to glue a lot of shoes together.

So if you’ve  gone out, come home and find your clothes ripped, don’t despair. It’s not your imagination that your clothes have holes, the perps have been in your home busying destroying your clothes. If you can sew it, sew it. Don’t throw it out, though, keep it as proof that you’re being gang stalked. Take pictures of the ripped clothing, because the perps might come back and steal the torn clothes to get rid of the evidence.

If you need new clothes, go to one of those thrift places to buy your clothes. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  Don’t waste a lot of money buying clothing that will just be torn by the gang stalkers. I know you’re probably thinking “I don’t want to wear someone else’s clothes.” I don’t either, but what choice do we have? Spend a lot of money on clothes that the perps will destroy?

I certainly would like to get even by going into their homes and ripping their clothes to shreds. I can just hear them crying.  Boy, would I have a good time ripping pieces of clothing they own!!!  It would make me feel so good.

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Gang Stalking – Think outside the box, and have fun doing it.

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, Cal...

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Members of the United States Navy serve the ho...

Suomi: Vartija Los Angelesista.

Suomi: Vartija Los Angelesista. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Security Guard, Los Angeles, USA.

Homeless people being served by Navy – ID 090806-N-6220J-004

I want to remind you that gang stalkers attend meetings once a week.  They meet with their monitor, who tells them what things to do to you in that week–Go heavier on the harassment, wear a color you wear, leave mail they’ve taken out of the garbage where you walk, etc.  The gang stalkers, I’ve discovered, are not the brightest humans. Most of them are criminals, like the woman above me, former soldiers, security guards (a lot of them; most), unemployed people, homeless people, ultraright wingers  who believe whatever the government says.   They’re people who can’t think for themselves. Or people who are desperate for money.

I have some more tips for you to protect yourself.  If any of the tips I’ve given you work, please let me know.  We don’t all have the same body chemistry, so what works on me might not work on you.  Just keep trying everything.  When you go to the store, look around to see if there’s anything you can use to protect yourself.  Most of the things you buy to protect yourself  can be very inexpensive.  So just keep trying different things; eventually something will work.

Does your house or apartment always have an after-smell of what you’ve cooked?  Or has a smell of anything you’ve used?  Usually every time I cook something, during the night, the smell comes back into my apartment.  If I cook something, I like the smell; but I resent someone making me smell something they want me to smell.  Well, here’s what I do.  Buy a very strong vinegar, and I mean strong, not one that is watery.  Buy a spray bottle, or clean one you can use, pour the vinegar into the bottle and happily spray away the smell.  Do this every time they fill your house or apartment with the smell. You should only smell  what you want.  I keep thinking to myself: why do they do this?  I can think of two reasons: 1) to annoy the hell out of you and let you know they’re in control: 2) to attract vermin into your house/apartment.  If you’ve cooked something that smells good, you know that roaches will come running.  Always have a mop close by, because, of course, your floor will get wet from the spraying.

Get yourself a very big mirror.  As big as you can get it.  The mirror will attract electricity directed at you. Put it right next to you.  You can a buy a big mirror at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any thrift store where you  buy inexpensive items.  Put it next to you at night when you sleep, or anywhere you stand.

When you leave your house/apartment, put powder all over the floor by your doors.  You will get the person’s footprints; you can then take a picture of their footprints, and you can use that as proof of someone’s entry into your home.  Leave nails (pointed side up)  all over the floor and outside by your window.  If they’re shoeless, they’ll get hurt and you’ll hear them.  It will also go through their shoes, so they’ll scream.  You can also buy marbles and put them all over your floor.  It will be hard for them to walk on your floor with all the marbles, maybe they’ll fall and hurt themselves.  They’ll think twice about going into your home.  Always have a different surprise for them.  Don’t do the same thing all the time.  Just keep surprising them.  Do the old t.v. joke thing.  Put a bucket filled with some stinky water hanging from the back of the door,  and when they open the door, surprise!  I haven’t done the bucket trick, but I’m seriously thinking of doing it.  Maybe you can tell who is coming into your apartment by the stinky smell.  Just use your imagination.  You will never run out of ideas, and it leaves you feeling more powerful. So go at it!

Think outside the box, and have fun doing it.


Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – There’s no place like New York City during the holidays.

Lobby of Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan, New...

via Wikipedia, Radio City Music Hall lobby, New York City Image via Wikipedia - Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Times Square – 42nd Street (New York City Su...

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English: The Radio City Rockettes perform the ...

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Rockefeller Center, in New York City.

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English: Radio City Music Hall by Night

Image via Wikipedia

What I like about the holiday season is Christmas.  I’ve always loved Christmas, especially growing up in New York.  New Yorkers all decorate their windows, and so do all the department stores and other businesses.  Every one seems to be in good spirits.  Every one has house parties, and at work , there are parties given by the big honchos.  No matter what religion or belief, everyone gets into the spirit of Christmas.  There are chestnuts sold on the street corners, carolers are everywhere.  Santa Claus appears on every street corner with his ho-ho-ho.  And the Salvation Army is everywhere ringing its bell.  A lot of tourist come to New York to see all the decorations and take part in the celebrations.  New York is a Fairyland during Christmas.  I love it.  And, oh, how can I forget the tree that’s lit at Rockefeller Center. It’s gorgeous.  And the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall with their Christmas show.  Everyone in New York becomes childlike during the holidays.

And I like the New Year’s eve celebration. I remember in New York my sisters and I used to go partying from house to house.  We’d go to someone’s house, have something to eat and drink, stay about an hour, and head over to someone else’s  house.  By the time New Year’s arrived, we’d visited about six houses, and we’d have so much fun acting stupid and laughing all night.  Or we’d go to Times Square and stand out in the cold throwing confetti  at all the tourists wishing them “Happy New Year.”  And then we’d get on the subway with silly hats and act even sillier.  Ah, those were the days!

But I no longer live in New York.  I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s not the same here in Las Vegas.  There are hardly any decorations on the windows of the stores, or the hotels. And almost no one decorates his house.  It doesn’t feel very “Christmassy”  in Las Vegas.  It lacks the fun aspect of Christmas and New Year’s in New York.  And people here have no Christmas spirit whatsoever.

Anyone who wants to have a great Christmas, visit New York.  It’s a great place to visit during the holidays. There’s no place like it.

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