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Gang Stalking – Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years.

I don’t know if you care what happens to Edward Snowden, but I do. He was really the first person who spoke out and had evidence to back his claims about government getting into our phones, computers, etc. There were others before him, but few of them could prove what the government is doing. I know a lot of Americans consider Edward Snowden a traitor, but I don’t. He had the guts to do something he believed in. He knew he’d get in trouble once he spoke out about  what the U.S. government is doing. And he sure  did get in trouble. He no  longer has a U.S. passport. He belongs to no country. He’s a man without a country. He’s very much to me a patriot, as were Patrick Henry, and others who helped the U.S. gained independence from the Brits.

Here’s the video on Edward Snowden: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/russia-grants-edward-snowden-residency-for-3-more-years/2014/08/07/8b257293-1c30-45fd-8464-8ed278d5341f_story.html

I hope you’re able to get the video. I know how they like to turn off anything about Edward Snowden.  If you can’t get it, go to Washington Post and type in Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years. You should then be able to get it.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden video from SXSW Meeting.

Well, those of you who hate when I post anything about Edward, probably perps, will hate this one.  It is video of Edward Snowden speaking from Russia at the SXW meeting.   It’s a meeting where computer experts get together to speak about the future of the internet.

Go to http://www.digittrends.com/web/edward-snowden-sxsw-2014-speech-

I’m glad he’s not afraid to speak out. After all, the government can find out where he is, but I guess he figures he has nothing to lose. And really, he doesn’t.  They’ve already told him he’s been charged with  espionage.  I hope he continues to speak out so we Americans don’t forget what the U.S. government is doing to us. The government should definitely have charges brought against it, for lying to Americans and spying on them.  And what the government is doing to us targets is torture. Pure and simple. It should be brought up on charges of torturing its citizen.  Other countries who torture  their  citizens, as the U.S. is doing to us, would usually have to answer  to the United Nations for its crimes, but not the U.S.!  Torture doesn’t happen  in  the U.S. of A.  No sireee. It doesn’t happen in the U.S. We targets are all crazy and delusional.   We’re suffering from mental illness, all of us.

So, I hope Edward Snowden keeps speaking out.  That he doesn’t shut up  any time soon.  And  I will continue to write about him. Let’s not the U.S. get away with what it’s doing to its citizens!  Let the world really know what the U.S. is really like.  It is not free, and it spies on every one of its citizens.  And if you, out there, think the U.S. is not spying on you, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!

Wake up, America!!!!!

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Gang Stalking – Great going students at Glasgow University, Scotland!

I know readers think I write too much about Edward Snowden, but I want to make sure we don’t forget him.

Here I am again, writing about Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden got another award. The students at Glasgow University in Scotland elected him their student liaison rector. I don’t exactly know what this means in his life. He certainly can’t go Scotland and become their rector. He steps foot on British soil and he’ll be arrested and turned over to the U.S. authorities for prosecution.

See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-26243567

The students elected him by 3,000+ votes. He was put on the ballot because the students think what he did is very patriotic and courageous. It took courage for him to, basically, give up his life for what he believed in. He’s now a man without a country. He can’t go anywhere because U.S. government  cancelled his passport.  He literally has no place where he can live unless some country gives him asylum. Russia only granted him asylum for one year, after that, he’ll have to find another country that will allow him in. Maybe Russia will extend the time he’s allowed to stay. If Russia tells him he has to leave the country, he’ll have to return to the U.S. and face espionage charges.  I know his days in Russia are running short.  I appreciate everything Edward Snowden’s  done for the citizens of the U.S. and for freedom.  It took guts for him to do what he did.  I hope he finds a country that will give his refuge.  But no matter where Edward Snowden lives, his life will always be on the line. The U.S. will not stop looking for him until it brings him home and puts him on trial, or kills him.

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Gang Stalking – Go, Edward Snowden!

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sa...

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sans abri à Tokyo. Español: Persona sin hogar, en las calles de Tokio. Türkçe: Evsiz adam, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Photo credit: svennevenn)

The U.S. is at it again.  Now, N.S.A. has hacked the phone of the German Chancellor.  And Spanish citizens, 60 million of them, have had their emails and phone calls hacked.  The information, of course, came from Edward Snowden. I love this man. I hope he continues to give out more information.  Maybe some day he might reveal what’s going on with us targets.  And I’m so happy Russia gave him refuge. We wouldn’t know of any of this if he’d been put in prison.  If Edward Snowden hadn’t been given refuge by Russia, he’d be  in a prison now and we’d know nothing about what the N.S.A. is doing. I can bet they would love to get their hands on him and shut him up forever. Go, Edward Snowden!

I found another apartment. It’s not really an apartment I like, but it’s a place to live.  My time was running out, so I took the safe route,  I settled for what I didn’t want. I sure didn’t want to end up on the streets. I see too many homeless people in Las Vegas and what they look like.  I did not want to end up looking like a lot of them do.  But I can tell, it’s going to be hell.  I’m on the second floor. There is someone below me and someone on the third floor.  So I’ll be getting hits from below and above.  I can just hear the perps jumping up and down already, stomping their feet so loud that the next door neighbor will probably hear it. And it’s an apartment with a walkway, which I hate. I’ll have to pass by the idiots every day.  And I’m sure they will come out as they do now.  They will be waiting for me to open the door and stand around like zombies wearing perp colors.   The lease is only for 6 months. I’m gong to be keeping my eyes out for apartments that look half-way safe.  But, really, there’s no such thing as safe for us targets.

I told you about the studio with cameras and gated community and how I went back to check availability of the studio.  When I went back, the manager told me it been rented.  I told you I thought he was lying.  I’ve been proven right. I saw an ad in the newspaper for the same studio.  Not only did the manager not rent the apartment, but now he has to pay to put ads in the newspaper.  So  who’s the loser here?  Him or me?

And to the second apartment I almost had, they were playing games with me.  They were going to wait until a few days before my lease was up to tell me that they were giving me the apartment.  They were playing mind games.  But I’m sure they didn’t expect me to walk out of the complex.  Not only did the rental agent lose his commission, but the apartment is still empty.  I walked out of the manager’s office because I didn’t want this done to someone else. If they play games like this with me, then all other targets would get the same treatment.  I think now they’ll think twice about playing mind games with other would-be renters.

So, I’ll be moving into my new apartment on November 1, unless, of course, they f–k with me again.

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Gang Stalking -No matter how bad it gets, hang in there!

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Sorry, I haven’t answered comments faster.  I haven’t gotten my computer fixed yet.  If I fix it, the hackers will break it as soon as I fix it.  The thought of coming into this disgusting library makes me ill. That’s why I haven’t responded sooner.

I don’t know if  any of you have kept up with what Edward Snowden’s doing, but he’s been given a Whistleblower Award. This is an award given to Americans who are brave enough to speak out against the government  by leaking information to the American public that the government doesn’t want the public to know.  So good for him.  In my opinion, he should have been given a Pulitzer prize.  And his father is also in Russia visiting him.  I’m sure it must make Snowden feel good to see his father.  His father has stood by him and thinks what his son did is very brave.  He’s lucky to have a father who stands by him.

I’ve had no luck finding an apartment.  The apartments in Las Vegas are just so awful!  There are a of rentals, but there’s only one I’ve seen that I liked.  The apartments in Las Vegas are all built with walkways.  And I’ve learned to hate walkways.  The perps, I’m sure love them. They use the walkways to harass us. I promised myself, no more walkways.  And the apartments are all built haphazardly.  There’s no privacy.  Every apartment looks into another.  And I can tell by the people who live in these places, they’re not people I have any desire to hang with.  My time is running short. I have to be out of the hell hole I live in by the end of October.  That’s 17 days I have left.  I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t find a place to live.  Wish me luck.

I know you who read this have to deal with s–t all the time, too.  Just don’t give in.  Keep believing in yourselves.  Some day, we’ll be free of this hell. We just have to hang in there. Love to every one of you.

P.S. Make sure you see the video of Snowden getting award.

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Gang Stalking – What “American Dream”?!

Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August ...

Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August 8, 2010, in Quantico, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asyl für Edward Snowden

Asyl für Edward Snowden (Photo credit: ubiquit23)

It’s the day after our great Independence Day holiday. I think the patriots of old would be crying for what America has become.  If they only knew what all the work they did to gain freedom from Britain has led to, they’d start to cry.  All that fighting to gain freedom was for naught.

And Edward Snowden still hasn’t been given asylum anywhere.  He’s still in the Russian airport trying to find a country that will grant him asylum.  I think Edward Snowden asked about twenty-four countries, but very few of them agreed to even think about it.  All these countries are afraid to take Edward Snowden in because the U.S. government has probably threatened to take away their aid, or stop trading  with them. The U.S. probably threatened to take away millions of dollars it gives to the countries it has under its control.

And Bradley Manning‘s trial has come to an end.  Now, we have to wait and see what happens to him.  We haven’t heard too much about Bradley

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty I...

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manning’s trial.  I guess it’s better if too much of what he knew never came out.  It might awaken the American sheep to protest, and, of course, the government doesn’t want that to happen.  Just keep the American public doing its thing.  Let them continue watching their t.v.s, playing with phones, and eating themselves to death.  That’s a good American!

I feel for Edward Snowden.  He’s a man without a country.  He can’t come back to the U.S. or he’ll be immediately arrested and have the same thing happen to him that happened to Bradley Manning.  He’ll be put in some prison, stripped naked and tortured until he tells the U.S. government everything it wants to know.  And we call the U.S. a free country!

I haven’t done a damn thing and I’m tortured every single day.  There isn’t a day that some freak isn’t doing something to me to make my life a living hell.  So can you imagine what they’ll do to Edward Snowden?  If  I were Edward Snowden, I’d go on a hunger strike. I wouldn’t eat, say anything, and let them treat me like the prisoner the government has made me.

And people continue to come to the U.S. to live the American Dream.  There is no American Dream, and there has never been.  The American Dream is just a dream.  That’s why it’s called a “dream.”

I once believed all the garbage fed to me by the government, so I know how hard it is to think in a different way.  And I would still be thinking that way if the government hadn’t done me a favor and awaken me to what’s going on.  I became one of their many targets.  And after four miserable years, I’m still their target and suffering its torture day after day.  I haven’t been put in prison, but as I might as well be for the little freedom I really have.  I’m followed everywhere I go, watched by cameras in my home, and hit with electricity all the time.

What a great American Dream I’m living?!

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Gang Stalking – To cut, or not to cut, that is the question.

English: cover of the bok Rapunzel Svenska: Om...

English: cover of the bok Rapunzel Svenska: Omslagsbild av bilderboken Rapunzel av bröderna Grimm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Snowden, painted portrait IMG_8815

Edward Snowden, painted portrait IMG_8815 (Photo credit: Abode of Chaos)

Not much news on Edward Snowden.  He’s still in the airport in Russia, but his father did speak  out.  His father said that he spoke with his son and his son is willing to return to the U.S. on certain conditions.  First, Edward Snowden wants a promise from the U.S. that he will not be arrested right away and not  gagged when he arrives. Snowden wants to be able to tell his side of the story before he’s put somewhere and no one knows where he is.  If I were Snowden, I wouldn’t believe anything the U.S. government promises me.  They’ll promise him the world and arrest him as soon as he steps on U.S. soil.

I’ve made a lot of promises to myself over the years and never kept them.  So I made a promise to myself when my gang stalking began that I would not cut my hair until I wasn’t a prisoner of the U.S. government.

So far, I’ve kept the promise.  My hair is now below my waist.  This is the first time in my life my hair has been this long.  I’ve had very short hair and hair just above my shoulders.  For years, my hair has been above my shoulders.  It’s the most conveninent style for me. If it gets too hot, I can put it in  a ponytail and get it out of the way.

Lately, the long hair is beginning to annoy me. It takes a long time to wash, rinse and dry.  And it also takes a long time to braid it in the morning. I  can no longer wash my hair and go.

Also, the long hair reminds me how long I’ve been a victim of gang stalking.  In a way, this is depressing.  It reminds me how long this miserable thing has been happening to me.

But on the other hand, it reminds me how strong I’ve been.  That I didn’t give up.  That I’ve remained strong no matter what the government threw my way, and is still throwing.

My hair is a sliding scale of what I’ve endured, and it gives me strength.

I’m writing this blog about my hair to remain myself not to cut my hair, because if I do, it just shows my weakness.  I’m  reinforcing the promise I made to myself when my gang stalking began. I will not cut my hair until the U.S. government releases me from its hold.

When the day comes that I’m free, I will chop off my hair and put it in a glass frame for all to see.  When someone asks me why I keep hair in a frame, I will explain the reason.

And if the government never stops harassing me, I will continue to let my hair grow.  I’ll be like Rapunzel who let her hair grow down the castle wall.

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Gang Stalking – U.S., are you proud of yourself?

Edward Snowden stencil by Eclair Acuda Banders...

Edward Snowden stencil by Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

English: Slogan for the support of the persecu...

English: Slogan for the support of the persecuted American ex-soldier who is claimed to have leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks Deutsch: Slogan für die Unterstützung und Freilassung von Bradley Manning, der beschuldigt wird, geheime Dokumente an WikiLeaks weitergegeben zu haben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Julian Assange, from Wikileaks, at the SKUP co...

Julian Assange, from Wikileaks, at the SKUP conference for investigative journalism, Norway, March 2010 (see http://www.skup.no/Info_in_Englishhttp://www.skup.no/Konferansen_2010/Programmet) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, Edward Snowden, if you haven’t heard, is still in Russia. Not technically in Russia, because he’s at the airport staying at a pod hotel. And the airport is  a gateway to other countries not considered entering Russia.

Edward Snowden still haven’t gotten approval from Ecuador on whether it will grant him asylum.  It  will probably take two months or more to approve his asylum request. Anything can happen in two months. He can be sent back to the U.S. and put on trial. I hope this doesn’t happen to him, anything but that.

The U.S. and Ecuador have been trading partners for a long time, so the U.S. warned Ecuador that granting asylum to Edward Snowden would not be a good idea.

Edward Snowden really can’t go anywhere.  The U.S. cancelled his passport, and he  doesn’t have any I.D. that will get him to another country.

Well, here we go again.  Someone stuck in another country and unable to leave, just like Julian Assange.  He’s stuck in the Ecuadorean Embassy and can’t leave it, otherwise, he’ll be shipped to the U.S. by the Brits.

Two people caught in a nightmare.  Neither one can live a normal life, and threatened by bullies to spend a long time in jail.

I thought Edward Snowden would get to Ecuador and be safe.  But that’s not happening.  He’s in more hot water now than he was before.  I really don’t blame Snowden for running away.  Think of what they did to Bradley Manning.  Bradley was put in a cell, made to strip and left  naked in his cell  for a long time.  What they did to Bradley Manning is cruel and unusual punishment.  Why did they have to strip him naked?  Disgusting pigs!

Good Ole U.S.  Do something awful to someone to make him feel like dirt. It seems to be expert at doing this sort of thing.  They’re experts at harassing American citizens and degrading them to a point where they want to end their lives.

Aren’t you proud of yourself, USA?

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden, have a safe journey.

Well, the Edward Snowden saga continues.  He’s the man who became a whistle-blower and told the world what the National Security Agency is doing to Americans.

He’s no longer in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong would not arrest him because the Justice Department didn’t sent it the required information .  He’s now in Russia and will head to Cuba.  From Cuba, he’s going to Ecuador.  All these countries don’t seem to have extradition policies with the U.S.  Edward Snowden asked Ecuador for asylum and Ecuador approved it.

And he also got some help from Julian Assange.  Julian Assange is the Wikipedia owner who’s in hiding from the British government.  He’s taken refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  If he steps out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he’s subject to arrest by the British government. And once  the British government gets its hands on him it will deport him to the U.S., where he will probably be put on trial and  end up in jail.

Now Edward Snowden is a target like many of us, except he did something, we didn’t do anything.  Not a G-d damn thing. Now that makes three people who will be going on trial, or are already on trial. There’s Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and now Edward Snowden.  All people who felt the U.S. was committing crimes against other countries or on their own citizens and let the world know.

Things in the U.S. have certainly changed.  Who would have thought that, like other countries, the U.S. would  try to control citizens and mold them into zombies?

It used to be people were anxious to get into the U.S. and were hungary enough to do anything to leave their country to gain freedom.  Now, people are leaving the U.S. to get away from a corrupt government who spies on its citizens.

Pretty soon, people will be going to other countries to get away from invasion of privacy by the U.S. government. They will be seeking asylum in countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Russia, even China, etc.

Finally, “1984” has come to the U.S.  It’s been happening for a while, but no one’s paid attention.  Americans still believe all the lies the U.S. government has been telling them.  It took the courage of Edward Snowden to get some Americans to wake up. A lot of Americans still feel that the spying going on by America is perfectly all right.  It just tells me that these people don’t understand what freedom means. It does not mean that your country spies on you, even if it’s only keeping track of phone calls.  From hacking their phones calls, it will lead to other spying.  Spying into their homes, workplace, while walking around, etc.  This is what a little spying eventually leads to.

And I know what it’s like to be spied on. They’ve spied on me  for four years.  They spy on me at home, outside, store, doctor’s office, library, walking, etc.  There’s nowhere I can go that I’m not followed.  This is what life will be like for all those people who think a little spying is “no problem.”

So, if this is what the American people want to accept, there’s really nothing I can do about it. I’ve tried warning Americans since 2010 on what’s occurring in the U.S., but I’ve gotten nowhere.  It’s lead to my life becoming a living hell. And to have Edward Snowden back  me up on what’s been happening in the U.S. is the best news ever! He’s definitely a hero.  I hope he gets to Ecuador safely and leads a good life. And I hope he continues to speak out on what’s really happening to American citizens.

I wish him a safe journey and keeping my fingers crossed until I know he’s safe.  Good luck, Edward Snowden!

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